Why I Like Anime Part 2

Read part 1 for an explainaiton of why this doesn’t seem to be a good explanation of ‘why I like anime.’

High Energy – Even though there are no shortage of slow shows on my favorites list (lol Texhnolyze) I have a pretty damn short attention span. Part of the reason I have no interest in political anime is that somewhere in the middle of any long explanation of something or mix-up of factions my brain turns off and I stop paying attention. A show with high energy is much, much more likely to place high on my list (barring other features as listed being overpowering, such as in the case of Hidamari Sketch). the most obvious high energy anime is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann which is pretty much PURE (SPIRAL) ENERGY. Upwardly moving energy is, of course, always great, like in Eureka Seven, Top wo Nerae and Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight, but there’s also thrill energy – shows that aren’t particularly moving but aree certainly jumping. Before I get too cunfusing, I definitely mean Baccano! It’s high-octane insanity going not up, but in every direction (this ties into the aforementioned badassery). Parts (some of the best) of Black Lagoon, Akira, Gunsmith Cats, and Mnemosyne share this energy which is what makes them so awesome. There’s also the just all-around fun energy that usually comes with comedy anime like NHK or SZS but also creeps into a lot of Miyazaki’s films and perhaps Dennou Coil or Hatenkou Yuugi. And of course some shows just have their own unique brand of energy like Haruhi’s Haruhiism or FLCL’s CAN YOU FEEL THAT HYBRID RAINBOW?!

And this will continue in a part 3 >.> I am so lazy…


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