Best of Digital Boy's Anime Bloggin'

So I have wanted to do this for a long time really, inspired by The Animanachronism’s list of his favorite blog posts on his MAL profile. I am going to compile a lost of my favorite posts that I’ve done. This post title is because for those who weren’t around then, this blog was called ‘Digital Boy’s Anime Bloggin’ until December 07 however the title was never actually visible. Unless you clicked the about page or saw the name on other people’s blogrolls, there was no way of finding out where the fuck you were.

So, here are my favorite posts by myself, chronologically:

1. Massugu Go! – A post detailing how important the endings of Hitohira and Manabi Straight were to me and comparing them. My first time being really proud of a post. Further reading in A Desolation Song.

2. Just A 21st Century Digital Boy – An interesting full-on perspective of my own anime fandom at the time. Seeing how this was part of the foundation for how things became and what things have changed gives me chills.

3. GAINAX Theory – Good is Good? – I come to terms with the fact that studio DOES matter. I didn’t even remember that I had this conflict.

4. Perfection Versus Brilliance – Interesting outlook?

5. Oh Dear God Why Did it Have to be Anime?! – I can’t say I like how sporadic and long this post is, but it definitely is something. Very something. I think.

6. Director Worship – This isn’t really a post but it’s still fuckwin.


1. Video Killed the Radio Star – My top 50 op/ed videos. Not up to date but still fun.

2. Using Star-Crossed Lovers as a Blanket Term for a 2d-Complex – My top 100 characters, very out of date.

3. Viva Anison! – List of my favorite op and ed songs. RIDICULOUSLY HUGE.

7. Depth Versus Chemistry – This is also probably my first post that I was really really proud of but got ZERO comments. Twas depressing.

8. The Generation Gap – Probably my most famous post and the one that got the most comments ever.

9. Orwell Was Right, 1984 Was Fucking Nuts – Possibly my favorite post as it was my biggest research accomplishment.

10. That Episode Was Kind of Boring – I nail the difference between hardcore and casual fans.


1. Episode OneEpisode TwoEpisode ThreeEpisode Four – Was postponed for lack of enthusiasm from readers.

11. Kanokon – The AntiThesis of Moe – Interesting take on underrated show.

12. GAINAX Theory of Burning Pathos – Getting recent now.



2. UFO Table


4. Studio 4c

–Fanboy Genocide Posts

1. Haruhi Episode 1

13. Toradora 10: A Thorough Fanboying – A very excellent and in-depth look at a great episode of a great anime.

14. Welcome Back to Anime, Digital Boy! – Emotionally powerful.

15. Kizutsuita Hibi no Mukou ni. Nani ka Matsu no Ka? 2 0 0 8 – Review of best year ever.

16. Shogu Chara and the Legalization of Crunchyroll – Possibly my most well-written post ever. Very journalistic.

17. Maria Holic op Possible Influences – Fuckwin on the research and I’m proud of the conciseness.


One thought on “Best of Digital Boy's Anime Bloggin'

  1. …I’ve been meaning to find a way to “showcase” the blog posts I really take pride in, and silly me for not thinking that dedicating a page/post for them is the easiest solution! orz.

    Though, I suggest you put this in your about/profile page, or another page… not just a post, so it’ll be timeless, and there for all people to read, casual visitors or what :)

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