Another Reason Kou Matsuou is Quickly Becoming One of My Favorite Directors

Red Garden. Wow. What can I say – this was an anime? This exists? Since when does this exist? Why didn’t someone tell me sooner that this existed? (or at least have given me more than your word – I admit, like many, I was turned off by the designs at first and looked back. I was young then! And new to anime! Forgive me!) And now, I’m going to alienate EVERYONE. Red Garden is like Texhnolyze. If you didn’t just close the page, good for you! And now I will explain.

Red Garden doesn’t give a fuck. Convention? FUCK YOU! Coherence? FUCK YOU! Serious Business? DEFINITELY FUCK YOU! And you know what? IT’S JUST WHAT I ALWAYS FUCKING WANTED!!! This is IT! This is THE ONE! It’s the show I wanted to see the most. Genre? FUCK YOU! Expectations? FUCK YOU! Red Garden does whatever the fuck it wants. Compelling drama? Why not! Action and mystery? Sure, fine! Crazy-ass nonsensical plot twists? Throw those in, too! It’s glorious. You can’t compare this shit to anything else… no, not even Texhnolyze, so why bring it up? Well, it has that similar untouchable feel to it – breaking away, staying away, and truly doing whatever it wants (is this just how all 22 episode shows are? I should prolly continue Ghost hound~). Red Garden, though, succeeds where Texhnolyze failed in the most horrible way imaginable.

Entertainment! Red Garden is almost non-stop entertainment. There was a small spot in the early teen eps, 2 or 3 episodes which I thought was a little awkward, namely in terms of pacing, compared to everything else, but for the most part this was a non-stop fun show. Lots of emotions being thrown in every which direction and characters who remind you of you and your friends.

The two factors which definitely drove Red Garden for me were dialog and pure HOLY SHIT. The dialog was a given – tons of rapid-fire speech, conversations which were true to life (god, between this and Kure-nai it’s going to be hard to enjoy anything below a-grade quality writing for a while, lol), and some extremely excellent voice acting even for most of the minor roles. And then, of course, the HOLY SHIT. From the very first moon-jump we know we’ve gotten into something crazy, and holy fuckshit does it get crazy. The plot was so fucking over-the-top and some of the fights in later episodes were downright intense, especially when everyone gets super-powered on our asses. Throw in some unexpected deaths and one of the most wish-fulfilling kills of all time and you’ve got yourself a thriller to remember.

My favorite characters of the main four were Claire and Kate. Claire mostly for her looks, but both had great personalities. I’ll definitely be bringing up this show in my next post on character chemistry. What really impressed me in this show, though, were the minor characters, all of whom I thought were filled out quite nicely. My favorite had to be J.C., though Paula’s blatant lesbianism was also a nice touch.

Anyway, this is definite top 30 material~


One thought on “Another Reason Kou Matsuou is Quickly Becoming One of My Favorite Directors

  1. Hmm, I posted my comment on this post (another reason…) and it somehow ends up in the hot sex cum post. Made me ROFL, but somewhat irritated afterward. =_=

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