3 Episode Test – Telepathy Shoujo Ran – Oh the Drama…

So the summer season is over. Ordinarily at the end of a season where I dodn’t manage to keep up with anything I’d go back and finish up the shows that I would’ve liked. I thought I ought to do that for this past season, but there was no show I particularly cared about besides Hidamari which I will take me sweet time with as usual. I will probably go back and watch Natsume Yuujinchou since a lot of people said goof things about it. Birdy and Mission E will also get the old try. I decided, though, to start with a show that seemed to get unilaterally overlooked/forgoteen about, Telepathy Shoujo Ran.

Honestly, I’m not sure why they didn’t just call this Mahou Shoujo Ran since they obviously intended to create a mahou shoujo anime. I guess it’s jus that the powers are telepathic in nature so they wen twith that for ease of understanding.

The show has some definite pros and cons:
+ Great animation and artwork
Awkward character designs and inconsistent tone, plus fights are lol
+ Good soundtrack by Ike Yoshihiro who also did Kamichu
Music comes at poor/awkward times
+ Fast plot progression
Story and dialog are completely cliche mahou shoujo and pacing, while fast, is awkward as hell

So yeah, it’s the kind of show that has potential to get better as it goes along, but so far it’s kind of haphazard. It’s so close to mahou shoujo, just missing the transforming and stuff, that if you like that genre you ought to like Ran, and hopefully it gets better as it goes along. I personally dont’ have drive to keep going, but if people say good things about it later I won’t be afraid to give it another go.


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