If You Think J.A. Seazer Sounds Like the Name of a Really Eccentric Japanese Guy, Well, You Aren't Wrong

Yesterday I got my massive order from Shin (who’s blog apparently no longer exists, lol) of all the crap I bought from RigthStuf’s Genoen sale. I haven’t gotten a chance to check out the DVDs yet (fell asleep right after I got the stuff and just woke up) but most of it I’ve already seen so it’s no rush. The DVDs I got include:

R.O.D. the TV vols. 2-6 (plan to buy 7 with box later)
Texhnolyze vols. 2-6 (you are wondering why I own the first volumes of various random shows, right?)
Niea_7 vols. 1-3 (not one of my favorite shows, but important enough that I should rewatch it periodically.)
Dokkoida! vols. 1-3 (haven’t seen this, looks awesome)

I also bought 2 CDs. One of them I already have downloaded but had to buy it, that being the Arjuna OST. I also bought one I don’t have DLed, the 3rd Revolutionary Girl Utena OST, Angel Creation, Namely Light. This is the one that features 12 of the vocal tracks which are featured in the show’s fight scenes. A couple of these songs wee featured on the 2nd OST (which I have DLed) however they are different versions. The songs are all done by genius composer J.A. Seazer. I was a little surprised that the songs are a little more downtempo, including the ones that are alter versions, so most of these don’t sound exactly like they do in the show, but all are still great, sometimes haunting, sometimes empowering, and always fucking strange – no surprise since J.A. Seazer invented the genre ‘choral rock’ just for this album.

However, there is a lot more to this purchase than just the music. For staters, the booklet contains comments by the director and producer on the music, a history of Seazer’s work, and some words from J.A. Seazer himself on his music. And I gotta say, if his name wasn’t enough of an indication, this guy is THE most eccentric person I’ve ever read words from. He talks like Kirameki from Shigofumi, I swear to god. However, none of that even compares to the other weirdness of the book, several of the songs come with these little stories about plays that were apparently performed with them or something – I can’t honestly figure out what the hell thy were supposed to be, but they were awesome and weird as shit. I highly recommend any fan of Utena to buy this album.

“The adolesence is a mystical time when the origin of existence intertwines with the time of illusion, perhaps for the first and last time.”


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