Summer 08 – For Better, For Worse, or Just For.

Alright assholes, season first impression time. A lot of these are copied from my posts on megatokyo over the time I’ve been watching these, yes, I know, cheap. The show I want to watch the most, Mission-E, isn’t getting any FUCKING subs, so that’ll get a post all it’s own to honor it’s awesomeness. Obviously I already did Strike Witches before, so I’ll just cover ep 2 this time. It’s the only thing I’ve watched 2 eps of this season so far, besides chocolate underground, but the tallied time I’ve watched equals 1 ep, so whatever. Enjoy.

FOREWARD: I’ll just say now that last season pretty much sucked. The only show that really stood out was Kure-nai, and otherwise it was mostly ‘meh.’ If you want the biggest evidence it sucked, Production I.G. and Madhouse, two of the best studios around, BOTH produced shitty shows, those being Allison and Lilia and Toshokan Sensou. Kyouran, Nijuu-Mensou, and Soul Eater are all okay, but nothing special, and the only show that really has potential, Amatsuki, is still being subbed a the slowest rate humanly possible. I can’t say yet whether this season is better or worse, but hopefully it won’t be ass like the last one.

Chocolate Underground – 4 eps seen – This show is just awesome. It’s fun, short (5 minutes an ep) and easy to watch, and the story, while ridiculous, is done right, almost as if I.G. is trying to fix what they fucked up on with ToshoSensou.

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~ – 1 ep seen – It’s very, very pretty. A lot of people hated the fact that the budget is low to the point of using real photos for everything, but I really enjoyed it, being a connoisseur of weird-looking shit. It is boring, since it’s slice-of-life, but cute and if it lives up to the one before it, sure to be quite touching.


Tetsuwan Birdy Decode – 1 ep seen – so far my favorite of the season. Seems like every season has a show that comes out of nowhere and turns out to be totally awesome. Last season it was Kure-nai, and this season it’s Birdy. Through the whole first episode my one pervading thought was ‘I can’t believe this isn’t GAINAX!’ It’s definitely got GAINAX’s style (and bounce!) with experimental animation, awesome fights, and nonstop energy. There wasn’t a dull moment the episode over and no shortage of combat. The animation as a whole was superb though the characters were really, really awkward. I don’t know what the deal with that is. The show is just brimming with cool and fun ideas, promising a nonstop thrill-ride sci-fi fun adventure.

Ryoko’s Case File – 1 ep seen – Ryoko’s Case File is a cop show in the vein of Golgo 13 or Yugo the Negotiator – it’s not a mystery or anything, just a trail tat leads the main characters to some kind of villain. I’d love to telly ou who the villain was in the first episode, but it wasn’t until I started writing this that I realized I had no idea who the villain was. Basically, we know some people are suddenly becoming dehydrated to the point of exploding into dust, there’s this cult and… you know in retrospect his show has some pretty shitty writing.

Wat makes it worth mentioning (more or less) is that the lead male and female play something like a grown-up Haruhi and Kyon. Ryoko is demanding, sort of selfish, acts without warning, teases the guy, and treats him like her whipping boy. Meanwhile the lead male is sort of indifferent (not quite cynical, unfortunately) and has the sort of in-denial-about-liking-her thing going on (Ryoko also seems to be hitting on him a bit but he doesn’t really notice). The problem is that characterization isn’t exactly stressed yet, but at least there’s potential.

user posted image

As you can see, Ryoko is the foxy babe cop who runs around in high heels after bad dudes, and the dude is known to open a can of whoopass when the time comes. Which isn’t really a draw cuz his show is 90% people standing around talking and shit. The only thing that is pressig me to continue this show is the inclusion of Ryoko’s rival cop chick and her subordinate, the super-jolly-rookie kid, but somehow I think that, like Golgo, I’ll never remember to watch the second episode.

Natsume Yuujin-chou –  1 ep – You’ve seen this formula before, I know you have – it’s unavoidable. There’s pretty much a show like this on at any given time. Natsume has, since he was small, seen youkai. Other kids pick on him or think he’s weir, and since his parents died when he was little, he’s movied around between all sorts of people connected to him. The place he lives now is a house out in the middle of nowhere that his grandma, who could also see youkai, lived long ago. the lady he lives with now seems nice as all hell to. Anyway, when he’s being chased by youkai one day he finds this shrine where he accidentally breaks a thing that’s containing this living fortune cat (you know the ones, they’re creepy). The cat tells him about a thing his grandma has called the ‘book of friends’ in which she keeps the names of all the youkai she fought with and won, the names allowing her to summon any of the youkai at her will. Most of these ‘fights’ though were apparently the grandma (as a young girl of course) devilishly wailing on the ghost with a baseball bat. Natsume decides that he wants to try and give the names back to the youkai. The cat thing would much rather Natsume give him the book so he can fulfill his own evidently rather dark agenda, but Natsume refuses and agrees that if he dies on he job, cat boy can have the book. And so their fun begins.

It’ll take another episode to be for sure, but thus far it seems the same as Mokke. There’s a little bit of exploring around this not-densely-populated area, likely episodic ghost fights with their own little stories, and overall a really really light, slow atmosphere. However, Natsume doesn’t have half the personality either of the mokke girls do so if it doesn’t change somewhat soon, I’ll just get back to watching Mokke.

World Destruction – 1 ep – This show was setting itself up for disappointment because the second I read the name ‘World Destruction’ I thought I’m going to be disappointed if this isn’t dark (hopefully dark comedy)’ and sure enough it isn’t. What it does have going for it are colorful visuals, crazy bear and cat-people, and very very well animated fights. However the dialog and story are totally average (I actually skipped a couple minutes of the middle out of boredom) might be worth it as a ‘fast forward to the fight scene’ kind of show, but for me, it’ll probably be like Night Wizard and I’ll forget I was ever watching.

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu – Why is this show so damn appealing? The minute I saw those passed out drunken broads and that genius opening video my worries were disappearing. The guys are wearing the uniforms from Ouran and the girls from Kanon? Anyway those were my initial thoughts but as the episode progressed it quickly became evident that this show actually takes itself seriously, and became very boring for me very fast. I know at least someone will hate me for it but I really disliked the music and thought it was out of place at times. I know even more people will hate me for it also, but I couldn’t goddamn stand the main girl’s voice. It was just fucking irritating. The moe overload was hurting my brain. So anyway, I skipped a few minutes of the boring parts, just skimming for the dialog, and for now it’s a ‘drop until I hear good things.’ Also the ed vid was great.

Blade of the Immortal – This is sure to piss off all fans of the manga. I actually had small hope after the absolutely perfect opening video, but the epsidoe was boring, not stylish enough, and overall does the manga no justice. Will drop and if the interest arises, read the manga.

So, yeah, not so good so far. However, who know how things could turn out. There’s always Mission-E to look forward to.


2 thoughts on “Summer 08 – For Better, For Worse, or Just For.

  1. I putt up with all the crap Code-E gave me so I deserve Mission-E. DESERVE IT! Why won’t they sub the damn show already rather than crap like Koihime Musou!?

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