Oi Hayaku November 2008 Contest Submission

So Oi, Hayaku is having another of it’s monthly contests, and this time my goal was to compare each of my favorite (and some of my least favorite) blogs to my thanksgiving dinner. So I picked up my camera and headed to Food Lion to get the scoop on each dish. Sadly this video wasn’t as good as I’d hoped because, well, you fucking go to Food Lion and try to film a video, it’s awkward as hell. Anyways, here:


21 thoughts on “Oi Hayaku November 2008 Contest Submission

  1. Pssst, I think the point was to compare blogs to Thanksgiving items, not bloggers. I don’t want to know about your desire to eat Daniel. Actually, I kind of do.

    Actually, I really do. Tell me more.

  2. how could anyone NOT want to eat daniel? He IS a tasty burger. Erm… sandwhich.

    Personally, my plate is full with Baka-Raptor, CCY, DS, DrmChsr0, Shirukii, and IcyStorm. That’s a sizable harem and I’m not too interested in expanding it at this point.

    But I’m sure I’d like to hear all about your various “eating Daniel” encounters.


    It started really awkward, then I just can’t look away. This has got to be some kind of blogging classic… especially ending with “EATING DANIEL” and “FEET”

    I got to blog this video somehow…

  4. >>wilarms I was going to put you in but your blog is sort of disassociated from the blogosphere and more a piece of your comic. Plus what the hell would I compare you with?

    I dunno. I’m like the terrible softdrink you have with your dinner.

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  6. Oh god, I hate Food Lion… I always refer to it as Ghetto Ass Lion, although it doesn’t suck nearly as much as Harris Teeter.

  7. Food Lion? What a terrible name for a grocery chain, almost as bad as “Piggly Wiggly”. I’ve never been to one; the only time I heard of it on tv was when they got busted for hauling rotting food some number of years back.

    Tempted to watch the video, but a little scared.

  8. When you held up a slab of meat and said “this should be self-explanatory” I immediately assumed it was pork even though I couldn’t read the label. Ha.

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