12 Days of Xmas 12 Anime Moments Post, Except It's Not 12 Moments, It's Not 12 Days, and by the Time I Finish Typing This Post it Won't Be Xmas Anymore

Last year I started late and only got 10 days of Xmas. Actually, make that 9 – I ‘cancelled’ the number one moment of the year, partly because my choice had already been on every other list in the universe, and partly because no one had actually commented on any of the other days so I said ‘fuck it.’ This year, I knew I shouldn’t actually make this list until Xmas because there were too many episodes of unfinished business out there. Yesterday I made a list of all the shows I’ve watched that aired this year. If you read it, read it again, because it has been seriously edited. First of all, it was missing a number of things such as Kanokon, Kara no Kyoukai, and a fuckton of Hentai OVAs. Second of all, in the time since I made that post I have watched all of the following: Zoku Zetsubou Sensei 6-13, Detroit Metal City 3-12, Strike Witches 10-13, Xam’d 1-14 (I’d seen 5, but started from beginning again), ef melodies 3-6 (dropped, shitty crap), and Mouryou no Hako 4. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my list of all the fuckwin anime moments of 2008. I am not going to do any bullshit such as anime that I watched from other years (would be a whole different list) nor things that weren’t actually a part of the show itself.

There are some great anime scenes that regrettably could not make this list. Commemorations go out to all the trippy moments in shows like Kaiba (exploding sex) or OMG moments in shows like Ga-Rei-Zero ep 1. You were all great scenes, but you just didn’t have enough personal impact for me.


Code Geass R2 – Like Every Couple Fucking Episodes

Code Geass R2 was almost a nonstop memorable moment. Okay, I didn’t watch past episode 10, where most of the memorable moments happened. I did get to see the Army of Zero which was epic as hell in it’s own right. However, I may as well have watched the rest of the show since I hung out on /a/ through it’s duration and it’s all they ever fucking talked about. On the night that the last episode aired, I stayed up all night while /a/ literally exploded like a nuclear bomb. It was beautiful. No show has ever been more deserving of it’s insane number of Gifs and memes. Long into the future, I hope to hear someone point at a hilariously animated fight scene and holler ‘SPINZAKU!’ to which I will reply ‘NOTTO DISSU SHITTO AGEN!!!!!’


The Epic Lulz of Maid Guy, Zoku Zetsubou, and DMC

2008 gave birth to the two funniest comedy anime I’ve ever seen and… well, a very mediocre one. All 3 shows had their fair share of memorable scenes, so I’ll try to pick the best of each.

Maid Guy – This show had the potential to be one of the funniest anime around, but it buried it’s key hilarity, Maid Guy, under piles of extremely bland, shitty fanservice with terrible animation. When Maid guy did get the spotlight, though, it led to things that made me laugh and strain my face muscles so hard it hurt. Of the three episodes I watched before the shitty parts became too much to bear, the best scene was when we learn that Maid Guy could insert a fucking cord into his brain and communicate with machines. I’m pretty sure I nearly died at that moment.

Zoku Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei – Unlike the first season, almost every episode of Zoku was laugh-out-loud funny. There were four episodes that stood out in particular, though. One was a perfectly constructed murder mystery in the vein of a NISIOISIN story. The next was where SHAFT decided to show off every animation technique they could muster. A third had the characters playing musical chairs with voice actors. However, the most ROFLMAO epic episode was definitely the one where aliens invade and everyone’s favorite OCD girl turns into a Kaiju to do high-scale combat in Tokyo. I don’t think this scene can be forgotten – it will be etched into the brains of viewers forever.

Detroit Metal City – Once again, this anime had no shortage of epic scenes, most of which heavily involved RAPE. ‘I’LL RAPE YOUR FUCKING TAMBOURINE’ is a macro that I don’t want to see go out of style. The rape and climax of Tokyo Tower had to be one of the best rape scenes ever. But truly, the best raping in DMC was the original from episode one – the TEN RAPES PER SECOND. Do it with me now! RAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPE!!!!!!


Alignment You! You! – Undead Futanari Gangbang!

I watched a significant amount of hentai all throughout 2008 and it wouldn’t be right not to include at least one of them on my list. Whether or not the hottest or most well animated is in the eye of the beholder, but I don’t think you can watch Alignment and forget about it. For those who have no plan to watch this anime, let me get into detail for you. It is the story of a girl who really liked a boy… but she died, only to find out that he liked her as well.

The girl runs into a ghost with an attitude haunting the school who’s insanely horny and decides to help the girl get some from the guy. So she kills him so that they can fuck. Oh, and then she kills THE ENTIRE FUCKING CLASSROOM so that they can ALL FUCK EACH-OTHER. Then later in the episode, when the girl discovers that the ghost only dresses up like a delinquent and is actually super adorable, she instantly falls in love with her. Therefor she GROWS A DICK with which to fuck the shit out of her. Both of these scenes are insane, hilarious, and ridiculously fucking awesome.


Kara no Kyoukai – One-Armed Haagen-Dazs

I’ve only gotten around to the first KnK movie so far, as I want to wait for them all to be out to continue. However, this one that I have seen is one of my favorite anime of 2008 for it’s gallons of style and thickness of tone. There were several fuckwin scenes in this movie, such as the climactic battle on the roof of a building. However, easily the most legendary and memorable was the full minute of a one-armed Shiki in her underwear struggling to eat a small carton of Haagen-Dazs ice-cream which she holds between her knees. It was drawn-out, sexy, and glorious, and it gave me a director’s orgasm, especially when some people complained about it : D (yes, I’m pretentious, so the fuck what).


To Aru Majutsu no Index – Summoning an Angel

This is the most recent scene that I’ve watched on this list. It stuck with me, and was possibly exacerbated already by my angst towards no one else seeing what made this scene so amazing while some of those same people praise the shit-fest that is ef Melodies.

This scene is utter perfection in my eyes. The script is tight and perfect. Index’s robotic voice details all the necessities quickly and calmly to a very anxious teacher who’s cute but panicked voice makes the perfect response. Bits like Index informing the teacher about the mis-position of planets to assure the accuracy of her internal clock and her asking if the ambulance can ‘heal her wounds in 9 minutes and restore her mana’ create a mathematical exactness to the magic performed as well as a sense of urgency. The camera is totally active, examining the room from many vantage points, as well as showing close shots of things like the sink and the bed to really complete your mental image of the room. This, combined with index structuring the room out on the table really draw the viewer into the room itself to experience the scene.

Then there are the little details that add to the intensity. Without breaking the flow at all, little blips occur like blood bursting from Index’s nose and the teacher slamming her knee against the table. These little mistakes and seeming complications raise the tension and feeling that things aren’t going perfectly. It all comes full force when the teacher breaks concentration and the entire room is warped and they both start sinking into the floor. index doesn’t break form at all and calmly gets the teacher snapped into action. The icing on the cake is the bits on the table reflecting changes int eh room, namely when the frog representing Index’s ailment melts to end the scene.

This kind of tension and acting harkens scenes like the breaker-flipping in Jurassic Park or a cut-the-wires action movie scene only with much better writing. Thoroughly impressive, and has my face moving towards the screen every time.


Xam’d takes off

Xam’d is pretty much a nonstop train of awesome. In the 14 episodes I’ve scene there have been some great scenes, especially the numerous OSHIT moments in ep 14 itself. Rather than commemorate any of the scenes that have sprung up along the way, I wanted to talk about the two moments in episodes one and two where Xam’d took off into the land of eternal awesomeness.

Episode 1 was amazing right from the beginning with it’s ghibli-esque art and animation that soars above any TV anime and the fun script that instantly made the world vibrant and interesting. However, the moment the episode goes from ‘really good’ to ‘okay I’m sold’ is when the cute silver-haired girl suddenly pulls out a trigger and blows herself and an entire school-bus sky-high. Giving us only moments to reel from the surprise, we then proceed to the main character evolving in an almost violent transformation sequence into the badass Xam’d.

Episode 2 then kicks off with a hell of a bang as Xam’d takes on a huge King Dodongo-like enemy in one of the coolest and most well-animated fights of the year. Afterward, my eternal allegience had been pledged to Xam’d and I immediately watched the first 2 episodes 3 each times with No Name – a concept that had formerly been alien to me.


Mouryou no Hako – Dancing in the Moonlight

Even though this show makes no sense, the standalone first episode was definitely one of my favorite eps of the year, and this scene is the chief reason. Let’s go through this checklist style.

– Yuri
– Philosophical babble
– Something that reminds me of Boogiepop
– Animation technique I’ve never even seen before
– Beautiful art
– Dancing, and in the moonlight, no less

It’s like a pretentious fan’s wet dream, and everything I want out of a memorable anime scene.


Kanokon – The Ending After The Credits

No better way to go about this than to copy directly from my original post on the series.

“I can’t wrap this up yet though, because I haven’t gotten to the single moment that, depending on how awesome the DVD specials turn out to be, may push Kanokon onto my ever-lengthening favorites list. It is, indeed, a CROWNING MOMENT OF AWESOME. This moment actually comes in the form of the very last scene, after the credits have rolled (so, spoilers.) Kouta has admitted his love for Chizuru and they are finally about to have consensual sex, when nozomu shows up, repeating what she’d said before that while she acknowledged them as a couple, she won’t simply leave the picture. Chizuru says something like ‘don’t ruin my moment as Kouta’s newlywed wife!’ and then it happens.


Nozomu: “Well if you’re Kouta’s wife, then I am his mistress!”

Chizuru: “I see… well I guess that’s fine.”

Kouta: “r…really?”

Chizuru: “yeah. Lets just enjoy ourselves, why not?”

THERE IS A GOD!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!”

Mnemosyne Blaster Knuckle.

Mnemosyne episode 1 is easily my favorite first episode of anime ever, and one of my top 10 anime episodes ever period. It’s got everything. Crazy ass crack-guro-yuri, adorable girl yuri, insane violence, badass fights, good animation, zombies, shotguns, FUCKING GALNERYUS, immortality, brutal death, and FUCKING GALNERYUS. There truly was a crowning moment of win amidst all of that greatness, though. The torture scene might have been where I declared this to be fucking amazing, but it’s place as the greatest first episode ever was fully set in stone a the moment of BLASTER KNUCKLE. That is to say, when the main character is standing in a warehouse FULL OF ZOMBIES and she puts on a glove with FOUR SHOTGUN SHELLS loaded into it and begins PUNCHING THE FUCKING ZOMBIES WITH SHOTGUN BLASTS. The joy I felt at this moment was overwhelming. I came harder than omo.









Nothing even compares to this scene, which is why I had to separate it from the rest of the post by 16 lines. How great is this scene? I memorized the entire thing and actually attempted to film a one-man performance of it. It could have fucking happened to, had my tech been better. I actually have the tech to do it now, so, well, fucking expect me to!!! But don’t take my word for it, WATCH THE FUCKING THING!


7 thoughts on “12 Days of Xmas 12 Anime Moments Post, Except It's Not 12 Moments, It's Not 12 Days, and by the Time I Finish Typing This Post it Won't Be Xmas Anymore

  1. You know, I just have to say, your number one choice is so right on. That was the moment where the show went from great to “classic” for me. It’s so completely surreal in the context of the show and everything else, and even the animation goes into sort of surreal mode (it’s a musical!), but that’s what makes it great. It’s like “no way — not only did they just break into song, they broke into a musical“. And that’s just too awesome. (Maybe you have to watch/enjoy musicals to get it?) I couldn’t stop laughing the first time, and immediately had to rewind and rewatch a few times because I couldn’t believe they really did just do that. So, yeah, as they say “made of win”. I think it’s fine on its own as in that video, but it’s even better in the context of the entire show (knowing all the characters, their personalities, and so on).

    Anyway, great choice!

  2. OMG, now I have to watch Kure-nai. Watching that scene made me spectacularly happy and brightened my day even though I don’t really know what’s going on. That’s simply amazing in all its crackiness how they start the scene, “Sing a duet with me.” And the way the animation adopts that theatrical approach to depicting the characters’ body language is just hilarious, not to mention beautiful. Also, it totally reminds me of “Once More, With Feeling”, the awesomely epic musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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