Higurashi no Naku Koro ni – A Public Apology

I would like to make a very sincere apology to the anime fan community as a whole, be it the American, Japanese, or whatever fan colective. I apologize for anything stupid I may have said about Higurashi. If I ever called it cliche, or downplayed it’s significance, I apologize. If I have insulted it’s fans, I apologize. If I have ever compared it to Shana or Nanoha, I apologize. And I do so because Higurashi is fucking awesome.

Even though I apologize, some of you have to admit it’s partly your fault that I was confused. Saying things like ‘the later parts explain the earlier parts, so just keep watching’ only makes it sounds like it has bad writing. You should have pointed out how eerything after the second arc is fucking amazing. Also, it doens’t help that you kept comparing it to Elfen Lied, which while a good show is one with a fanbase that frequently overstates it’s worth, and the two shows aren’t even as similar as you make it sound (not all of you.)

However, even if my confusion was understandable, I still judged it before watching it, so I apologize, because HIGURASHI IS FUCKING AWESOME.

For the time being, I am not going to say anything about the plot because I haven’t watched Kai yet and I’ll probably just get a bunch of ‘oh yeah, you totally don’t have it right, so watch kai’ responses. However I didn’t want to start the next series without having properly fawned over the greatness of the first. But even befroe that, I would like to give a little history of mine with the show. I was interested in Higrashi way back around when it was licensed and had plotted to buy the first DVD w/ box for quite a while (but didn’t because it was pink.) Eventually I found the first DVD for 2 bucks in a Gamestop and bought it. I actually kind of liked the first 5 episodes, but it didn’t seem like something I could justify paying money to continue, and when I heard of it’s mystery stuff I gave up semi-instantly. If you’ve read my latest top 5, you know I hate shows that flaunt the fact that something is going on here, but don’t actually reveal anything till way later in the show. It’s the reason I haven’t finished any of the Girls With Guns shows and dropped Ergo Proxy so promptly. However Higurashi has so much more to offer than the mystery that it’s not something to get stuck on. When fans talk about the mystery, it’s not because the show is focused on it, it’s because it’s so fun to decifer, which you wouldn’t know unless you watched the show.

Admitteddly when I started the show on Saturday my expectations still weren’t high. I only decided to watch it more because if roast-beefy-weefs and Shiro both like something a lot, there is simply no excuse not to watch it, plus I figured I could axe both shows in a weekend with my marathoning buddy. However, we gave up after the second arc, episode 8. You see, both of the first two arcs were a lot of fun, but nothing more. Besides Keiichi, none of the characters were striking as interesting, and the plot was just our average mystery fare. However, the second arc seemed to be totally out there, with uber suspension of belief, bad writing, and high predictability. I didn’t want to drop the show, but didn’t think I could marathon it.

Well, let me tell you, this is the ONLY anime I’ve ever seen where the later eps are not only amazing, but completely make up for the earlier eps and make them good. I don’t really want to spoil anything, but when that second arc comes around again and you learn the truth, it’s the most satisfying thing in the world. I’d say so far my favorite was the third arc because Keiichi was such a fucking badass and easily solidified his place in my top cahracters. However, the final arc is notable as well for it’s two incredible scenes of obvious FLCL influence, one of which, the climax, was just perfect.

Every character in this show is lovable, and somewhere between Keiichi, Rena, and Shion is pure win. It’s funny how the whole series had Rena looking like cliche moemoe until she comes into her own and is a masterfully driven character. I’m definitely impressed.

The only problem with this show besides the first 2 arc being  ifffy is that the animation sucks a hard dick. However, the director does an admirable job of trying to cover this up and improves so much throughout. At first I was wondering how he managed to have this series and not make it stylish enough, but as we go along things get more and more well-done until the last arc is directing brilliance.

Higurashi is a must-see. I can’t wait to finish Kai.


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