Strike Witches is the absolutely perfect fanservice show. It’s evaded everything I don’t like about fanservice shows, and has everything I look for in them, thereby making it perfect.

If you are going to make a show fanservice, make it CONSTANT, make it fucking ABSURD, and make it UNAVOIDABLE. Strike Witches has no single shot that isn’t in some way fanservice. Every facial expression or movement or piece of dialog is positively fucking TEEMING with moe, and every imaginable fetish has been pandered to. And you know what the best part is? NO ONE WEARS ANY FUCKING PANTS! It’s a fucking revolution! How the fuck can you avoid te fanservice in a show without any fucking pants? You can’t! there is no avoiding it! The equivalent of a panty shot is in EVERY FUCKING SHOT! And if that’s not good enough, every other image has the camera hugging tight to that area! This isn’t just sexual fanservice, though, there’s plenty of fucking violence with big ass motherfucking weapons, giant-ass monsters, great GONZO animation, and big fucking explosions to cover every violent fetish you have.

And then here’s the fucking clincher – the perfection- the brilliance – the thing that means the difference between me liking or hating a fanservice show — the characters and plot don’t revolve around the fanservice! There isn’t a single stupid-ass perverted joke, no dumb male character, no sexually assualting villains, just girls who HAPPEN to be WITHOUT FUCKING PANTS. It’s beautiful. It’s glorious. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted. I could fucking write a book about it (would probably be a light novel.)

Getting into the real meat of the show, I love the older-female character. For starters, she doesn’t wear any fucking PANTS. Seondly, she wears an eyepatch, and I love eyepatches (main character in my story wears one). Thirdly, she’s laid back and cool and laughs a lot, unlike the usual hardasses thatare the older female characters.

I definitely look for to more of this show… and the doujins.



  1. It’s a fucking revolution! How the fuck can you avoid te fanservice in a show without any fucking pants? You can’t! there is no avoiding it! The equivalent of a panty shot is in EVERY FUCKING SHOT!

    Good point. The world of Strike Witches is one in which the pantyshot is a broken concept, because panties are always on display. Underwear has become overwear, not something saved for special occasions but something (literally) shoved in the viewer’s face. There’s the potential here for panties to lose what little allure have after being devalued in Agent Aika and Najica Blitz Tactics: they are fast becoming the Zimbabwean dollar of fanservice.

  2. Fanservice is fine but, with the addittion of a good story, good character designs, mecha… what’s not to love about this show?

    I can’t see why people are complaining

  3. I am one of the complainers, it has nothing to do with Gonzo (uh, FMP!, Speed Grapher, Blassreiter) or fanservice (shit I sat through the entirety of Kanokon), it’s just so fucking stupid I can’t take it. Remove maybe one of the retarded aspects of this show and you get something I could watch, but as it stands it’s an overload of loli-panty-nekomimi-airplane-mizugi-mechamusume-wtfbleeeeargh.

    Plus, I’m with IKnight. If all we see are panties, then the panty-shot loses all meaning. And wouldn’t that be a shame.

  4. the panty shot never had any fucking meaning. My theory of fanservice is ‘why the fuck am I looking at this when porn is a click away’? I fucking HATE the panty shot. It’s the fucking show just assuming I’m a pervert, or assuming I want to see some fucking panties and I fucking don’t, what the fuck use is a small glimpse of panties?

    I have always been fond of the t-shirt and underwear look regardless of it’s background meaning – for me, the look is what I’m getting off on not the fucking stupid ass panties. Panties can burn for all I give a fuck.

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