Toradora and Yozakura Quartet – More and Less Good Than Expected

Toradora was very surprisingly good. As you know, I hate tsundere, so I went in with low expectations, but so far Taiga isn’t annoying at all and she’s very fucking insane, and I love insanity. Plus, I think the main character guy might actually be the Hidden Idol I’ve been searching for – the man who can understand tsundere! If this is true, this could be a revolutionary anime – the Kanokon of the season! God it’s fun to watch genres I hate get turned on themselves!!! Anyway the main character guy seems really cool and respectable so far and acts a lot like my dad, which is funny. As omo mentioned in a thread – “there’s a good sense of directorial realism in framing and artistic direction about this show. i like.” I definitely agree here and that, coupled with some great art and animation, makes for some real win. The director seems to be pretty experienced with shows I’ve never seen, but one of them is Honey and Clover 2 which can only be a good thing. Anyway, I’m looking forward to more of this show.

So I’ve been pretty excited about Yozakura Quartet because it’s being directed by Matsuo Kou (Kure-nai, Red Garde) I’ve heard the manga is really average, though, and it’s also not like Kou is writing the script for this one as he did in Kure-nai and Red garden which was one of their best aspects, so I set my expectations to mid-level. So far, this show is most likely to be like the other show Kou directed with this studio, Rozen Maiden – the show is fairly normal so far but there may be random spurts of creativity thrown in.

Overall, I’d say the first episode was pretty average with certain really great qualities about it that will keep me watching. Getting the negative out of the way first, the plot and dialog seem to be wholly average – it’s a monster-of-the-week monster detective agency deal and while there were no subs to support this statement, none of the characters seemed particularly interesting (in the slightest.) As for the dialog, well it says a lot that I could understand most of it just because I’ve heard the lines in anime so many times XD The whole ‘you are demons, why are you hunting other demons?!’ thing seems to be going on here, too. That didn’t bother me half as much, though, as the GODAWFUL character artwork. I guess it’s trying to be true to the manga or whatever but oh my god, some of the most generally ugly faces I’ve come across in a while and pretty unimaginative designs overall. The blue haired girl wears the ugliest fucking outfit….

Anyway, onto the good, and some of it is quite good. In spite of the character artwork, the background artwork is pretty decent if generic. Best thing about this so far is the soundtrack. They chose a lot of rock music for the background which almost sounds reminiscent of Lain’s music however there’s a problem here – the music doesn’t seem to fit the situation sometimes. Rock music and sitting while conversing just don’t go together great and there wasn’t enough visual style to accompany the stylish music. I’d say if the show turns out to suck, at least I’ll probably pick up the soundtrack.

the other good was one of the characters, a girl who wears boots and has a charming onee-san voice. We first see her badassery when she catches a stack of books from falling off the table with her boot effortlessly, however she really comes into awesomeness during the fight. After freezing a city block along with the bad guy’s guns, she sticks out her tongue which buzzes with electricity and then summons a bunch of floating machine guns and starts yelling “DADADADADADADADADA!” as the guns fire. The moment brought a smile to my face and makes me hope for more moments with her like this. There was also some badassery when the guitar girl was deflecting bullets with her hands.

In spite of those moments, though, the fight was really boring because it mostly involved three good guys standing around while one of them made the enemy look like a total pussy until it was the next main character’s turn to attack. Hopefully future villains will be a little more threatening.

Overall, not bad, but not something I’m rushing to keep up with. Definitely puts things into perspective of making Shikabane-hime look that much more awesome.


4 thoughts on “Toradora and Yozakura Quartet – More and Less Good Than Expected

  1. I can’t wait to see how that Toradora anime will fare, the manga is pretty good and Taiga is definitively not your average tsundere (mostly because of the insane factor, but there is a bit more to it). Keep on rocking!

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