LISTMANIA ROUND ONE! "Video Killed the Radio Star" OR "My Top Anime OP/ED VIDEOS!"

A long time ago (at least in terms of my anime fandom) 2channel made a list of their top 100 anisongs of all time and I, complacently, made my own top 50 and made the rest of Megatokyo’s Anime board do the same (I originally intended to tally the results, but it was too difficult for my tiny brain >_< ) at the time, my idol Omoikane noted (and then again in a later, similar thread) that the video is important too when it comes to anime opening and endings. Partly because it could be interesting and partly because I have an inferiority complex toward anyone who’s been watching anime that much longer than me, I’ve always wanted to make a list of my favorite anime op/ed vid-song combos. So I did. ENJOY! (also, expect top 100 characters and favorite voice actors lists in the near future).

Also, if you truly have the tightest schedule in the history of time and will never ever have the time to look through all 50 of them, skip to the top 20 and at least check them out – all spectacular. However, don’t be a douche and tl;dr me if you have time : p (expects at least 3 tl;dr comments)

50. Code Geass R2 OP – O2

OMG shameless current season for hits! XD No no, this is perfectly honest, it just happened to be number 50. I love the images of the planets near each other, the part at the end with all the soldiers, and of course all of Lulu’s fucking amazing hand motions. Song fits the show like none of the first season ones.

49. Genshiken 2 OP –

Hilarious Gundam parody full of MANLY SPIRIT. The soul of the Genshiken is truly captured in this. It sits back here, though, because the real thing is always better.

48. Kare Kano ED – Yume no Naka e

The various ending vids showing the school were always a relaxing pair for the song and it’s various alter versions. Very peaceful~ I love the way she says ‘masen ka’

47. Rozen Maiden OP – Kinjirareta Asobi

Played out, I know. Regardless of my mixed feelings toward both the show and the group performing the song, it’s got nice gothy style.
46. xXxHolic OP – 19sai

Stylish, cool, and suave. Daikirai na boku jyukyusai~ (okay, so I might only be 16 >_>)

45. Black Lagoon OP – Weapon I Have it All uh, I mean, “Red Fraction”

Yeah, I fucking said it. It’s like a gritty version of Tank or something… anyway it’s got that fun pulp style. Gotta love those fucking hilarious lyrics, too!

44. Gankutsuou ~Le Compte de Monte Cristo~ ED – You Won’t See Me Coming

Lol Gonzo at it’s CG-ejaculating best – yeah, so you can’t tell what the fuck is going on, but you know it’s BADASS (that was literally what I said in my mind the first time I watched this XD)

43. Neo-Ranga OP – Kaze no Nemuru Shima

There’s naked girls XD Seriously, though, this one is cool for nailing a mystical, mysterious look and matching well with the weird song – an odd combo, but odd in the best way.
42. Darker Than Black OP – Howling

I so want this to be a death metal song, haha. It’s dark, it’s gritty, it’s cool… and Hei is fucking GAR. Oh, and who doesn’t love BIG MOTHERFUCKING NEON LETTERS?!

41. Lucky Star OP – Moetekke Serafuku

For fucks sake, I know you saw this coming. Also, I am aware that I probably spelled the song title wrong – I’ve seen it spelled a LOT of ways =_=

40. Hidamari Sketch OP – Sketch Switch

On one of the late-ass subs of this show there was a TL note saying ‘please don’t say the Lucky Star op is catchier than this one.’ Well, I never did – this song gets stuck in my head so fucking often it’s embarrassing. Also, this is the first in a long line of awesome SHAFT openings that you will see throughout this list.

39. Pani Poni Dash OP – Kiiroi Bakansu

Did I mention there’d be a lot of SHAFT ops in this list? There will be.

38. Soul Eater ED – I Wanna Be

I love the song because Japanese punk kicks ass and the video has explosions, cool looking visuals, and running through the night. I WANNA BEEEEEE!!!!!

37. Texhnolyze OP – Guardian Angel

Normally I can’t stand techno openings to anime because they just seem lazy (caughergoproxy) however this one makes up for it with a badass video and the song being great along with it. It’s sort of like the Gankutsuou ed in terms of cool wtf, but a lot less stupid.

36. Spice and Wolf OP – Tabi no Tochuu

We’re getting into the really good stuff now! This one is a perfect mood-setter. The somber sound, the still images of sorrow and peace… the full song is a little more lighthearted, but this combo really throws you into sadness. Watching this op is like the equivalent of an ep of Kanon.
35. Red Garden ED – Rock the LMC

ROCK! ROCK! THE LMC! Having all the minor characters at the concert or in the band was genius.

34. Martian Successor Nadesico OP – You Get to Burning

The epitome of mech openings, plus an all-around great vid. The two characters standing on the cliff and ruri tapping into omoikane are my most memorable moments, and really, it’s just one of those combos that works.

33. Neon Genesis Evangelion OP – Cruel Angel Thesis

I better not need to say a fucking WORD.

32. Welcome to the NHK ED – Odoru Akachan Ningen

lulz. I don’t like the vid as much as the song, admittedly, though the beginning images are made of fuckwin. Still, it’s awesome and one of my original favorites.

31. Revolutionary Girl Utena OP – Renbu Revolution

The part with the tower crumbling and any of the council members throwing attacks around at the end are some of the most epic images in OP history, IMO.

30. Generator Gawl OP – I Want Out

God this is the fucking 90s at it’s absolute finest. It’s also one of the oldest motherfuckers on the list in terms of my fandom. Also, probably the best use of blowing in the wind pics ever IMO. Just badass all around.

29. Paranoia Agent OP – Dream Island Obsessional Park


28. Manabi Straight OP – A Happy Life

If you’ve seen this show through the end, you understand the significance of this vid, which only makes it that much better. The girls have fun, pose, and spraypaint the credits – this is the kind of vid that fills you with longing.

27. Revolutionary Girl Utena ED 2 – Virtual Star Embryology

The epic elevator pics and all that super-hot yuri imagery lol. It propelled the hastening emotions of the last season to a new level!

26. Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OP – Daydream Rumba

It’s dark weird and awesome – admittedly I haven’t seen it much having not watched zoku at all, but saw on youtube. And, uh, shibo, SHAFT, yeah.

25. The SoulTaker OP – Self Titled

FUCK YES! FUCK YES! BEST ANISONG EVER! The video is full of win and Shinbo and tons of fuck yes! BWAHAHAHA! Also, I’m finally halfway down this fucking list! SOULTAKAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! Can’t wait for them at otakon!

24. King of Bandits Jing OP – Shout it Loud

THE oldest motherfucker on the list in terms of my fandom. It’s got style, coolness, and Jing. And I’ve probably seen it more than any other OP, period.

24. .hack//SIGN OP – Obsession

Oh wow, I’d completely forgotten this song until now. Another of my old favorites. The part where the characters get shopped in half and reform is just too fucking badass. Dissolving clothes is never bad either.

23. Pani Poni Dash! OP 2 – RouletteRoulette

BECKYDANCE!!! It’s an adorable video and song. Stylish and cute and weird in that Shinbo way. Ai ai aaaa~

21. Spice and Wolf ED – The Wolf Whistling Song

Seven apples on the withches tree – with 7 seeds to plant inside of me – in springtime I grew a magic song – then skipping along, I sang the song to everyone~

TOP 20!
Right from the get-go these ones are all pretty special. The best of the best IMO!

20. Shinigami no Ballad OP – no one

This is the epitome of relaxation. A little somber, a little cute, sometimes sitting around, sometimes waving a scythe… it’s a slice-of-life op lol.

19. Gankutsuou ~Le Compte de Monte Cristo~ OP – We Were Lovers

When you get pas the ‘what the hell?’ this is one of the most beautiful song and video combos ever.

18. Berserk OP – Tell Me Why

One of the best fits of song, video, and show ever, beaten only by a couple to see momentarily. It’s also got some of the flat-out weirdest images I’ve seen in ops (Gats on fire or standing under a random shade of starlight… and that shrinking picture lol.)

17. Samurai Champloo OP – Battlecry

Style. Mad pimp style. Everything. (when will I ever stop ripping off this line? XD)

16. Gyagu Manga Biyori OP – Self titled

MINNA ME GA SHINDERU!!!! (and ye, that was a man impaled on the Eiffel tower.)

15. Higurashi no Naku Koro ni OP – Self Titled

Much as I can’t stand Higurashi, this video is awesome. The use of vibrant and cold colors in contrast is perfect, the video is downright creepy in a cool way (unlike the music video which is creepy in a creepy way) and there’s blood.

14. Cowboy Bebop OP – Tank!

If you have a remote interest in pulp cinema or jazz, THIS is for you. Fucking sexy and classic. The true MEANING of cool.

13. Niea_7 OP – Koko Made Oide

This list’s ‘bet you didn’t see that coming!’ Just watch the vid and you should understand. I swear to god, I even like the show itself more when I hear this song and watch this video. It’s like a soul speaking directly to you.

13. Gunslinger Girl OP – The Light Before We Land

SEE that Berserk op – it fits just too well. Beautiful song and video that perfectly capture the aura of the series. The image of the girls on the steps is amazing – I want a wallscroll of that. And don’t forget Henrietta’s awesomely irrational jump at the end lol.

11. Generator Gawl ED – Korewo Koito Iemashouka

only vid I found had embedding canceled by request =_=

It’s cute ^_^

10. Haibane Renmei OP – Free Bird

Who doesn’t love this? Do you not love this? It’s so damn pretty.

9. Eureka Seven OP 3 – Taiyou no Mannaka e

Aside from being my favorite anisons ever, this video is absolutely fucking amazingly beautiful and moving. They actually made a scene for the vid rather than just series clips or images, and it’s stupefying. The first time I saw this my mouth was left agape in awe. Renton jumping at I WANNA FLY AWAY! is one of the most inspiring images ever to me.

8. Serial Experiments Lain OP – Duvet

Another of my favorite anime songs, this video is great in so many ways – Lain’s singing along, and her images in the TV, the world freezing, Lain’s fucking outfit, it’s all just perfect. The fact that I can’t imagine it being any better is a testament to it’s memorability.

7. FLCL ED – Ride on Shooting Star

Stop motion fun with everyone’s favorite vespa! This video is hilarious, fun, and unique. The part where vespa hits on that random girl always makes me lol.

6. Baccano! OP – Guns and Roses

This is a directing masterpiece – from the badass alcohol pouring to the name stills, giving us a taste of each character in the Baccano pantheon and showing us tight off what we’re in for – a lot of fun with a taste of style and badass.

5. Tsukuyomi ~Moon Phase~ OP – Neko Mimi Mode

No list is complete without the tropical trippiness of neko mimi mode.


Besides being the manliest OP of the fucking decade, there’s all those shifting colors, crazy clips, and it was different in every single motherfucking episode. Most frequent epic imagery in a op I’ve ever seen.

3. ef ~a tale of memories~ OP – Euphoric Field


Oddly enough, I’m not a huge fan of the song Euphoric Field not that it’s bad – however the video is fucking incredible – that is, once you have finished the show. The op was already stylish and cool throughout, but on the last episode, they switched to a Japanese vocal version of the song and the video changes so that the shackles on each girl breaks and their respective other half comes swooping in to rescue them. That, my friends, is one of what I consider the most magical moments in anime history. I fucking teared up during that op. Hence my blog’s name change back in January (it used to be a really uninspired name which I had actually made not show up… so the blo was essentially anonymous XD)

2. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OP – Hito Toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru

This is what happens when you supercollide all of the style in the fucking universe. If you didn’t know Shinbo was the god director before, this show tell you. IT. HAS. EVERYTHING. The idea that this isn’t the greatest anime opening video/song combo ever bewilders me, but it’s only because of…

1. The Legend of Black Heaven OP – Cautionary Warning

Fucking WICKED. It’s like the fucking Wall meets anime, dude, and holy fucking shit does it work.


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