To Aru Majutsu no Index Kicks Hard Ass

After three episodes of Toradora I felt the need to talk about it’s awesomeness, and now I feel the need to do the same for Index.

1. The Director is a fucking genius. Even though Melody of Oblivion is a stupid show, I always liked the directing for being somewhere between Shinbo and Revolutionary Girl Utena. Index is great for totally different reasons that have nothing to do with weirdness. It’s about being totally engaging. Various scenes have had me totally sucked in and loving every minute of it. The fight scene in episode 2, while impractical (as No Name may see fit to point out) was a load of fun and the attacks were fucking awesome. The first 10 minutes of episode 3 constituted one of my favorite scenes of the year so far in anime. It was all about the timing – things like the blood exploding from Index’s nose and the teacher’s leg knocking against the table kept bringing the tension and atmosphere higher while the robotic explanation from Index and panic from the teacher formed a feeling right out of an action movie. Great shit.

2. Awesome soundtrack. One of the biggest factors in the show’s excellent tone is the eclectic and noticable soundtrack. Fights get punk, the episode 3 scene had really great, creepy music, and there was one opera song somewhere that was damn excellent. I’ll be on the look out for the OST for sure.

3. Background art. Namely, the city. I am a sucker for urban settings, and this one is quite the metropolis. The director also does an amazing job of familiarizing the viewer with unique rooms and incorporating their facets into the scene (such as sensei’s room whih was messy as hell and then Index replicated it with items on the table, making sure to include the beer cans). This resonates with me especially since the movie I’m making is meant to use my house almost as a character, and to do that I stress the visual exploration of all rooms in the background of action happening.

4. The opening video is pretty fucking cool.

5. Sensei!!! She is giving Murasaki competition for my ‘loli of the year’ award.


2 thoughts on “To Aru Majutsu no Index Kicks Hard Ass

  1. I liked it for the same reasons, but somehow this anime failed to hold my attention. I’m also biased against energy attacks in my martial arts so I’m not as thrilled as you about them. But props to you for noticing the extremely well done cityscape.

    Also great job catching the detail in the rooms. See Xam’d for more awesomeness like this.

  2. I definitely agree with the city, I’ve always preferred urban settings over pretty much every other kind of setting, and I’d sure like to wander around a place as detailed (and huge) as that.

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