Spring Update

Just a quick update on what I’m actually watching this spring still.

1. Kure-Nai – 7 (8 DLed) – Without question the best of the season. Original, brilliant, Brains Base and Kou Matsuo at their best (and both quickly becoming favorites). The whole cast is love, and I’m still listening to the musical… I’ve actually got it memorized. Maybe I’ll perform it and make a video on youtube.

2. Code Geass R2 – 8 – So far, so good, the first season inmpressed me with it’s fast movement and great funn, and season 2 doubles up on that. 8 was one of the best eps of the whole show so far.

3. Amatsuki – 5 – Still very much stuck in the ‘has great potential’ phase, however it’s been pretty damn good so far. One of the best male leads in recent memory.

4. Candy Boy – 1 – FUCK YEAH AWESOME YURI INCEST. Would be higher up if more eps would hurry the shit up and come out!

5. Macross Frontier – 3 (7 DLed) – Entertainment to the point of lulz. Honestly, there’s no reason to pay the slightest bit of attention to the plot or writing which are sub-par – just look at that motherfucking animation and gawk.

6. Kyouran Kazoku Nikki – 3 (6 DLed) – Need to hurry up and catch up on this.

7. Soul Eater – 6 (8 DLed) – Still stylish and fun and getting better as it goes.

8. Nijuu Mensou Musume
– 3 (6 DLed) – Sometimes fun, sometimes over-the-top, but is also boring a lot, and while the main character is cute, she is too damn quiet – and not in the good way like Tama-chan.

DROPPED (and not formerly announced)
1. Maid-Guy – 3 -I don’t have time for it, and it’s stupid.
2. Allison to Lillia – 3 – I was hoping it might get better after ep 3, but I’ve heard it remains pretty lame and I doubt I’ll get around to watching any more of it.
3. Nabari no Ou – 5 – Fucking stupid, horrid cliche plot.
4. Zettai Karen Children – 2 – It just wasn’t interesting enough to hold my attention.
5. Golgo 13 – 1 – Not exciting enough to warrant my time.

By the way. My total hits yesterday were 458 – double my former best day ever.


3 thoughts on “Spring Update

  1. Too bad you don’t understand moonspeak :P. Waiting for subs is always torturous when there’s a show you really like. You spend most of your time on the web and not watching. Anyway, getting back to xxxHolic Kei ep 9.

  2. My latest poll voted me the Kamen no Maid Guy of anime blogs. Do you not have time for me? Do you think I’m stupid?

    Kamen no Maid Guy is the best show of the season, with Kure-nai as a distant second.

    Though I haven’t seen Candy Body, and your description sounds pretty good.

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