Viva Anison! (This Post is the Epitome of tl;dr. Save for When Bored. Actually, You Should Probably Do It in Multiple Sittings)



Bored by the lack of subs from Toradora 11 today (they waited till I was caught up to slow down, I swear!) I am kicking back listening to some anime songs. Over the time I was not watching anime, I spent most of the time listening to music since I discovered over 100 bands over the past few months. In the meantime, I totally forgot my love of the anison. It took the pure brilliance of Pre-Parade and Vanilla Salt to reintroduce me (is there anything Toradora doesn’t make awesome?) Last year when 2ch made their list of top 100 anisons I was all bitchy about how it was all old and shit and made my own. Then Omo educated me on how the video is just as important as the music in an anison, and so I made a list of my top 50 op or ed videos. I’ve never made a proper list of just the songs on my blog since it changes too often, so rather than a proper list here’s a bunch of my favorites at random. By the way, rewatching the 2ch one, it’s awesome. Though I still don’t understand how Air op is number 2.

Now, I would much rather link full songs but it’s difficult when I want to show the op and ed videos. So here’s how I’ll do it – the op or ed is embedded, there’s a link to the full song. All cases of non op or ed, full song embedded. I also somehow ended up going in chronological order and sharing touching stories. Then as things got long it became two sections – Classics and Currents. Note: I have no idea what goes on in the videos of the full versions. I just listen, I don’t look. After this post I plan to post about all awesome op or eds I come across so I always have them covered. (EDIT: Fuck spellchecking this post…)


The SoulTaker op

Undeniably the most legendary of my favorite anime songs. Four years ago, long before I knew words like ‘Shinbo’ or ‘JAM Project’ I knew the SoulTaker op and my cousin Funeral and I would burst into it all the time. Every time we were opening a new DVD or something we started with ‘kizutsuita…’ etc. and tore it open yelling ‘SOULTAKAAAA!’ This song led to the two most legendary moments of my life. At Otakon 08 we saw JAM Project live and when the band asked what song they should play second to last, Funeral and I yelled ‘SOULTAKER!’ over and over again as loud as possible, and our pleas were heard. After that legendary performance, I got to do one of my own when I impressed the Megatokyo group by belting out the song at karoke. I will never forget Omo’s ‘that was awesome!’ Roast-beefy-weefs also sang his praise. FULL VERSION: ALSO LIVE.

Shukuteki Kenzan!

Unfortunately, there has never ever been an upload of Shukueki Kenzan to youtube. So I went with the similar, though not as good, Juppon Gatana for the video. Both songs are 8.5 minute Animetal masterpieces from the Rurouni Kenshin OSTs. Rurouni Kenshin was the first anime i ever bought an OST for (Best Theme Collection 2) and the Animetal tracks were fucking boss. But this means I must bring up my original favorite anison…

HEART OF SWORD – Rurouni Kenshin ED 3

On Cartoon Network, it was used as the first ED (and only ed) which is how I’d always known it. This was the song that made me first start printing the lyrics to anime songs and trying to memorize them. Some others I did this with include The Real Folk Blue, Cruel Angel Thesis, and Reckless Fire. All of which will likely be on the list. I don’t care much for Heeart of Sword anymore just because I don’t like T.M.’s voice.

Cruel Angel Thesis – Neon Genesis Evangelion op

It’s cruel angel thesis. What kind of person doesn’t like it?! Later I also discovered Thanatos from the movie. Full

The Real Folk Blues – Cowboy Bebop ed

Another absolute classic. I used to have a thing where on my way to school in 6th grade I’d always sing this song to myself. From the time I passed a certain Hardees to arriving at school was the exact length of the TV version of the song. Sang it every day. Considered it my own little pledge of allegience lol. Full. Also highly suggested are Rain and Gotta Knock a Little Harder.

I Want Out! – Generator Gawl op

Generator Gawl is known to me as the show that I collected 1 DVD of a year for 4 years and the show I forget about the most, lol. However, it’s op is unforgettable and inspiring. I have still never found the full length version anywhere. I WANT OOOOOOOOUT!

Delirious and In Heaven – Boogiepop Phantom insert songs

Funeral purchased the Boogiepop Phantom box set years back that came with the OSTs. He then proceeded to never finish the show XD. However, they were two of the CDs he had burned to my computer way back then and over time I started listening to and loving them. The best songs are definitely Delirious and In Heaven by SiLC, the former of which I couldn’t find.

RECKLESS FIRE – S-cry-ed op

Rarely does a song represent a show so fucking well in it’s insane cockyness and high energy. A unique and brilliant track. As mentioned, one of the first I tried to learn the lyrics to and failed hard thanks to the speed lol (I could do it just fine now, though). Full.

Through the Night – Outlaw Star op

I always forget about htis song since I only ever managed to see about 3 episodes of Outlaw Star back when it was on CN (I have been looking to watch the show though.) This op is fucking awesome. I always thought the last few lines were the most well delivered ever, but I could only ever memorize the english lyrics via subtitle XD. Full.

FLY IN THE SKY – G Gundam op 1

This song has the most singable lyrics ever. Just ask No Name who was over at my house singing it with me the other day XD. Fucking classic from way back in the short-lived Cartoon Network saturday anime block. An unforgettable track. Full.

Fake Wings – .hack//SIGN insert song

.hack//SIGN was the first anime that made me pay attention to the background music. Fake Wings and Aura were my favorites but they never have the fucking versions I liked from the show on the CDs. Fake Wings is just insanely beautiful regardless, though.

Ride on Shooting Star – FLCL ed

There is not a single thing in FLCL that is any less than awesome, and the ed is no exception. Probably one of my first favorite op or ed vids. There are other songs from the op that I like more (Hybrid Rainbow is one of my alltime favorite songs) but this is the classic one.

Shout it Loud and Kir Royal – King of Bandits Jing op and insert song.

I wanted to own an OST of this show so much just for these 2 songs back when I was new to anime. Shout it Loud is an excellent song-video combo and Kir Royal is just fucking sexy. Full.

New World – .hack//Legend of the Twilight op

It was always a ton of fun. I remember my infinite diasappointment when the OST only had the full acoustic version, but I ended up falling in love with it anyway and learning the lyrics quick.

PEGASUS FANTASY – Saint Seiya op

Any otaku worth their salt knows this classic jam. SAINT SEIYA!!! I’ve always loved the Animetal version most. Someone did a pretty epic rendition of this at Otakon karaoke, too.


God Knows… – Haruhi Insert Song

Technically a spoiler but who the fuck are you if you haven’t seen one of the most legendary anime moments ever? God Knows is not only an amazing and beautifully emotional song but when I watch the video along with it I still get chills every fucking time. The song is one of my favorite songs PERIOD not limited to anime, and with the vid thrown in it’s one of anime’s indisputed most amazing experiences.

Odoru Akachan Ningen – Welcome to the NHK ed 1

It’s pure fucking insanity colliding with a fuckton of riveting black comedy. Everything about this song is awesome and the video is fucking nuts. Definitely synonymous wiht my reasons for liking the show. It’s also my first Kenji Ootsuki song. Full.

The Light Before We Land – Gunslinger Girl op

I almost honestly forgot that this was the Gunslingr Girl op. This song introduced me to the Delgados and the album it appears on, Hate, is one of my top 5 albums of all time. The song fits the show extremel well and is also extremely beautiful. Another of my favorite songs.

Yoake Umarekuru Shoujo – Shakugan no Shana ed 1

I'm just yoake mae no kurayami ga
Isshou wo unmei zukeru
Daijoubu shoujo yo ima koso
Kuyami hajiru koto wa nai Far away...
Juuji wo seoi shinuki de honoo wo kakero!! (full)

We Were Lovers – Gankutsuou op

Words are not needed. Full. And on that note.

You Won’t See Me Coming – Gankutsuou ed

Yes, they both deserve mention, dammit. Full.

ZETTAI UNMEI MOKUSHIROKU – Revolutionary Girl Utena

It’s fucking ZETTAI UNMEI MOKUSHIROKU. If this isn’t one of your favorites ever after seeing Utena, you FAIL AT LIFE. All of the show’s music is amazing, but this is definitely the most memorable track since it’s played almost every ep for 39 eps lol.

Kaze no Nemuru Shima – Neo Ranga op

How could anyone not like a song this completely unique and strange? As if everything in this show weren’t oddball enough this op is like nothing else I can think of. Amazing bass. Full version’s even stranger.

no one – Shinigami no Ballad op

This song has a strange allure. The full version gets to be too boring but jus tthis little thing with this pretty little video is somehow extremely fulfilling.

Duvet – Lain op

This is a truly classic op that everyone should know and love by now. The song is just beautifully written and has a perfect atmosphere. I’ve cycled between this, the cyberia remix, and the acoustic version in cicrles for hours before. Another of my favorite songs in general. The directing in the vidoe is win as is everything in Lain. Full.

The Sore Foot Song – Mushi-shi

Another of the more popular from my list, haha. This song is famous for it’s WTF almost bait and switch. When you hear the op you think it’s so pretty and nice calm folk song. Then you hear the second verse in which that pretty voice sings about robbing convenient stores and KILLING GIANT BEARS on his journey. A truly manly quest it must have been. Ally Kerr could be a Baki character. Full. Deserves mentioning this full is a nice Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou AMV.

Boy – Figure 17

Oh fuck yes! One of the most awesome and heavy anime openings! Which of course always begs the question of why the hell it was used in one of the calmer  slice of life anime around! An epic song by legendary J-prog band The ALFEE. Full.

Hito Toshite Jiku ga Bureteiru – Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei op

Bwahaha! SZS has both of my favorite anime songs as well as both of my favorite opening videos! Somewhere between the perfect attitude Kenji Ootsuki’s vocals have and the tone of the lyrics along with Shinbo’s fuckwin insane directing comes a totally perfect op. I never would have thought this could be topped, except when Ootsuki and Shinbo surpassed it in their later opus magnum. I was going to sing this at otakon but I didn’t have time and wanted to do Taiyou no Mannake e more.

19 sai – xXxHolic

Pure fucking style. Full.

Motteke! Sailor Fuku – Lucky Star op

Apart from being a cultural phenomenon and having a positively insane video, it’s catchy, they talk way too fucking fast, and it’s well mixed. How can you even call yourself an otaku if this song doesn’t make you cum? I need to make 11 friends willing to learn the dance with me. Full.

Cautionary Warning – Legend of Black Heaven op

Up until very recently, my favorite opening video of all time and just an all aound fucking badss song. It’s like the fucking anime version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall and this song is the epitome of awesome 90s heavy rock anthems. Everything about it kicks the higheest scale of ass. Legend of Black Heaven is still the most underrated anime of all time. Full.

Tell Me Why – Berserk op

At first glance, this song doesn’t seem to fit the show at all, but when you really pay attention to the lyrics and video it’s the PERFECT fit for this show. Song is fun and awesome Engrish. It’s one of those songs that is memorable just for sticking out so much. Full.

Waiting So Long – Berserk ed

Another case where they do definitely need seperate mention. Fucking beautiful song. It’s the type I like to put on repeat just to keep that feeling. Once again, really gives Berserk that air it deserves. Full.

UNDERGROUND – Gurren Lagann ed 1

Some good ass bass and guitar riffage with an almost stoner-rock feel to it. Also some fucking intense breakdowns and solos. It’s a shame the op for G-L was so lame since moar like this would have done it some justice. Full.

The Girl in Byakkoya – Paprika theme

Probably my favorite of the many awesome Susumu Hirasawa songs. The man is a fucking god. I highly recommend reading up on his epic concerts. If you like this, it is absolutely necessary to hear his Berserk and Paranoia Agent works, Forces and Yume no Shima Shinen Kouen, respectively.

Kodoku no Signal – Lain insert song

See: Waiting So Long.

Bury My Dread – Persona 3 op

Technically not anime. Hip ass song and super-stylish op that ef blatantly ripped off. Full version is unfortunately kinda lame, but this short version is just long enough to WIN. Also the rest of the OST is fucking awesome as well. Namely Mass Destruction. (which is FWR misnomered on my copy or perhaps all copies of the English OST.)

Battlecry – Samurai Champloo op

If you haven’t noticed the trend, I’m a big fan of stylish music. And nothing better than a Shinichiro Watanabe show to contain such. The whole OST is full of nujabes great beats and this song has some truly awesome lyrics. I sometimes hear people label this one of their least favorite ops just cuz it’s rap and I want to immediately bitch-slap them. Full.

KOI NO MINORU DENSETSU – Lucky Star… uh, something?

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YEEEEEEEEEEEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *headbangs*

Makka na Chikai – Busou Renkin op

I really need to listen to this song more often, it’s fucking awesome. MAKKA NA CHIKAI! Full.

Satsugai – Detroit Metal City op


Alsatia – Mnemosyne

Holy fucking shit, I had forgoteen this was even an anime song. Alsatia is one of the greatest fucking songs EVER hands down. I remember literally cumming buckets when I saw that the greatest episode of anime ever opened and ended by songs by fucking Galneryus. This is definitely their magnum opus, too. My pick for ‘best fucking metal song ever’ as well as ‘best breakdown ever.’ Full.

Space Adventure Cobra op

This song is pure fucking sex. Probably my favorite 80s anime song. The french and that beautiful voice… COBURAA~~~! My friend and I are known to break into this song at random. Simply classic. Still want to hear the apparently existing Animetal version of this song.



One More Time, One More Chance – 5cm Per Second ed

I actually like the acoustic version the best I’d say but the song is always awesome no matter what. If you’ve seen 5cm at all, you fucking know the song.

Rainbow – Aria ed

I only like it slightly more than the op but didn’t want to do both. Very relaxing and pretty music. Good for looping while in a calm mood. Full.

Guns and Roses – Baccano! op

Pimp. God I can’t wait for the DVDs…

Euphoric Filed – ef ~a tale of memories~ op

For some reason full was hard as fuck to find on youtube. In any event, my love of this song should be quite fucking obvious since I named my fucking blog after it. Actually it’s not one of my favorites but I love the lyrics to death. I sing better than the vocalist though XD. Full.

Taiyou no Mannake e – Eureka Seven op 3

I know I’ve said it already about others, but this time for real: THIS IS MY FAVORITE FUCKING ANIME SONG EVER. And I fucking ROCKED it at otakon. The audience was stunned and the MC was like ‘holy shit.’ The only person who witnessed it was Baka-Raptor who unfortunately only saw it for a little bit. In any event, fucking amazing most inspiring song ever. And also one of my favorite op vids by virtue of being an entire fucking story with all original animation. Totally badass. Full. LISTEN TO IT!

SHOUNEN HEART – Eureka Seven op 2

It may be no Taiyou no Mannake e but it’s still a fucking aweosme song and certainly the full is one of the most fun songs ever created. Also hilariously 90s rap styles. Worth the watching! Full.

Free Bird – Haibane Renmei

Most well known for fulfilling the most common definition of the word ‘beautiful’. A Spectacular little dramatic piece full of wonder. Much better than the hitty country rock song of the same title. Full.

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni op

I couldn’t decide if I wanted to use the original of Naraku no Hana which are both good in their own right, so I chose based on video in which the original wins hands-the-fuck down, as it is one of the most awesome op vids ever as oposed to Naraku sucking ass in that department. Full.

Cloud Age Symphony – Last Exile op

Is this what they call steampunk music? In any case it’s a great song that I want to sing in death metal voice for some reason. Extremely pretty video from Gonzo’s glory days. Full is really trance/dance. Full.

YOU GET TO BURNING – Martian Successor Nadesico op

“The time you spend chasing after your dreams makes up a part of your dream. YOU GET TO BURNING.” One of my alltime favorite quotes. A perfect classic 90s giant robot anime song. Truly the epitome of such.Finally found it Full.

Koko Made Oide – Niea_7

This song is a true soul speaking. Very nice. It and the video have an amazing effect. Never ever found it full.

Tatakae Otaking – Otaku no Video


Hemisphere – Rahxephon

Not really one of my favorites but it’s hard not to have this in an anison list. Plus the pasrt with the fast talking is awesome. And love that beat. Full.

Rock the LMC – Red Garden

I can never decide if this is awesome of fucking hilarious or both but the video is made of pure win and with this show it’s a monster of awesomeness. Full (if you really want it XD).

Neko Mimi Mode – Tsukuyomi op

Shinbo came onto a film real. We all bask in the glory.

I Wanna Be – Soul Eater ed 1

I fucking love a good punk voice and atmosphere and this song has those in spades. The beginning is totally magical and any song with the words ‘I WANNA BE’ screamed out is bound to be fucking awesome. Full. IKOUZE.

Chain – Air Gear op 1

I’ve only seen 1 ep of Air Gear but I’ve heard this song a ton. It really sounds exactly like a Japanese version of Linkin Park, which is hilarious, but unlike most pretentious music fans I don’t hate Linkin Park. Full.

Tabi no Touchou – Spice and Wolf op

Super pretty song from my all-time favorite OST. In the op context it sounds really somber and beautiful, but the full version is a lot more upbeat and adventurous. Either way a fucking great song. Full.

Ringo Biyori ~ The Wolf Whistling Song – Spice and Wolf ed

Known for some seriously absurd but fucking AWESOME lyrics. If this song doens’t get stuck in your head, your brain probably isn’t working. REad teh lyrics. Be amazed. And frightened. ‘Seven apples on the witch’s tree. With seven seeds to plant inside of me!’ Full.

Kuusou Rumba – Zoku/Goku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei op

I had to save this for last! By far, BY FAR the best op video EVER CREATED! Plus the song is one of my top 5 op songs. It’s fucking incredible, emotional, powerful, dark, funny, generally amazing in every way. Kenji Ootsuki is the fucking man, and the girls are the fucking… girls. The lyrics are truly something else and the music layout is unque, amazing, and perfect. TRULY, THE PERFECT OPENING!!! LISTEN TO THE FULL!

And now it’s done! I hope it took you less than a week to finish this post!


13 thoughts on “Viva Anison! (This Post is the Epitome of tl;dr. Save for When Bored. Actually, You Should Probably Do It in Multiple Sittings)

  1. ^Scrolling through the entire post, Chrome indicates I am using 378MB of memory on Shockwave Flash plugin, another 49MB just for the page, and 38% CPU usage. This is on a fairly recent laptop, lol.

  2. If you’re a fan of Kenji Ootsuki’s SZS works, you might be interested to know that a 12-track CD entitled “Kakurenbo ka Onigokko yo” that just came out two days ago. It’s jam-packed with awesome songs, including the official rap version of Kuusou Rumba. Whole thing is up on Youtube.

  3. I also love the SoulTaker song to death. Very iconic.

    You should also watch the Getter Robo OVAs. Armageddon has Ichiro Mizuki singing the 1st OP and Hironobu Kageyama for the 2nd one. Both are epic.

    I liked E7 OP3 myself, but the shoddy animation put me off. Days is my top E7 OP.

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