Visual Novel Failure

Around  year ago, I was first discovering what a visual novel was, and one of the first ones I heard of was Yume Miru Kusuri (A Drug that Makes You Dream) which by the title alone sounded awesome. However, because I own a mac and every computer I own hates me, I wasn’t able to actually play the game till yesterday. When I first learned about it I was psyched for it, but then over time I’ve heard some bad things about it so I was a little less expectant. However, I’ve also seen some images of the sex scenes in the game, and there is this one totally adorable blond loli girl who you get to fuck, so if nothing else, I wanted to do that.

However, I wasn’t even thirty minutes into the game (hadn’t even met the blond girl yet) when I had to turn it off. My reason being that the main character is 100% bona-fied douche. Now, I am aware that he is almost exactly like your average otaku. He’s introverted, cynical, doesn’t care much, always bored, and angry about how he’s just floating along with life. However, I can’t say that I’d get along with that kind of person, and while I realize that I was once exactly like him, I can’t stand to listen or watch it. The first major strike I had against him was when he was in class and didn’t care about the lesson and was hating the girls around him who were talking about whatever and was thinking something like ‘those bitches are so worthless’. That kind of attitude pisses me off. And then the final straw was when one of the girls suddenly jumps up and falls to the ground. In pain, she can’t get up, and keeps falling back down. No one does anythiing, and the main character doesn’t bother to give her a hand. However, after she’s gotten up and sat back down, he and his pal come to the conclusion that the girl behind her had used a taser pen to shock her. So what does he think?

“I better not talk to her, because if they think I’m friends with her, they’ll bully me, too!” FUCK YOU! GO DIE, ASSHOLE! Weak people like this guy are what keep situations like this fucked up. It makes me think back to Boogiepop, when we first meet him in the novel Boogiepop and Others, his memorable first line, “Do you think to do nothing when you see a fellow human suffering?!” I can’t even remotely respect a coward like the main character in this game. People like him don’t deserve good things to happen to them as they would in this game.


3 thoughts on “Visual Novel Failure

  1. lol, reminds me of screaming at Shirou when I was reading/playing (there has to be a term for the act of CONSUMING a visual novel, reading or playing isn’t sufficient!) fs/n.

    besides from the maincharacter being a fucktard, is it good quality-wise?

  2. The writing is… meh. On the one hand, it had little bits of intelligent dialog… some sort of funny jokes, a reference or two that were interesting, but a the same time, there was a tsundere sister not really related by birth, etc. It was like the game wanted to be a little bit different, but was to scared to actually be different.

    I like the character designs, and the art and music were decent… nothing special though. It owuld have been acceptable as a whole if the main character weren’t a douche, but he was a TOTAL douche.

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