5 Centimeters Per Second

I finally watched 5 Centimeters Per Second! Starting from the critical side of things, it was definitely the most well-paced of Shinkai’s films as well as featuring the best cinematography (I liked the art in Place Promise but hated the shots, 5cm does away with that). I thought it also worked out much better without a sci-fi element, since at least in Place Promised it as just flat-out cumbersome.

But that stuff’s not important. This film was very nice, very pretty, and I liked it. The first story made me dawww, the second story made me worried, and the third story wasn’t long enough to make me cry but I suspect I’ll get pretty emo soon. I knew that the movie was going to make me think about my past relationship, and I was trying to not let it get to me, but the lyrics to that song at the end were too much. I know for a fact I’ll start thinking about it too much and end up sad.

I did think the main character was overdoing it a little being as depressed as he was that far in time, but I guess it depends on how life’s treated you. I know I was pretty lucky to have ever gotten out of my depression and was only able to because of the pure strength of my beliefs, so without that, I can see where his world would be harsh.

My favorite thing about the movie is probably the way it’s calm, not really dramatic, and sort of anti-climactic. The movie sort of embodies the relationship it tells the story of in that regard – a lot of thinking, a lot of waiting, brief moments of passion separated by long periods of angst and in the end the longest one which you quickly realize will trail on forever. Dammit. I’m gunna go find the nearest ‘so ronery’ thread and baww.


5 thoughts on “5 Centimeters Per Second

  1. I didn’t like how real the story was. Though, everyone seemed to give up on each other so easily in the end, and I would have liked a bit more after-story after the insert song. But as you said, the pace of the story was much like relationships themselves.

  2. I really liked this film as well! Especially the voice-overs, and although the story was rather tragic, it was still, in a way, beautiful. And the pictures were very pretty too lols

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