Bait Post – The Meaning of Life as Depicted Through Anime

Anime are like humans. They all have their different views, even though they are all anime. And their relationships with humans are just like humans’ relationships with other humans. Some people only associate themselves with people who share their beliefs , and likewise some people only like anime that reinforce their way of thought. Just as some people enjoy learning about other cultures and seeing their influnce on their own, some anime fans like to see everything to reinforce their reasons for liking what they do. And of course, just as some people can get along with everyone, some people can watch any kind of anime.

Just as someone who dates fat chicks can be said to have low standards in terms of women, someone who likes Naruto can be said to have low standards in terms of anime. However, some people just prefer their women fat and consider skinny women of lower quality, just as some people prefer fanservice anime to psychological or arthouse.

I am the sort of person who doesn’t have a hard time getting along with people who’s views are different if they don’t have a problem with me. Even though I think you’d be a FUCKING IGNORANT DIPSHIT if you vote for John McCain, I’m not going to end a friendship over it. Now I’ve encountered people who have beliefs different from mine and refused to allow me to converse with them until I had conformed to their belief, and obviously, they are not people who I wan to talk to either. The same is true for me talking about anime. I like anime of all sorts. Even though I believe in the kind of things represented by Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann and Eureka Seven and Arjuna, I can still appreciate shows like Nana and Welcome to the NHK that show a different viewpoint. You could say I will watch pretty much anything as long as it’s entertaining. And as such, I tend to get along with other anime fans even if they hate my favorite shows so long as they don’t mind me liking them. Meanwhile other anime fans refuse to believe that anything is good outside of what they believe to be or that anyone who disagrees exibits common sense.

This all roots back to our perceptions of the menaing of life. If you have a strong belief that everything should be one way, you will think that way in terms of anime as well, and if you have a more relaxed approach to life, ou’re more likely to have a more relaxed approach to anime. Take myself, I try to see the beauty in everything in the world – I think a skyscaper enveloped in smog is just as beautiful as a towering oak. I try as hard as I can to allieviate a bias towards things, and as such I don’t hate anyone based on their upholdings. It’s no surprise, then, that my taste can be so broad in terms of anime (and music and everything else.) I don’t judge an anime based on preset bias (i.e. fanservice, must not watch!) but on whether or not that anime alone is entertaining to me. Every anime has it’s own equal chance at being something I will enjoy.

Okay Madeener, get in here!


4 thoughts on “Bait Post – The Meaning of Life as Depicted Through Anime

  1. Eliminating one’s own bias can be a hard thing to do, but the results are well worth it, as I found for myself when I (a self-proclaimed shounen/mecha/GAR hater) decided to watch Gurren Lagann.

  2. I’m of the belief that there’s at least one anime series that anyone in the world can enjoy, or that each person can appreciate anime if they want to. But it’s up to them to do so, and it can be maddening when I feel like there’s something that will really speak to a person, though they won’t bother with it. You can only lead a horse to drink. :P

  3. wtf, i totally posted a comment for this days ago!?

    In any case, what I wanted to say was that it’s quite commendable that your standards are pretty much set, and perhaps consistent with the list you posted in your profile page.

    As much as I think of myself as a discerning viewer with lofty standards, I really haven’t articulated them – with amazing results!

    I find myself enjoying more and more anime, especially this season. I wouldn’t have gone near titles like Kannagi, Tora Dora, Index, Tales of the Abyss, DMC, or even Casshern if they came out last season. Tytania was the only title I was looking forward to.

    But reading a lot of opinions on blogs like these get me interested. I may not agree with such opinions, but it get’s me off my Macross Deculture Trance and into watching all sorts of titles.

    Do I have a point? Life is pointless. Camus said it better than I could: “We are born without reason, we are prolonged by suffering, and we die by accident” – Monty Python put this idea into song and all is great. We humans have the distinct ability of manufacturing experience and the quality and utility derived therefrom. Why not be happy in the first place then watch a bunch of anime?

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