Give Me Animu Music!

Every once in a while, I decide to check out some animu music. I nabbed the rather nice Kara no Kyoukai OST which gets better every time I hear it today, done by one of my (and everyone else’s) favorite composers, Yuki Kajiura. Like most people, she and Yoko Kanno are my favorites and the only ones I really know a thing about. My experience with anime OSTs has been a little mixed. Two of the times I’ve gotten excited about a show’s music were Eureka Seven and Kurau Phantom Memory, but neither soundtrack was anywhere near as good standing alone. (E7 has some good stuff, but Kurau ended up flat-out lame, not unlike the show). On the flipside, I’ve had the occasional good luck, such as with the absolutely excellent Gankutsuou soundtrack which I totally didn’t see coming or the Spice and Wolf soundtrack.

Today, being in the mood for Yuki Kajiura after hearing KnK, I finally grabbed the OST that I’ve been meaning to get for over 4 years – .hack//SIGN. It’s excellent in every way, though I’m sad it doesn’t have all the alternate versions of Aura and Fake Wings. In my hunt for moar animu music, I come to you for help! What are some great animu soundtracks beyond the obvious Kajiua and Kanno?


3 thoughts on “Give Me Animu Music!

  1. nfi who composed the Kaiji soundtrack, but I think it’s great. one of the few I actually listen to often.

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