One More Red Nightmare OR This is What I've Been Doing for 3 Days

I had a LOT of fun making this, and probably a lot more than you’ll have reading it, but whatever. Basically I sat around on this good stream site and watched the first eps of a whole bunch of shows I was interested in. Some where completely fucking awesome, and I will be continuing them very shortly. Some were boring to the point that I can’t even remember what happened in them, a lot were okay, and one or two were so completely fucking terrible that I am forced to continue out of pure morbid curiosity. REDO NAITOMEIYA NI YOUKOSO!


Ah! My Goddess!

I think I’ve heard before that Ah My Goddess has multiple manga series, and I know it has an assload of anime seasons, so it’s a complicated show to jump into. Long ago, I checked out the first volume of what I assume was the original manga from a school library (hardbacked, lol.) I didn’t like it at all a the time – mostly because i found the characters to be ugly as all shit. The anime cures this major issue by having really really cute designs. From what I recall of the manga, the anime version of the first chapter is lengthened to further accentuate the shitty luck of the protagonist and push Belldandy’s appearance tot he back of the episode. While it wasn’t a bad ep, I hate it when the whole first episode is dedicated to the situation that the show’s plot will be all about getting rid of. I think I might continue the show just because it has so many hardcore fans, but I’m not making any bold statements just yet.


Aishiteruze Baby

Insert lolicon joke here. Naw, you’d really have to be an idiot to expect any lolicon shit out of this what with the blatantly shoujo designs (which are actually quite good.) This show’s first ep had the grave misfortune of being exactly the same as Kure-nai’s first ep except NOT Kure-nai. Both eps have a high school guy arbitrarily finding himself the protector of a young girl whom he has to leave somewhere, both girls run away, and both girls are found in a park crying. However, the difference in production is night and day – Kure-nai is done by one of my favorite directors and is known for it’s insanely good dialog. Baby is the polar opposite. The dialog, acting, and overall feel was really awkward. There were places where talking just… stopped, making conversations feel weird and the voice acting was sub-par. That said, it wasn’t bad – the jokes made me laugh twice within 10 minutes which is a good thing, but I don’t know that i’d be compelled to watch more, especially when I could just continue Chocotto Sister instead.



Random well-animated violence? I’m in! The plot seems really uninteresting, but there’s more than enough action at leas in this ep to forgive it. It’s a potential drop, but if it keeps to the first ep’s formula it’ll be fine.

STSTUS: Watching

Blood +

I’ve watched about a collective 15 minutes of this show on [AS] and thought it was pretty boring, but then again, I’ve thought that about pretty much anything I only watch little snips of, so I could be wrong – first ep wasn’t much to prove me wrong. It was mostly rather boring but when it picked up it actually managed to make me jump twice, and impressed my inner fanboy with a referential death to the movie. I’m willing to watch more on the basis of good word for the show, but I’ll need a couple more eps before I can decide to drop it or not.


Blue Submarine No. 6

Excellent! All the best things about Gonzo put together! Very reminiscent of Last Exile (no surprise) and also has hawt fish girl (of whom I’ve seen some great pron) lots of awesome fights and not much else, which is how I like it. The music was beyond excellent, too.

STATUS: Very Watching

Cardcaptor Sakura

I was spellbound. It’s absurdly good. Shoujo without being head-explodingly frilly like Princess Tutu or stupidly kiddy like Lyrical Nanoha. The pacing, directing, and dialog all fit well and the characters are instantly memorable. Sakura is adorable and likeable beyond all reason and everyone else brims with potential. I can’t believe something I made fun of when I was 7 is something I’m enthusiastic about now, but I was genuinely blown away.

STATUS: Very Watching


It’s Gintama.

STATUS: Watching


erm… what the hell happened here…

STATUS: Watching… on eggshells.

Hellsing Ultimate

This was weird – it fixed  some of the problems that the original anime had, but also ignored some of the manga’s problems that the anime helped fix to some degree. This OVA was pretty much an exact image-by-image port of the manga (of which I used to own two volumes, and the same amount of the original anime DVDs) which was good becasue it made the action move fast as all hell, and the first volume of the manga was packed into one 45 minute episode as opposed to 4 regular length eps even after leaving out the little backstory chapter. However, this means that the stylistic additions of the first anime are gone. The whole red-sky thing in the first ep as well as changing the fight location from Generic Field to Badass Church were great idea, but they have been swapped out. There is a bit of style from what was naturally inherent in the manga, but not nearly as much as the first anime. In addition there’s the major issue of art – no matter how you look at it, the Hellsing manga is not exactly well drawn. There are lots of really cool images at the sacrifice of proportion, consistency, and making sense in terms of what the fuck is going on. Those things work in manga form, but fall apart in anime form – they did next to nothing to increase the sensibility of those images in the anime. Overall, I actualyl do like it more than the first anime because it moved fast enough to keep my attention, but this still isn’t the perfect Hellsing. There is a way to do this story, I just hasn’t been done yet.


Legend of Duo

Oh. My. God. This is one of the worst fucking things I’ve ever seen, but at 5 mins an ep  I MUST finish it. It’s bad on the level of coming full circle to awesomeness. I’m in awe.

STATUS: Very Watching

Mars Daybreak

Jesus Christ this could not have been more completely uninteresting. Besides containing the BEST CRANE EVER, the first ep was worthless. It at least had some fighting, but even that was tame, poorly animated, and boring. Worst Bones show yet, and one of the least interesting things I’ve seen in a while. I couldn’t even get a grasp of the plot, I was so bored I couldn’t pay attention.

STATUS: Dropped

Master Mosquiton 99

I knew the 90s were weird, but this is just absurd. As one of the weirdest first eps I’ve seen in a while and a seriously 90s feel pervading, I must watch more. But I have no clue what to expect.

STATUS: Watching

Melody of Oblivion

TITTIES. And trippiness. The first ep was a lot like the first ep of Raxhephon, with an equally little amount of plot exposition and just a tad more lolWTF. There were several moments in the second half of the ep that made my face contort in ‘?!’ which is a good thing, and the visual trippiness combined with the female lead’s intense promiscuity (for an anime character; she literally begs the MC to fuck her) are enough for me to continue.

STATUS: Watching


There’s no way in hell I’ll jump into watching this what with it being 74 FUCKING episodes, but the first episode was pretty good. Loving the psychological aspect of it all – Monster is one of those shows that 90% of who sees it thinks its the best thing since fucking sliced bread, so I’ll get back to it whenever possible.

STATUS: On-Hold Shortly

Oban Star-Racers

Anime in English?? From the bastards who brought you Code Lyoko (i.e. the French) in coalition with Japan, it’s a show produced originally in English (and apparently French) and aside from the embarrassment of being a Jetix show, it’s pretty good. I like adventure shows a lot, especially when they are entertaining and star a girl who, despite lack of nose and cartoony design, I would so totally bang.

STATUS: Watching

Samurai 7

I am aware that watching this won’t spare me the 3-hour behemoth that is Akira Kurosawa’s classic, but I’ve never been one to blame adaptions foro being themselves, so I’ll try em both out. I’ve found myelf liking GONZO more and more the more older shows I see by them, lol. First ep so far so, well, decent at least, seems interesting enough. I like the blend of sci-fi and fantasy and the general adventurous feel.

STATUS: Watching

School Rumble

Meh. Not bad, but not great. The motorcycle guy is kind of funny. The initial D reference made me giggle, but no outright laughs. Might continue sometime.


Seirei no Moribito

Interesting beyond just the ZOMG animation. I can see myself greatly liking Balsa and hopefully the kid doesn’t turn out to be totally annoying. Seeing as how I’m already talking like I’m watching it, I must’ve been pretty drawn in. I know people say it’s boring, but as long as it’s not political I’ll probably be fine.

STATUS: Watching

Wolf’s Rain

No more exciting than the 15 or so boring minutes I saw on [AS] years back, but pretentious and weird enough (actually, Bones and Yoko Kanno enough) for me to continue. Eventually. Maybe.


Yakitate! Japan

Awesome. I’ve been looking forward to this one, and it’s well warranted. One of my personal dreams is to try every kind of bread out there, so i be feelin this shit.

STATUS: Watching


8 thoughts on “One More Red Nightmare OR This is What I've Been Doing for 3 Days

  1. >lelangir
    What did you expect from a shounen anime with BREAD?! >_>
    It’ll obviously be repetitive just because it’s shounen. I found it fun to watch though.

    Seirei no Moribito isn’t political so you don’t have to worry about that. It’s gewd.

    School rumble- go watch Minami-ke made by the other team. More Mako-chan is always welcome ;D*

    Aishiteruze Baby being compared to Chocotto Sister <.<…

    *I’m Broken by Kana

  2. I just have to vouch some for Monster since it’s such an awesome show.. Give it a few episodes, since the actual story hardly begins until then.

  3. Ah! My Goddess is a stone cold classic. That said, I think the scope of its influence is actually greater than its actual enjoyment factor… especially nowadays when we’ve all seen 8 billion regurgitated versions of it.

    Blood+ gets pretty good, but IMO it never gets great.

    There is no shame in watching Cardcaptor Sakura. Anyone will tell you that it’s way better than it deserves to be. Did the one you made fun of when you were 7 (wait… 7? oh god. *checks for gray hair*) happen to be the American adaptation where they butchered the plot? Because that was awful and deserved to be made fun of by 7-year-olds.

    But the real thing… great stuff. In our house we own the complete DVD runs of 3 series: Eva, RahXephon… and CCS. And a grown-ass man drinks his morning tea out of a mug with Kero-chan on it. Ha!

  4. believe me, ALL my friends online LOVE CCS so I knew it would be great, but it’s still funny that it is. And when I was seven I didn’t give a fuck about plot, i just wasn’t about to watch anything with a female protagonist or not airing on Cartoon Network (I was a loyalist).

    Also, I wonder which is older, you, or that song I posted…

  5. Sadly, I totally had to look that up. King Crimson is pretty old but they’re still around now, so I wasn’t sure about the tune. Thankfully it’s got me beat by a bit…

  6. “Gintama

    It’s Gintama.”

    Something only people watching Gintama would understand, while those who don’t never will (and fail for it :P).

    You know what gets older than 69 episodes of (awesome) bread making? listening to random characters saying “Viva Monser Union” in Melody of Oblivion on and on and on and…

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