Kurenai. FUCK YES.

Normally I’m not keen on posting on currently airing shows other than first impressions and last impressions because in the middle, my opinion varies too much ep to ep and detailing my thoughts just makes me confused on how I feel about a show. This is why I prefer marathoning to weekly watching.

However, I HAVE to post about Kurenai. I already have been considering it the best of season with incredible dialog, great animation, an intriguing and unique story portrayed with brilliant directing – it’s just a fucking masterpiece. And episode 6 had a FUCKING MUSICAL OUTBURST! YES! YES! I’ve even watched it more than once already (a rarity for me) it’s just so goddamn brilliant. The movements of the characters were comically dramatic and the singing, even from the characters who couldn’t sing well, was perfect. All just brilliant and funderful. My praise be sung.

While on that Brains Base note, the first ep of the new Baccano OVA is one of the best eps of anime I’ve seen since the show itself. Brains Base is just pumping win out like they’ve got a factory of it!


4 thoughts on “Kurenai. FUCK YES.

  1. you are speaking the very truth-

    i thought the climax was reached after watching that episode of Kurenai, only to be topped by a FUCKING BACCANO OVA!

    If I could somehow have sex with ANIME itself I bet it’d be something like that.

    also, I will continue to troll your blog, it’s interesting.

  2. I’ve thought about it, but then I realised I’ll just get angst from not updating it at all, and it’d just be a fail project. I’m just too lazy for a blog :<

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