How the Fuck Do You Go From 3 Posts a Day to 1 Post After 3 Days, Dickwad?

I uh didn’t post for 3 days, It’s not that I didn’t have any ideas, I’ve just been doing shit. Like, uh, watching anime (oh shit!). Monday Hitsuzen Da was over here so naturally we sat around whining about how bored we were and how hot it was until he went home. That night I started watching Last Exile. Yesterday I finished Last Exile – the fastest I’ve watched a show since Eureka 7. It’s in my top 40, if you click over to my Profiles page (you won’t, you don’t care that much.) today I made a totally badass video for a science class on Uranium which you can find on youtube. While you’re there, watch my goddamn project awesomeness series already since you probably haven’t yet.

Aside from Last Exile, I’m getting back to watching s-CRY-ed, starting off on Tekkaman Blade since some reliable sources have told me it’s pretty good. Which reminds me, I need to hurry the fuck up and get back to Turn A Gundam which is one of the many many shows that immediately made me think ‘I’ll fucking love this’ but then I stall for no good reason whatsoever, and when I finish it it always end up being amazing (caughfuckingNadesicocaugh). And now, I’ll tell you guys a about an idea I’ve been meaning to bring up since I thought of it months ago.

You see, quite a while back (I’d say December-ish) I made this Big Fucking List of all the shows I absolutely needed to finish no matter what. A lot of it was taken from various favorites lists of people I admire and whose opinions tend to coincide with mine. There were also some shows that I had discovered on my own and needed to finish, as well as a number of ‘classics’ which I consider necessary viewing. There were around 45 when the list started and I’ve been whimsically going back to it every once in a while. The list was originally in numbered order by necessity but I eventually broke it up into being categorized by episode count and then given a priority of 1st-3rd. I don’t take the list too seriously, and will watch whatever else happens to catch my attention in the meantime. However, I decided that when I’d finally finished all of the anime on the list, I would be able to create my ‘official’ favorites list. As it stands, my favorites list is updated VERY often, especially recently with a lot of great shows coming to my attention. I figure that with the number of shows I’ll have seen by the time I finish everything on this list, my favorites list can finally be more-or-less solidified, only changing with the best of what comes in future seasons. (considering that the last year and a half’s seasons haven’t missed a beat with getting at least one show into my top 40, I won’t be surprised to see more great shows arising – right now, Kure-nai is quite promising). The list in it’s current state is like this – keep in mind that I’m at least halfway through a lot of these shows. In fact, I’ll but a slash beside those.

What to Watch in Order of Impertinence: (* = held up by circumstances beyond control)


REALLY short:
Bartender 3
Gunbuster 2
Byoukuso.Place Promised 1

12-13 EP:
Loveless 2
Blue Drop 2 /
KEY * 2 /
Dokkoida?! * 2
Yume Tsukai 3

Yamamoto Yohko 1
Honey and Clover 1 /
Irresponsible Captain Tylor 1
Uchuu no Stellvia 2 /
Noein 2
s-CRY-ed 1 /
Scrapped Princess 1 /
Figure 17 * 2
Bubblegum Crisis 3
Berserk 3 /
Cromartie High School 3
Paniponi Dash! 3 /
Big O 3 /
Akagi 2

Neo Ranga 2 /
Cobra 3
Fullmetal 2 /
Macross 3
Rayearth 3
Onizuka 3
Kaleido Star 2
Hayate 2 /

I have considered updating the list, but since it’s mostly symbolic anyway, I haven’t bothered. Also, the Kure-nai musical recording should be finished by Saturday ^_^


6 thoughts on “How the Fuck Do You Go From 3 Posts a Day to 1 Post After 3 Days, Dickwad?

  1. Ah ha, well, I skipped from episode one all the way to like, the last one or something and some dudes were fighting each other, I think some chick died too lols. But I wanted the guy to end up with the chick that kissed him when he died …. ah well …

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