Let's Do This Mothafuckaz – Summer 08

Spring 08 has been one of the only seasons where I’ve ever actually kept up with any fucking shows. So far it’s slightly beating out Fall for total eps watched, if only because I was watching a lot more in the fall. I’d be tempted to call Spring a pretty weak season. Kure-nai is, of course, awesome, but not much else is even good. Amatsuki is great, but it still hasn’t done much to wow me or make it at all memorable, and the other shows I’m still watching are Macross F, Kyouran, and Twenty Faces, none of which I’m caught up on and none of which will sill be in my mind by next season. I totally forgot I was even watching Soul Eater, which has been a nonstop mixed bag and all around top-grade shounen action show. Code Geass R2 is fine, but it’s a sequel so it had an advantage already.

So anyway, a lot of shit looks promising for Summer. There look to be a number of action shows which is always a good thing. There’s also the long-awaited HIDAMARI SKETCH 360 which is fuckwin on a stick. Plus, motherfucking Detroit Metal City. I don’t even give a fuck what it’s about, it’s a fucking show with metal in the title, you know I’ll watch that shit. Since nothing else has much info, I can’t really comment on it, unless I spend an hour on some useless shit like I did for the current season.

God I can’t wait for more Candy Boy.

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