OH! After School Session: THE MOE CHRONICLES!

So, I decided quite a while back that I wanted to do a segment where I’d take a look at each of my posts on Oi, Hayaku! and expand on them here in ‘After School Sessions.’ Today, after 2 weeks of my impatient waiting, my first real post finally went up! Cruel Moe Thesis! In this post, I delve into the world of moe once more after months of not being there and talk about what I find. You guys saw the results of this moe marathon 2 weeks ago when I was hugely emotionally effected by it and got back into anime. After the genius Ghostlightning saw all my work on Moe (since he can see my OH posts before they go up) he decided he wanted my help. You see, when Ghostlightning was my Oi Hayaku october contest submission (unfortunately no longer accessible) he got an idea to make a game where blog posts link together. He and co-blogger Mechafetish used this model to create the post Finding your Gateway Gundam which was quite fucking amazing. However, GL came to me when he had his next genius idea: a game like this, but for Moe. And so I created the beast of all projects (seriously, this was a ton of work >_<) Finding Your Starter Moe.

Between those 3 posts there’s not too much to really expand on, but I wanted to brag regardless and really tie them all together under my name somewhere XD.


4 thoughts on “OH! After School Session: THE MOE CHRONICLES!

  1. Epic effort dude, and I’m just thrilled you agreed to bring it on We Remember Love.

    It’s not a team blog, but your posting this huge project there underscores the vision of WRL that anyone who cares about anime can reach into their identities and access the love for this hobby that just begs to be shared. I’m only too happy to enable it.

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