Amber Streams from Sol are NOT UNLIKE THE WAVES

^obligatory noneget reference.

I was bored, so post. Also, score went down to normal yesterday since I didn’t post – should’ve seen that coming lol.


Anyway, I’m watching a few things… Giant Robo, Neo-Ranga, about to watch Ryofuko-chan which looks positively loli-tastic. Current season joints being watched at random, because at any given time there are shows I do or don’t feel like watching… most recent ep was 6 of Amatsuki which is still great, but STILL in the ‘potential’ phase. It’s gunna end up one of those shows where the ending makes or breaks it, which is scary. I’m also working on filming my one-man performance of the Kure-nai musical. It will be hideous, awesome, and totally fucking weird.

Been in a very musical mood lately to the point that I haven’t been watching anime because I’m too busy listening to OSTs or other, regular music since, as I mention every so often, I am just as into music as I am into anime (though my music blog has only had like 10 posts over it’s year of existence XD). Which reminds me, my blog became a year old sometime last month and I didn’t even notice. Good shit. I wonder if I’ve reached 100 comments yet – if not, yall assholes get to work!

This is how I want my first (real) relationship to be.

For anyone interested, Not Unlike the Waves, which contains the titular lyric, is my favorite song of all time.

Image Spam Naow? (just going through all the non-NSFW crap on my gelbooru favorites, lol)

This guy is one of my favorite artists. His shit is bizarre but great.

Another favorite, though with less material. I’ve used 3 of his pics as wallpapers before knowing they were by the same guy.

There aren’t enough cool women in anime. So far, Nobue is the coolest.

Most of his pics are touhou moe with interesting color schemes, but he has 2 (one above) really fucking awesome Shinbo-esque Remilia pics.

Some truly awesome detail in some of this dude’s pics.

I love this guy’s style, he’s got some bizzare, some cute, and some cool. And a hawt Nagi.

This artist has completely redefined th term ‘virant colors’ in all his pics.

You bet your socks I’m a Bikko fan!

Artist here (NSFW) not liking most of them, but the Miku pron is good.

Some nice gothloli stuff (NSFW)

This guy mostly draws porn/ecchi (so NSFW) and I really like the way he draws characters. However, this pic focuses more on a beautiful background.  I’d like to see him do something like this again.

This guy does all Touhou and focuses on cute. Occasional NSFW.

It’s obvious why they made twins – doubling up on the only decent character design in the show XD

It wouldn’t be me without a mildly disturbing pic.


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