I Know I'm Repeating Myself, But Kure-nai Epsiode Six Really Is the Greatest Episode of Anime EVER MADE.

So, while it was airing I got up to episode ten of Kure-nai and watched a lot of eps twice, but I never watched the last two episodes – call it my fear of ending one of my favorite shows or maybe just laziness. However it occurs to me that I only ever did one post on Kurenai back then. Mind you I did it at just the right time – right after episode six, however it deserves mention again because at that time I had watched the episode twice and was still wrapped up in it’s coolness and it hadn’t really sunk in just exactly how awesome the episode is.

It’s fucking perfect. The whole episode is hilarious, and it instantly makes all of the characters memorable and the show a legend. It didn’t even occur to me that Shinkurou’s roommates and Yayoi hadn’t had much development, but by the end of this episode you feel like you KNOW them. This episode is the ultimate letting loose. When there were funny parts in the rest of the show, they were hilarious and beautifully written, but like most shows it did sort of have the ‘here’s the lighthearted element, here’s the dark element’ however this episode just sets everything aside and is pure fun with no strings attached. Even without the musical, this whole episode is perfect and it helps that it’s got the best fucking script in anime history.

But I won’t pretend like any of that is even slightly important before the musical. It’s a fucking musical. It’s the single greatest scene from anything ever. I can’t name any pop fiction moment that stands up to this one, period. It beats galaxy shuriken, it beats ‘I love you’ spelled in skyscraper lights, it beats Samuel Jackson screaming ‘English motherfucker do you speak it?!’ it even beats the fucking ending of Gozu (which is worlds above the others even despite being under Kurenai). Its. Fucking. Perfect. I’ve watched this scene probably more than any other before it in anything. My brother and I even tried to create a two-man performance of the song which was one of the most arduous recording experiences I’ve ever had, and we gave up at the hallway part, lol. However needless to say I know the song by heart and on this watching sang along.

You know, ordinarily I find it weird when there’s something that I get used to outside of an anime then see/hear it in the show. Wheever I have an OST I alwasy find myself rewatching the anime thinking ‘wow, I know that song.’ However, the Kurenai scene felt totally in place because watching the show, I had no doubt in my mind that this show could produce the greatest scene of all time. Even if the ending of this show ends up sucking, it will DEFINITELY get a place in my Almighty Top Tier of favorites:

DB’s Top Tier:
ef ~a tale of memories~
Earth Maiden Arjuna
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Eureka Seven
Martian Successor Nadesico
Serial Experiments Lain


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