Approaching Finale

In one of the few times I’ve ever started multiple shows at once without either A. not getting past 3 episodes of all or B. choosing one to continue with, I’m about 3 episodes from the end of several shows. In the meantime I also watched a couple movies. I feel like I’ve covered it already since I talked about Ocean Waves on twitter, megatokyo, and did a review on MAL, but it deserves another mention. Ocean Waves is my new favorite ghibli film and it’s just amazing, highly recommended, GO WATCH IT NOW. It’s right there on Veoh TV, you don’t even have to walk far. Go watch it. Even if you hate it, watch it anyway, specially if you’re above the age of 20 because there’s no way you won’t like it if you are.

I also watched an 80s period piece of sorts called Nineteen19 (note: made in 1990, so it can be thought of as an afterthought to the 80s). It’s an OVA of just under an hour circulating around The Almighty Poon Tang. If you’re the kind of cynic still living under the silly belief that most anime is trash (seriously, if I have to read ‘at least this show doesn’t have robots or kung fu’ one more time… there are shows on the fucking air RIGHT NOW that break convention, shit, there’s one every season! You just aren’t watching it!) this is for you. Nineteen19 is the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a mainstream-appealing anime. It’s a story any normal person can relate to – a guy at nineteen finds his first love and deals with the loosing of his virginity. It’s not a comedy, it’s not so dramatic as to be called a drama, it’s down to earth realism. There’s almost no way to watch this and not think ‘hey I know that guy’ if you have any normal friends. I realize some of you don’t, but since yes, I AM, IN FACT, A POPULAR KID(!), I know these people quite well.

None of that matters though. The sory is good enough for pushing the movie forward but come on people! You know I don’t care about story! DIRECTING! OH MY GOD! IT’S AMAAAAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah. The OVA is VERY 80s, very MTV-music-video, very neon lights, dance themes, pop music, shitty 2D graphical overlays, a funny idea of what’s cool – it’s funderful. You might think ‘what the fuck, digital boy? You were born in the ninetees!’ however you have to understand my mom is a metal queen. She was a goth before it was cool and spent the 80s listening to industrial rock and synth-heavy anthems of the time. She was into all the 80s bands and even at the turn of the decade was listening to Jesus and Mary Chain and Nine Inch Nails and all that good shit. As her sun, I’ve seen every MTV and VH1 special and series and shit ever to come into existence. I had always hated that stuff as a kid, because I was a product of the politically correct portrait of innocence of the nineties, and the glitz and grime and neon lights scared me away. However even for me, I can feel a little nostalgic vicariously from sitting next to my mom watching I Love the 80s and hearing her laugh her ass off and reminisce on years long before even my birth. I’d say I understand the 80s better than anyone else in my generation could hope to, which makes this OVA that much more special. Plus the directing was AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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