Because Agreeing Means Nothing

Well, I wonder if that can be considered a colossal failure on my part? Posting about the firt 3 shows I watched and not about the 15 subsequent? Not even my 3 favorites of the season? (getting this out of the way now, Gai Rei Zero, Hyakko, and Casshern Sins). I suppose it’s because I’m flat-out not used to it. Every season I start most of the show threads on megatokyo after seeing the first episodes or give m opinion in the already existing threads, however i then usually don’t read the rest of the thread because I don’t usually keep up with the shows. Since this season I have decided to keep up with as much as possible (though honestly I can’t even remember what half the shows I’m watching are) then in both the forums I frequent and the IRC channels I frequent, I decided to talk about the currently airing anime.

However, I found something quite surprising! A lot of people who ordinarilly agree with me on most things and like the shows I like have totally different impressions of the early episodes! What this means is simple – people all expect different things from the first episode of a show – or at least different things than I expect. I am a person who spent most of my anime watching time marathoning, knowing the whole as far more than the sum of it’s parts. A very okay first 3 episodes won’t be noticed if the spectacular fourth and fifth are viewed directly afterward. I can much more easily recall the series of events in a series than what episodes they occured in.

There are benefits in both watching a show episode by episode and in watching each episode with individual attention, and I think that deserving anime should be watched at least twice if not three times to really be appreciated. The whole may be greatest, but each of the parts should be fully understood in order for the whole to be put across as it should.

This season has led a lot of people to believe that I have low standards because I was so easily enchanted by so many shows. This couldn’t be less true, though, because I hate so much anime. I simply have low standards for a first episode. As it is an introduction, and I’m used to marathoning, I don’t usually expect much to happen in the first episode. I can’t say I’m extremely forgiving, seeing as how I’ve dropped a fwew shows before the first ep was over based on lack of entertainment, ,but I can thoroughly enjoy the early episodes of a show that I am mos likely to later come to hate.

So even if I do keep up with these early episodes, it won’t mean much to discuss them. Maybe if I had the kind of readerbase that I influenced what they watched I would, but that is for a (hopefull not too) distant future.

All that said:

1. Gai Rei Zero – Fucking Awesome

2. Hyakko – Fucking awesome hidamari sketch hellz yes

3. Casshen Sins – Fucking awesome with madhouse and CASSHAN MO KOROSU

4. Toradora – It’s like when bullshit becomes intolerant of it’s bullshittery and becomes awesome.

5. Korugane no Linebarrels – I’m still a GONZO fanboy.

6. Kuroshitsuji – Awesome butler is awesome.

7. Kemeko DX – LOLWTFBBQ

8. Kannagi – I got Wood.

9. Shikabane hime Aka – dead girls.

10. Yozakura Quartet – Holding out hope.


11. Macademy Washoi – not worth it.




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