Digital Boy Presents "Taiga Powah!" An Erotic Toradora Fanfiction (18+

My train of thought was something like this: “Maybe I should write some fiction… maybe some fanfiction… maybe some Toradora fanfiction,” and since Comiket 75 hasn’t come along to supply any Toradora doujins, my despair for the lack and determination for more led my thoughts to “maybe some erotic Toradora fanfiction.” In terms of fiction, porn is known to be my ‘specialty’ so hopefully you can enjoy this. In b4 ‘fapfapfap’/ To be honest, I actually think girls will like this story more than guys. Oh, and if someone scripts this for a doujin, that’s be awesome. NOTE: I am not an author, don’t expect gold.

“Taiga Powah!” [18+]

It has been two months since Ryuuji accepted Taiga’s confession and the close couple became inseparable. The move from sitting close to sitting together had been almost totally natural and not even their first sexual encounter turned out particularly awkward. Truly, one could never expect to see a more perfect young couple. Let’s jump in for a look at one night with the couple in the Takasu residence…


“Ryuuji~! Change the channel, what the hell is this crap?” In the living room of Ryuuji’s apartment the lingering fragrance of the night’s dinner had settled in the air and a soft-spoken voice from the television was going on about some vegetables at low prices.

“It’s the shopping network, and tomorrow is a deal day.” the two sat on the floor, Taiga’s tiny body nestled between Ryuuji’s legs as he propped humself up by his arms.

“Watching this makes me feel so poor,” Taiga spat dryly.

“Perhaps because those of us who are watching it happen to be quintessentially broke,” Ryuuji replied with a certain bitterness. There was a moment’s silence. Taiga broke.


“It’s fine.”

Taiga sighed heavily, closing her eyes and relaxing her shoulders as she laid back into Ryuuji’s chest.

“Tired?” Ryuuji asked.

“A little. Enough to need some relaxation.” Taiga yawned heavily and appeared to be just about asleep. Looking down at her quiet face, Ryuuji smiled. He gently placed his hands on her shoulder’s and began to massage them. Taiga tilted her head a little and hummed as her shoulders relaxed even more. She bent her knees, dragging her feet inward, and placed her hands on her ankles. She opened her eyes and looked straight up at Ryuuji.

“Feet?” she asked. Ryuuji paused, smiled, and reached down for Taiga’s feet.

“Uooo, that feels good!” Taiga tilted her head back and seemed to be in a state of euphoria, “You’re too good at this, Ryuuji~”

“It’s because I’ve had to relax my mom after a lot of long nights.”

“She’s a lucky woman!”

“So are you.” Taiga blushed and smiled.

“I am, aren’t I?” She turned her torso a bit and started kissing Ryuji, placing her hand under his cheek. Ryuuji reciprocated and pulled her closer as the kiss grew in passion. Taiga’s arms were soon around his neck, requiring her to sit up on his lap to reach. The kiss became intense ad Ryuuji’s hands started to find their way down Taiga’s arms and sides and across her legs as her skirt receded. Before long, his hands had grasped her soft, tiny breasts and begun to caress.

“Mm,” Taiga whispered as her own arms went up Ryuuji’s shirt and across his chest. Taiga gave a slight push and laid Ryuuji onto his back without their lips breaking for a second. She tugged on his shirt, prompting him to raise his arms so she could pull it off. Ryuuji too stripped Taiga’s shit from her torso and as the kissing and rubbing continued, he began work on her bra. His hands moved down to her legs while hers got a hold of his belt. There was a small break in the kiss while both of them removed their pants and underwear, rendering them nude. The kissing resumed momentarily before Ryuuji broke.

“We should move to my room.”


Moments later, Taiga lay on Ryuuji’s futon while he slipped on a condom. He came over and sat before her. His hands began on her legs, rubbing them all over and then moving up to her place that had become wet. Carefully, he started rubbing with his fingers. Taiga quiety moaned. As she got wetter, Ryuuji straightened two of his fingers and plunged them inside.

“Ah!” As his fingers got to work, Ryuuji leaned in and lowered his head. His fingers held her open and soon his tongue was moving around inside. Taiga clenched her teeth and continued to moan. After a few minutes below, Ryuuji’s tongue made it’s way up her body and his mouth closed around her breast. His face continued upward to meet Taiga’s, who was breathing heavily. He was in position to make the dive. There was a kiss.

“You ready?”

“I’ve been waiting.”



“Aah! Aaaaah!” Ryuuji had made the first drop. his hips started to move slowly and after a few dips began speeding up.

“Ah! Ryuuji! Ry-iyuji!” he was up to speed now and Taiga was howling in delight.


“Ryuuji! I’m – ah! – almost th-there!”

“I’m coming Taiga!”



It was warm under the futon where Taiga was buried in the nearly sleeping Ryuuji’s chest.

“I guess you were tired as well?” She giggled. Ryuuji smiled and kissed her forehead.

“For you, I could stay up all night.”



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