Why I Dropped Kannagi

My thoughts on this show as a whole are similar to my thoughts on the leading lady’s character design. There are good things to say about it, but things that turn me off. She has DFC and yet it doesn’t look right with her, possibly because of her height. She has nice legs, but I find her skirt ugly. She has a cute face, but godawful bangs. She has the elements of attractiveness, but doesn’t come full circle. And what’s worse is that this unattractiveness is in her nature so she will just never be attractive to me.

The same goes for the show, period. In the first episode, I thought Nagi seemed better than your average female lead, but by episode 2, she seemed to be pretty average, and the male who I at first thought was acceptable instantly earned my insane hatred by episode 2. The only thing worse than a useless male lead is a useless male lead who seems to think he has a moral high ground. Even though neither character was great, though, I still didn’t hate them enough to drop the show just because they occasionally said and did really good things (especially Nagi.)

And then we have the animation, which has less of elements good and bad for me as it does good and bad in general. This show (or perhaps I) had the poor timing of being watched by me right after I was watching Air and Toradora. both of those shows have very great animation that is great because of it’s sensibility. Kyoto Animation is known for their excruciating effort in making anime look like fucking real life with the way characters move, and Toradora has done a pretty great job of it as well. Meanwhile Kannagi seems to be what happened when animators didn’t care about the sensibility of movement, only that there was movement and a lot of it, resulting in what I like to call ‘excess frames’. I mean I don’t care how fluid it is, hair doesn’t need to fly in 6 directions with every movement, and hands should move that way.

But anyway, now apparently the manga has been cancelled, and since I needed an excuse to drop this show, this is it – I don’t like a sory with no ending.


6 thoughts on “Why I Dropped Kannagi

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  2. If the character design doesn’t appeal to you, then it doesn’t, I guess. I think it’s great myself. :P

    What do you mean by average in terms of a female lead. And there’s a reason why I do a three episode test for shows of this length. Episode 3 introduces most of the rest of the cast, and the fun comes from seeing Nagi and Jin feed off of the two. Even if you don’t like them, the interactions should be fun enough (such as the case when Ami was introduced to me with Toradora).

    I don’t know if you’d use Toradora as a good example of realistic animation, with what some of the characters do sometimes. Though it’s good animation. I think Kannagi’s animation is great, and I feel like it gets better.

    Like I said on the forums, Kannagi has 5 volumes of material and some chapters, and Kannagi is 13 episodes. There’s no realistic way that the anime would cover all 5 volumes in one series, so to be honest, I think quitting the series because the manga is on hiatus is a bullshit reason, to excuse my french.

    Kannagi has been interestingly polarizing, where people are either like “It’s really good!” to “meh”. I fall in the former camp, so yes there’s bias. But I feel you’re doing a disservice to yourself if you don’t even see the whole of the parts (and by that, I mean seeing everyone else and how things work) before quitting.

    At the same time, if the show isn’t aesthetically pleasing for you, that’s alright. But I figure this might be a good show to expand your horizons on what you like then. And if you don’t like shows with “no endings”, why like slice of life then? :P

  3. when I say ‘no ending’ I mean ‘no ending as intended by the author’

    and as for all of what you said, your passion for it might make me watch episode 3. Oh and your arguement about 5 volumes – come on now that’s like saying it wouldn’t count with haruhi because there’s more novels – you know there are going to be more seasons of this.

    In any case m ‘meh’ is a long, strong, and exhasperated ‘meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh’ but whatever. Might try. Might. After Toradora has ended. Because otherwise I won’t be able to not look down on it.

  4. Ah. Well the manga isn’t canceled, but just on hiatus. Unless they officially close it down permanently, I feel saying that the manga has no ending is a bit to presumptuous at the moment.

    With the 5 volumes thing, I was again referring to the “no ending” thing. And what I was trying to say was that I’m sure there are places manga story-wise that this current anime season could end at, and it would be fine. That’s all. And while it’s cool that Kannagi would probably get more seasons, we’re still waiting for Haruhi season 2, right? :P

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