I Finished Aria the Animation

quality sucks, music doesn’t come in for a while, whatever.


10 thoughts on “I Finished Aria the Animation

  1. lol nice, that was fun to watch. Can’t you write like you speak? :(

    You should interview yourself, that would be hilarious.

    I liked you changing up the camera angle (I don’t know anything ’bout film),

  2. haha, funny you say that since my vocal delivery and all camera angles were ASS. This was thrown together in an instant. Also everything I said was already pre-written, so yeah. If I’d really tried, every line would have been memorized and delivered while in various places of total WTF through visual filters. And it would have been funny.

    Right now, I’m just testing out the possibilities of video blogging with something I wasn’t originally going to post about.

    Also, are you insulting my writing?! D: j/k I know it sucks/

    As for interview myself… FUCK YES I AM SO DOING THAT!!!!!!!!

  3. I’ve considered doing video posts in the past since my beauty would attract readers to my blog, but goddamn, you were reading the whole time? No no no. If you’re going to do a video post, don’t just read a script. Now I want to do one to show you up.

  4. Awww, a final push from lolikitsune? <3

    Ask ghostlightning sometime about what I told him over IM regarding Aria the Origination. Maybe that’ll be another push from lolikitsune.

  5. lolikitsune is capable of fanboying… and it is beautiful. lolikit gave such a moving account of his experience of the finale of the franchise, and if I don’t watch the whole thing after being given that privilege, I’m worthless.

    Finish the damn franchise. Mechafetish and I are right where you are, just completed the first show.

    Mechafetish changed his whole outlook on blogging: instead of trying to be cool and critical – his vision of We Remember Love is fro us to become the Undines of the anime hobbyscape. And I’m fully supportive of this.

  6. Not going to say finally took you long enough because ARIA isn’t really one of those series that you could say that for seriously. :P

    Glad that you liked it, though for me, the initial hook was the world of Neo Venezia that Akari was exploring as well. I like my scenery porn, and it helped that Akari likes it too. And Alice is indeed awesome. :P

  7. The first episodes didn’t win me over either. The series really grew on me though. I rated the first season a +, the second a ++, and the third a +++.

    Of course, the best episodes had Alice. I’d like to see more Athena, but nobody seems to care about her but me. She’s in about 10 episodes in the entire franchise.

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