Rose of Versailles ep 8, princess’ horse goes out of control and Oscar follows on her own. When she catches up to the princess, she fucking jumps off her horse, catches the princess, and lands her safely on the ground. Oscar then realizes that a branch has gone THROUGH her arm. she pulls the bitch out, picks up the princess, and carries her back to the castle. She then finds out that a friend is in trouble of going to jail and before even addressing the wound, rushes in and offers her life against his only later finally passing out from blood loss.

A count offers his praise. “Oscar, you are more manly than a man.”


And again in episode 9! This evil bitch holds a knife to Oscar’s face and is all ‘I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to cut your beautiful face!’ and Oscar just fucking walks into the blade, and blood trickles down and she doesn’t fucking flinch just gives this look like ‘yeah, bitch, what now!’ Fucking great.


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