HURRY THE FUCK UP! – Oi, Hayaku!

So there’s this new group blog no one want to shut the fuck up about. They are called Oi, Hayaku, and they contain 100% Baka-Raptor. If I had a can of soda with ‘Baka-Raptor’ listed in the ingredients, it would be the best fuckign soda I’d ever drank, therefor Oi, Hayaku is probably the best fucking group blog that I won’t get to be a member of because no one fucking tells m about things like new blog sites or cool shit, because everyone assumes I’m a misanthropic emo sex-maniac content to sit on the internet backwater and never get any damn comments. WELL I’M NOT! Otherwise I wouldn’t have joined Yukan Blog! *points at Yukan blog* which I don’t even read (no offense intended to Yukan (except maybe Blissmo) you just aren’t my style). But if I can’t be a member of possibly the most badass team blog since Drastic My Anime Blog, then I wll just promote that until they suck my dick, which makes me a member by association.



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