Let's Get a Little Political For Once

You all know how much I hate politics. I try to avoid any shows with political drama or factions and shit I have to keep track of. Mostly, that’s because the plot doesn’t matter to me in anime, so I can’t bring myself to care about the politics. It’s like that in real life in a lot of areas as well. I am not much of an activist because of the way I live m life – finding happiness in whatever surrounds me, not needing to press forward for some greater happiness, so the extent of my political stance is ‘vote for Obama or I’ll fucking shank you!’ and not much more.

However, occasionally, I find myself interested in the politics of anime, because it’s something important and NO ONE WANTS TO SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT. Seems at least once a month someone gets on their tinfoil hat and rants on and on about the downfall of the anime industry, the market implosions, all the bad shit that’s going to go down, and then everyone else, whether agreeing with him or the opposite, comments on it. Theories and signs mean little to me, because as it stands whatever ‘message’ there is isn’t really getting out, and worse yet NO ONE seems to have an opinion with any backing or merit. For every guy who thinks the industry is on the brink of death there’s a guy who thinks the other guy is full of shit, and god knows whose correct. However, with Omo bringing it to my attention once more, I guess I’ve gotta say some shit.

Fansubs. Okay. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but look – I am NOT going to FUCKING buy a FUCKING show that I’ve NEVER FUCKING SEEN!!! Unless I absolutely for sure totally knew I was going to like it, I’d have to be a total fucking idiot to buy something I haven’t seen. There really is no way to be absolutely sure what you should or shouldn’t watch – I like several shows that NO ONE else likes/cares about, and hate some that EVERYONE would assure me is amazing (12K anyone?). I’ve seen a shit fucking assload of anime, and there’s no way I liked all of it, as made evident by my abnormally large dropped list. Can you imagine if I’d paid for all that shit? That’s a lot of money gone! IT was bad enough that most of what I bought when I first got into anime was ass, so I ended up selling most of it over the years, I don’t need to buy things and have to sell them immediately. These days, unless it’s a 100% surefire series, I ONLY buy DVDs of shows that I’ve either already started watching subbed, or have completed subbed. And I AM buying them! If it’s one of my favorite shows, I WILL buy it! But it goes even farther beyond that.

I watch a lot of anime that either never will get released stateside, or wouldn’t expect it to. And how are we to know what will or won’t? I can’t just assume we’ll always get these shows over here. Lets take Kure-nai for example – yeah, there’s an okay chance it could be licensed, since Red Garden was released, though it depends on how well that did, however there’s also a damn good chance it won’t get licensed, and considering that it’s one of my favorites, I’d be missing out pretty damn big-time! The time gap is one thing, and it’s a whole other that we really don’t know. Some things aren’t even licensed until long after their initial airing anyway.

And what the hell would become of shows like Haruhi without fansubs? That show couldn’t possibly have sold without prior exposition and fandom. A decent amount of the time, that’s the case – shows like Air, Kanon, and Welcome to the NHK could never have succeeded without pre-established fanbases.

Yeah, there are some people who watch subs and don’t buy DVDs. My best pal (name witheld) has seem buh-millions of anime and owns like 1 DVD (Luck Star) however, he would never have actually bought DVDs in the first place. He’s a technology geek, and wouldn’t have wanted to sacrifice his computer money for anime, plus he wouldn’t have even gotten into anime without fansubs, so really, who is he hurting as a non-existent market? The people who will buy anime will buy anime and the people who won’t, won’t, regardless of fansubs.


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