LISTMANIA ROUND TWO: "Using 'Star-Crossed Lovers' as a Blanket Term for a 2D-Complex" OR "My TOP 100 Anime Characters"

NOTE: This took far longer than anything should ever take. I originally intended to include pictures, but then this would turn into a 2-day event. FUCK that. You better read this goddamn thing.

For those who don’t know/haven’t figured out/never heard me mention it, I have obsessive-compulsive disorder. And not that ‘oh I’m really OCD about that’ bullshit, the more hardcore kind. I don’t like my door open, or people standing behind me, I take 5 minutes to perfectly straighten my desk, I manage to click between two sites with nothing changing over… and over… and over… you get the point. Well, one of the things that comes along with that is an obsession with lists. I CANNOT COUNT how many favorite anime or anime being watch lists I’ve made (same goes for games and music) I have thousands of papers lying around of random shit I’ve written and 50% of those contain some list, and 99% of those are repeat lists. However, I also have an obsession with officiality. As it stands, I’ve been considering any list which I post on my blog to be official. The favorite anime list in my profile, the episode list, yesterday’s video list, and I’ve also got a file called ‘tops’ where I created my official top 100 songs and official ‘must watch’ lists. There are certain lists, like yesterday’s, which I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and this is one of them – my top 100 characters.

Naturally, a list like this is a pain in the ass because it has to be updated so frequently – after all there are a lot of shows I watch and a lot of them have a lot of characters, lol. However, I plan to do what I’ve done with my favorite anime and episode lists and copy this one into the profiles section where I will update it as needed (like when I finish Tyler or Yohko and need to add/push someone up). There is also a shortlist at the top here of characters that will definitely be in the list in the near future, but I want to finish their shows before adding them. Unlike my favorite anime list, there are in fact characters in here from shows I haven’t finished because I feel like I have a good idea of them (however, like yohko, some might move up or down upon completion. Anyway, I should shut up so that you have to do less reading XD.

THE SHORTLIST: Characters who will be added soon enough.
The Entire Cast of Kure-nai – I love all of them. I can’t see any of the major characters evading my top 100. Placement may vary.
Tokidoki – Amatsuki – Tokidoki is one of the most likable heroes in a long time. As long as this show keeps being great, his chances are good.


100. Ryu Sasakura – Bartender

What? You’ve never been to a bar? Sit down then. You seem to be troubled. Here, let me mix you a drink – something to calm your soul.

99. Nana “Hachi” Komatsu – Nana

Nana is the most realistic young women in anime, period. Her journey is harsh, growing from an ignorant high school girl into an experienced adult. She rarely catches a break, really, not even at the end of the goddamn show, however I think she became a wiser person.

98. Yuko “Yasako” Okonogi – Dennou Coil

Two nicknamed characters in a row, lol, one of many odd coincidences this list has. Yasako is a cute character who admits to being less good than she first appears, but is still a good person on the inside. She knows the importance of protecting what she loves even if there’s a chance of loosing everything.

97. Miki Kaoru – Revolutionary Girl Utena

Miki is the hilariously innocent member of the student council in Utena with a bit of a sister complex. He thinks and acts like a virgin in a whorehouse, and it’s fun to watch him be the most naive person in the bunch. Plus he is the master of the STOPWATCH.

96. Kazuma – s-CRY-ed

RECKLESS FIRE! Kazuma is admittedly not much different from, say, every hot-headed cocky bastard ever, however he is one of the best for being REALLY hotheaded and cocky.

95. Angelica – Gunslinger Girl

(prior to this list, a bill entitled the ‘no gunslinger girl left behind act’ was passed) Angelica is definitely the weakest of the girls (body and mind). She desperately wants to verify her existence, and every time you see her it just feels like she’s at the brink. As with all the girls, I just want to hold her T_T.

94. Claire – Red Garden

She’s brash and impudent, but she’s learning. Her reactions to the plot twists and overall growth made some of my favorite part of the last few eps.

93. Yuuko “Isako” Amasawa – Dennou Coil

Isako is cool – she’s only like 12, but she feels older than me. I loves cool girls, and Isako is a mastermind. She’s got a lot of baggage and needs a little help, which is where yasako comes along~ *yuri doujins*~

92. Fuura Kafuka – Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

A hikkikomori? There’s no way something like a hikkikomori, which I’ve only seen on TV and in newspapers, could exist so close to me! OF course, it’s a zashiki warashi!

91. Nana Osaki – Nana

I’m a sucker for punk-goth style. Plus she has ambition and is never ready to give up on her goals. She’s still human though, and makes mistakes (a couple of which are why she isn’t higher up the list, haha).

90. Itsuki Koizumi – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

He’s the reincarnation of Shinji’s boyfriend, but since he lives a lot longer, I figured he might as well be the one on the list. Koizumi is the best writer’s convenience ever. All he ever does is stand around and occasionally expose large amounts of plot, but he still manages to have some kind of personality and mannerisms. His constant hand movement is made of win, lol.

89. Nice Holystone – Baccano!

Explosions give her orgasms. EXPLOSIONS GIVE HER ORGASMS. Also, she’s the hottest character in Baccano – scars, eyepatch, glasses OVER eyepatch <333333333

88. Chihiro Shindou – ef ~a tale of memories~

No shit, two eyepatches in a row! Anyway, Chihiro is beyond cute (probably the only good character design in the show XD). She’s a writer, too, which is smexy, but most importantly she’s a moe girl who NEEDS you~~~!

87. Chiaki Minami – Minami-ke

“As for the reasons why you are an idiot, I have compiled a 10,000 word report. ” The way she is simultaneously smart and dumber than she thinks combined with childish naivety is adorable.

86. Kanji Sasahara – Genshiken

Kanji is the everyotaku. He’s a little ashamed of himself, a little shy, but still a fun guy. He is… well dammit if you’re an otaku you know what I mean!!! I can’t explain myself!!!

85. Claes – Gunslinger Girl

Claes almost single-handedly brings the slice-of-life into Gunslinger Girl – she’s quiet, a little introverted, but not unfriendly, and she’s certainly intelligent. She resolves to take life as it comes at her, and it’s always a joy to watch her live it.

84. Ana Copalla – Ichigo Mashimaro

The most adorable little British girl in anime.

83. Guts – Berserk

I can’t say much about the story of Berserk since it’s been pretty uninspired for the 13 eps I’ve watched, but Guts is a character who definitely grows in an interesting way thanks to Griffith. In his teens, all he cared about is survival and threw his sword around for just that, however as he continues his journey, he starts to look for more meaning in his life. He reminds me of my cousin (who is a HUGE berserk fan, too) with his quiet intensity.

82. Kunihiro Suinenji – Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu

This is, without question, the weirdest thing on my list, since you probably won’t remember him even if you did see Iriya. This guy was the captain of the club half the cast was a part of, and he was one zany dude. Think Kamina, but instead of being convinced that the surface exists, it’s UFOs. He doesn’t get nearly the screen time that he deserves, but when he’s on there he brings a ton of fun.

81. Yuki Nagato – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

You can call me a sell out now : p

80. Misaki Nakahara – Welcome to the NHK

While I like Misaki, I always felt like I should have liked her more, since she fits a lot of my tastes. I think my only problem with her is how totally useless she was throughout the late teen eps (though those weren’t great eps anyway.) What’s funny about Misaki is that she is a logical paradox in the NHK world, being the moe anime girl that the show is convinced doesn’t exist – well played.

79. Kallen Stadtfelt – Code Geass

Singleminded tenacity.

78. Miko Saegusa – Kamichu!

Nothing comes to mind that can’t be summarized with ‘Cute as hell.”

77. Yasu Takagi – Nana

Aside from being the more developed version of everyone’s favorite black guy, Dutch, he’s just got a great personality. A cool bald guy with a level-head that keeps everyone together and smokes blacks. If only he’d used the word ‘Cool’ more, lol.

76. Utena Tenjou – Revolutionary Girl Utena

Utena is strong, but confused.  I really can’t talk about her properly because I’d rather someone with a knack for interpretation do it – go bug Nomad Otto.

75. Tamaki Suou – Ouran High School Host Club

This guy is just a bunch of fun. He’s got Tyler’s classic brand of stupid genius.

74. Chane Stanfield – Baccano!

I hopes ya’ll catch the joke XD. So, uh, Chane doesn’t talk. But she DOES wield knives. Plus she’s Claire’s future wife. She has a cute personality.

73. Yukino Miyazawa – Kare Kano

I see in her exactly what Arima sees, I think.

72. Kate – Red Garden

Kate spends a lot of the earlier part of the show drifting along with wherever people took her, but eventually she gains some individuality and starts taking things into her own hands. Her RAGE in the last episode was epic.

71. Rico – Gunslinger Girl

Rico is probably the most childish of the girls, but she’s magnetically happy. There aren’t many people who know how to be grateful like her.

70. Limone – Simoun


69. Sae and Hiro – Hidamari Sketch

I couldn’t pick one : 3

68. Lelouche vi Brittania – Code Geass

Lelouche made me hate Light Yagami. He’s a man with a plan, and he doesn’t completely suck. He knows his limits, he knows when his goal shave changed, and he knows when he’s fucked up. He goes through some rough shit at times, but he isn’t willing to give up. One of the more respectable anti-heroes.

67. Alice – ARIA

: 3

66. Mako-chan – Minami-ke

Mako-chan spawned one of the most awesomely complicated gender identity situations in anime XD He was already hilarious when he was doing Chiaki’s bidding and being hyper as all shit, but when he started dressing as a girl, the hilarity reached new heights.

65. Yamamoto Yohko – Self Titled

I get the feeling she’ll be climbing my list as i continue the show along. She’s a lot like Manabi but a little more of a tease. She’s quality fun.

64. Amu Hinamori – Shugo Chara


63. Touma Minami – Minami-ke

Reverse-Mako-chan! I loooooooooove tomboys, and she is the god of tomboys.

62. Haruhi Fujioka – Ouran High School Host Club

Haruhi is my favorite shoujo lead ever, because she is also the smartest. Not just booksmart, she has common sense, a bit of a cynical side, and earns my respect almost episodically. She still manages to remain cute and fun, too. And oh snap, just noticed two reverse traps in a row! This list is cursed!

61. Tsunetsuki Matoi – Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei


60. Shinichi “Shin-chan” Okazaki – Nana

Shin is my favorite youngster. He goes with the flow and knows what it takes to be happy – and when he doesn’t, he figures it out. His situation, flow, and relationship were my favorite parts of the show. Shin was always a refreshing break from the hard-headedness of other characters, too, hehe.

59. Naota “Ta-kun” Nandaba – FLCL

Youth. Take it all in.

58. Kirino – Bamboo Blade

Kirino is the refreshing beverage of Bamboo Blade. She cares, and she never gives up, but she’s also calm, cool, and relaxing, like Aria sent a character over to help set the mood. No one better to draw everyone together.

57. Hayate Ayasaki – Hayate no Gotoku

Does he have the worst luck in the world, falling into debts, pissing people off, getting caught in misunderstandings, and constantly being injured, or does he have the best luck in the world at the center of a massive loli harem? God knows he can’t tell.

56. Rock – Black Lagoon

My main man. I feel like if I were an action hero, I’d be him.

55. Kino – Kino no Tabi

Always traveling, always deciding. She is no judge, merely a survivor, merely a traveler, an involved onlooker. Plus she kicks serious motherfucking ass.

54. Vash the Stampede – Trigun

In b4 ‘moralfag’. The man’s been through some shit, but he won’t forget his promise – however, he will find the answers both in his own heart and in his principles. Vash was always great, but his last line in the show is what really makes him great.

53. Cobra – Space Adventure Cobra

Only few memories after you~ Cobra is a classic fucking hero. He does what he can because he can, no questions asked, and he gets a lot of pussy while doing it.

52. Harunobu Madarame – Genshiken

Elitist, mothafuckas! BWAHAHA! Someone made me into an anime character!

51. Nicholas D. Wolfwood – Trigun

I can’t say anything the show doesn’t say. Go watch it, why dont’cha.

50. Ginko – Mushi-shi

He’ll do whatever it takes to find the solution – he’s mysterious, but from the first time you see him, you feel like you’ve known him for a long time. He’s the kind of guy who everyone wants as a friend to make good conversation with.

49. Revy – Black Lagoon

She reminds me of a person – I’d REALLY rather not talk about it.

48. Nozomu Itosiki – Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

ZETSUBOU SHITA! (oh come on, you had to know that was coming).

47. Mugi “Mugi-choco” Asai – Hitohira

There’s no excuse for this one, I just like shy girls with short hair.

46. Mei Etoh and Uehara Mutsuki – Manabi Straight

Once again, I couldn’t pick one. Both are awesome.

45. Spike Spiegal – Cowboy Bebop

Someone on Megatokyo described him as a mix of “Bruce Lee and Miles Davis cool”. I doubt he’d want it any other way.

44. Mayuko Chigasaki – Niea_7

This is one of, if not THE realest character I’ve seen in an anime. I’ve felt exactly how she feels – at many times it’s a feeling that can’t be put into words which the show makes a successful effort to express. If you’ve ever had doubts about your future and your present, you can identify with her.

43. Mayes Hughes – Fullmetal Alchemist

That guy everyone gets along with. He’s a little annoying, but he’s a great guy, and comes through for you when you need him. The first character to make me cry.

42. Lawrence – Spice and Wolf

Makes merchants look cool! He’s the incredibly rare intelligent anime character, haha. He wouldn’t have worked if it weren’t for Horo, but they work well together, making up for it.

41. Reki – Haibane Renmei

Another cool girl, and this one with a great personality to boot. She’s kind, but distant, and… well you can’t say much without spoiling it. Go watch!

40. Graham Spector – Baccano!

Let us have a fun and sad talk. Fun, the opposite of sadness. In other words, heaven and hell, love and peace. LOVE AND PEACE!!!

39. Kenshin Himura – Rurouni Kenshin

We’ve seen Kenshin’s entire life. From the time he was a child, how he grew up, the hardships he faced, where he ended up, right up to his death. It’s hard not to like a guy who’s entire life you’ve seen, watched him change, his sorrows, his happiness. Yah.

38. Ruri Hoshino – Martian Successor Nadesico


37. Kyon – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Yah, his inner monologue, and all that. You’ve heard this a thousand times, I’m sure.

36. Rakka – Haibane Renmei

Just watch it, goddammit.

35. Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece

Bet you didn’t see that coming! Luffy is the essence of my blog motto – beautiful dreamers. Luffy is the most headstrong and devoted dreamer around, and by his actions, I’d say he’s reached a state of enlightenment. Luffy is the real deal.

34. Iriya – Iriya no Sora UFO no Natsu

SHE MAKES ME EMO. Also, see Revy >_<
33. Ladd Russo – Baccano!

You can’t find this level of absolute fucking insanity just anywhere, folks. He’s a pure sadist – he loves to kill, especially people who feel safe. He likes to dance in peoples’ blood, singing ‘Thank you, fuck you!’ He uses a motherfucking shotgun. This, my friends, is the pinnacle of insanity.

32. Kaoru Yamazaki – Welcome to the NHK

His crazy-ass borderline split-personality keeps you on your toes XD Yamazaki is always somewhere between sick, crazy, suicidal, euphoric, melancholy, or seriously fucking pissed. He is to me as Satou is to shin XD

31. Hirono Hiro – ef ~a tale of memories~

My motherfucking hero. It’s another one that would be a spoiler to talk about, so go watch ef.

30. Haruhi Suzumiya – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I identify with her – brazen, unforgiving, selfish, but kind of wishes things were different – always searching for something out there to majorly change her world. She isn’t content to sit around and wait. She has overwhelming confidence and the power to make things happen – anyone who dislikes her doesn’t know their own potential. She is one who breaks the mold and is misunderstood, but doesn’t really give a fuck.

29. Hosaka – Minami-ke

28. Nagi Sanzenin – Hayate no Gotoku

This is the closest I’ll ever come to loving a tsundere. She’s got one of the best designs ever and unlike your average tsundere, an actual personality rather than just RAGE. She’s the kind of character who makes you feel like you’ve been watching her show for a long time and know her pretty well.

27. The Count of Monte Cristo – Gankutsuou ~le compte de monte cristo~

The king of gothic heroes. He runs on a mixture of pure charisma and dark ambition. It’s hard not to be tricked by the count – even knowing how things were supposed to turn out, you find yourself trusting Albert and the Count more than anyone else and when things go to hell, you can’t believe you were wrong. A true heartbreaker, and a total badass.

26. Tamaki Kawazoe – Bamboo Blade

: 3 X 3

25. Noe Isurugi – True Tears

T_T just read my true tears post and leave me the fuck alone.

24. Triela – Gunslinger Girl

The big sis character. It is impossible not to have respect for Triela. She is always strong, always protective, and always wearing a smile even though she has to go through just as much shit as anyone else. She’s like a young female Solid Snake – a true fucking warrior.

23. Konata Isumi – Lucky Star

Yeah, okay, so she’s wish fulfillment. You know, real girls like this DO exist. I swear. …. T_T…

22. Edward Elric – Fullmetal Alchemist

Another one who goes through a lot of shit but doesn’t give up. He’s constantly forced to decide between morals and getting what he wants. He’s the test subject for a brutal quiz on human psychology.

21. Rahzel – Hatenkou Yuugi

A fierce talker. You won’t find another mouth like this on anyone. Her stubbornness and overwhelming presence give her charm, and her wit gives her personality (or is it the other way around?). Either way, she’s magnetic.

20. Simon – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann


19. Horo – Spice and Wolf

Damn, she’s one spicy wolf! XD Horo has many faces – she’s intelligent and brave, but she still has hidden insecurities. She can stand on her own, but she doesn’t want to be alone. Another of my ideal women >_<

18. Isaac and Miria – Baccano!

This isn’t a case of wanting to pick one, they are truly one entity. This duo is THE most fun you’ll ever have. They brighten every scene, and they make everything special. They are hilarious, brilliant, and awesome. I was trying not to say ‘awesome’ on this list, because it is the single most used word in my vocabulary, but I cannot withhold it here. These guys are fucking irreplaceable.

17. Mika “Mikan” Inamori – Manabi  Straight

Watch this show.

16. Kamina – Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

The fucking MAN. The true dreamer, original believer, and the man EVERYONE should aspire to be.

15. Manami “Manabi” Amamiya – Manabi Straight

The female Kamina. Why does she stand in front of him on her list? Her fucking ending. If you’ve read my Manabi posts, you know the extreme effect it had on me.

14. Shinji Ikari – Neon Genesis Evangelion

This was me back when I was 14 and “so fucked up”.

13. Shinobu Morita – Honey and Clover

Using ‘reaching enlightenment’ as an excuse again~

12. Renton Thurston – Eureka Seven

Get it with your hands. A boy who fights for his love and won’t let anything take it away.

11. Miyako – Hidamari Sketch

A beautiful person.

10. Satou Tatsuhiro – Welcome to the NHK

Hits really fucking close to home. I have said that a lot of characters on this list are ones I identify with, but they are all fiction. If I identify with them, it’s only because I can find certain things to tie us together. However, if there was one character who thinks exactly the same way as me, it is Satou. For all intents and purposes, i AM Satou Tatsuhiro.

9. Aeru – Simoun

It’s like Miyako and Triela combined, so just think of that.

8. Henrietta – Gunslinger Girl

I can’t even look at her without some kind of emotion running through me. It’s not sadness, not melancholy, not longing – an indescribably emotion. You don’t even know what to do,or what you want for her. Her life is fucked up on the grandest fucking scale to the point that you can’t even predict or help it. Maybe that’s it – helplessness.

7. Nobue Ito – Ichigo Mashimaro

This is my fetish.

6. Yurie Hitotsubashi – Kamichu!

She’s a god, but she’s also a middle school student.

5. Yunocchi – Hidamari Sketch

My nutbladder done gone and exploded

4. Eureka – Eureka Seven

Welcome to character development done right <3 also she’s anothe one of my ideal women >_>

3. Kyousuke Tsutsuni – ef ~a tale of memories~

This is a man who understands what he has to do. He knows who he is, what he wants to do, and he’s going to do it. You’re either with him or not – he doesn’t need to held back. This guy is why I chose Euphoric Field as my blog title.

2. Lain Iwakura – Serial Experiments Lain

Much as i’d like to say “Mai Waifu <3” and get this over with, something needs to be said here. Rewatching Lain, you continually find out new things about her. Lain is one fucked up girl. She’s unsociable, a little mentally unstable, and can only be herself on the internet. She’s lonely, acts sometimes on emotion before giving it total thought, and she’s scared shitless of being confronted outside her comfort zone. Indeed, she is no where near perfect. And to make matters worse, she goes through absolute hell. This show was downright hard to watch at times knowing I couldn’t reach through the screen to comfort her. Lain is my ultimate object of 2D love.

1. Claire “Rail Tracer” “Vino” Stanfield – Baccano!

He’s motherfucking god. Literally. You are all a part of his dream. Why do I like Rail Tracer so goddamn much? The kind of self-confidence that makes you INVINCIBLE.

5.5 hours… holy SHIT.


13 thoughts on “LISTMANIA ROUND TWO: "Using 'Star-Crossed Lovers' as a Blanket Term for a 2D-Complex" OR "My TOP 100 Anime Characters"

  1. O.O……… wow, nice read. Hopefully you won’t get tl;dr comments >_<. I would never be able to make a listing like that. I agree with most of it. Though I do have my personal preferences, so there are other charas I’d add. I need to rewatch some shows.


    Awesome, I agree with the position and motivation for most (though Spike would’ve been higher up), and I think if I’d ever be arsed to do something like this then it’d look pretty similar.

    also, I’m impressed, this is more than I do when I have to do an essay in school ;_;.


    I agree with most of this except Misaki from NHK. Only cos in the manga she sorta turns into a villain/love interest for satou. Hell in volume 4 she leads him to attempt suicide twice.

    I’m kinda surprised Takemoto Yuuta from Honey and Clover isn’t on here. As far as character development goes it only takes him 24 episodes to be the kind of man I aspire to be. and his soul searching journey at the end of the series immediately clinched Honey and Clover as one of my all time favorites.

  4. This list is win, I can agree with like all of the characters I know.

    Also nice to see someone who doesn’t hate Shinji for being real.

  5. Lain is MAI WAIFU >__<

    I cry at the ending of SLE every time I watch it because of the ultimate sacrifice she had to make, though she cheated because everyone can still feel the void she left, so whenever she comes back, it can still feel to her like they havern’t completely forgotten.

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  8. Awesome list! I admire how you’re able to describe some of these characters perfectly in just a few sentences (something I could never do XD) And hooray for Utena, Ichigo Mashimaro, Haruhi, Hayate, Ouran, Eureka 7, Spice and Wolf, Trigun, and Code Geass characters!

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