Reasons Toradora is the Best Tsundere Show

1. Awesome opening theme. It’s remniscent of one of the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei endings and it even has an 80s style drum machine.

2. The best Rie Kugimiya performance ever. Not that I usually hate her, but her Taiga definitely stands out as great to me.

3. J.C. Staff taking themselves seriously. They are a great animation studio who has produced boatloads of well animated series, so it’s nice to see them putting in all their effort instead of something horrible like Shana.

4. All the trappings of a great romance – memorable and fun characters and quick-moving development and relationships. It’s not just your average moe show, it’s a full-fledged rom-com. That sounds stupid, but go watch, say, ZnT. You’ll understand.


8 thoughts on “Reasons Toradora is the Best Tsundere Show

  1. Love Toradora! I don’t watch/haven’t watched other tsundere shows, I just live with one. But I can’t argue with you. It’s really good. Subtle and nuanced at times. And it has Minorin.

  2. I don’t think it’s a tsundere show. Taiga isn’t very tsundere, she may have her moments, but people just don’t understand her and it really bugs her. Just finished ep 10, the show is really great IMO. I like all the characters. MINORIN~

  3. I think the opening is great, but somehow I can’t enjoy the song without the Toradora visuals. Whatever.

    “people still think Haruhi is tsundere”

    Really? People are so freaking weird.

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