I’ve been rewatching Trigun lately which is damn amazing. When I was younger, I probably mostly liked it because it contained violence and comedy, which was enough for me to like anything, but now I see a whole new angle of what makes it great. For an episodic adventure, the pacing is perfect, which, while not unprecedented, is still impressive. More importantly is the great characterization – we slowly but surely see more sides of Vash often in only a brief moment that makes a big difference. There is always some extreme action which helps us see exactly how strongly he feels about things. As of episode 9, the most notale one is where Vash is so desperate not to kill anyone that he finds himself bandaging an enemy while e himself suffers a major wound. It goes beyond just showing his morals – we see that he is so desperate to keep this promise that his life depends on it – he has based his existence around the belief that he shouldn’t kill and it would destroy him if he did. Moments like that are why Trigun could be considered a classic.

I also commenced my rewatch of Manabi Straight (skipping ep one since I watched it a little while ago raw) and after the second episode I realized that, just as I expected, the show is even better than I remember. Of course, the great directing, animation, fun moments, and all-around air of the show are just as ood as they were then, but what makes it even more fun is little moments I didn’t catch before, like exactly what it meant when Manabi grabs Mei’s hand as she is trying to leave the clubroom and becomes flustered. Another thing is Manabi’s character – she’s amazing. She is always saying embarrassing things that, when you hear them, seem obvious, but you would never think to say them yourself (like a happy version of Boogiepop!!) and most of her speeches give me chills. God I love this show.


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