How Do You Blog? You Fight For Blog, You Plug Blog In.

^ noneget reference

Blissmo actually did something right and made me want to post about why I blog. I’ll tell ya right off, unlike her, I didn’t do it out of any interest in anime blogs. While this is my first wordpress blog, I’ve been making random pages and sites with every damn host that comes to mind – all in the name of internet fame. It’s something I’ve been trying for 4 years to achieve. It’s not about the fame itself – my ultimate goal is and always has been to have an opinion with authority behind it. What it comes down to is my obsession with making everyone become like me, stemming likely from childhood ostracizing. If there is one thing I want, it’s for other people to be moved by things which move me. I want other people to see and hear what I do, and experience the beauty of those things. This stems from my desire to find someone who’s like myself, most likely set off by some childhood ostracizing. To put it in context you can easily understand, I want to be the Epert of anime. After all, I’ve been writing reviews for-fucking-ever. In fact, before I made this blog, I was working a music review site on freewebs (Digital Boy Reviews, hence my email address.) It didn’t have a feature to show me hits, though, and there were no comments, and I never got any emails, so I just assumed no one was actually reading it and abandoned it.

Well, last year when I started getting back into anime and was hanging out on the Megatokyo forums, I started to notice that a bunch of people had blogs, and most seemed to be hosted on WordPress. Never one to be left out, I immediately started this blog – being able to see my hit count and comments has been a major driving force to keep me going with it, because I’m a whore for recognition and couldn’t have done it otherwise.


It does make me sad, in a way, because I am much more proud of things like my FUCKING YOUTUBE VIDEOS which get like NO FUCKING HITS and my reviews for which I currently have no home. However, I am quite proud of the recognition this blog gets, even if I get in one day the hits it’s taken my videos a FUCKING YEAR to get.

(i’ve been doing some epic link-dropping lately…)


7 thoughts on “How Do You Blog? You Fight For Blog, You Plug Blog In.

  1. LOL! Hey, I’m kinda like you too — I want everyone to know what I like and like what I like yadadada, but that’s why when someone flames me I get extremely pissed lols. All for the fame, all for the fame.

    And I do a lot of right things! XD

  2. All in the name of fame!
    Nyeh, my once ‘innocent’ desire to bring AniYoko to the ignorant masses has been tainted by all this link whoring and comment spamming in the name of saying “Hey, I have a voice, now listen to me! (Or at least pretend to, then leave a comment)”. Take this comment for example *shakes head*
    Here’s to more blogging for self-righteous purposes!

  3. Who isn’t a whore to wish for recognition in a public sphere such as a blog? Everyone is hoping to have someone tell them that they are reading your blog, so it’s obvious.

    I too admit that I love looking at the number of comments THAT gets (yes, instead of hits/visitors/pageviews). It’s good and it feels great when you know that your blog has a decent level of authority within the community you write in. ^^

    So, ganbatte!

  4. I too started blogging for the sake of fame, due to inferiority complex I’ve had since I was a kid, and I guess even until now I still do blog for that reason. But after some reflection, enlightenment from Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, I’ve come to realize that while these external rewards indicate some “authority” level on your part, you should feel proud of your work, with or without comments. Ganbatte, don’t give up, continue on with this blogging business with a right mindset, and in time, you’ll gain faithful followers / blog friends ^^

  5. my ultimate goal is and always has been to have an opinion with authority behind it

    That’s somewhere in my top 3, competing with revenge and becoming awesomeness personified.

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