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Decided it’s about time I gave some good word about all the blog in my roll. I’ve pretty much never talked about them, just added or removed them. Before I changed my site design, i pretty much could only fit about 12 blogs without having to scroll, so to make things easier I would always delete one before adding a new one. Usually the deleted one was either one I didn’t read much anymore or one that didn’t update enough. Now, I’m able to add without having to delete (but am still deleting ones I don’t read anyway).

Baka-Raptor – He hasn’t been updating enough lately! Baka-Raptor is funny and cool. I roomed with him at Otakon and he’s a great guy. He earned my eternal respect when he went to help someone that I had tried to tell him not to. I will never forget seeing his kindness, which inspired me. I can’t say he has great taste – he certainly is no otaku, anyway. But that’s okay, because he has truckloads of personality. Lately he’s gotten more and more trollish and cynical, but whatever.

My Favorite B-R Posts: Talk-A-Raptor 02, The True Meaning of GAR

Drastic My Anime Blog – When I got back into anime last February, it was because of the Megatokyo Forums. There, I saw that several people had WordPress blogs and decided to make one of my own. One of those blogs was owned by the first person to ever comment on Digital Boy’s Anime Blog, TheBigN (I only just found out his blog is only like a month older than mine lol). TBN has always been one of the nicest dudes around and one of the few whose never given me any shit about being who I am. Among the people I met at Otakon, he was one of the two I felt most connected to and I had a blast sitting next to him at the JAM project QandA. NomadOtto also makes some extremely interesting posts on this blog. Recently, they also got dm to join their team, another person I greatly respect from the Megatokyo Forum.

My Favorite Drastic Posts: Who, What, Where, Which?

Eastern Standard – This is a brand new addition to my list. Andrew Cunningham, translator of the Boogiepop novel series among other things, wanted a place to discuss anime so he just newly joined this blog. I am a very big fan of Andrew Cunningham, so I immediately went after the blog. I hope to see many great posts by him in the future.

Funeral’s Coffin – My cousin, co-conspirator, and now roommate Funeral is new to the anime scene as well as to writing, but he’s giving it his best shot. His first blog existed for a few months earlier this year, but after I gave him some harsh criticism on one particularly bad post, he decided he wasn’t ready yet and deleted the blog. Now he’s back and doing much better. He’s still got a ways to go, but I hope to see him come into his own.

Hitsuzen – Not for those with small browsers! Hitsuzen is run by my best friend and most frequent commenter, No Name. he has seen WAY MORE anime than you. He’s apparently had many failed blogs in the past, and when this one started in May he only ran it for about a month before making it invisible. When he made it visible again, he didn’t tell me, so a lot of posts happened before I knew, lol. Now he’s actually been posting at least bi-weekly and he’s a somewhat better writer than Funeral, but makes up for his lack of writing skills with massive amounts of pictures. Chances are, he’s been reading your blog for years and you didn’t know it.

Mistakes of Youth – Wildarmsheero doesn’t like me and seems to try and pretend I don’t exist. However, while he might not know it, he is a huge part of how I got to be an otaku. WAH gave me a lot of perspective on anime fandom through his posts about what he learns from old people put into words that mean something to me. He turned me into a lolicon, the ornery bastard! Basically, WAH was the guy I followed when I got into anime, and I can blame a lot of my interest on him. He’s a dick and doesn’t take anything seriously, but his blog and comic are still hilarious and probably the longest I’ve been reading.

Favorite MOY Posts (non-comic): Fuck, too many, almost all his editorial posts are great.

NotDotQ – For a while until recently was known as Miao on My Mind. the author, Lolikitsune, is the definition of ‘troll’ and considered by many to be a comedy genius. He is often very self-referential and makes his posts purposefully alienating so that the smallest audience catches on. He is a complicated person and is most proud of himself when he thinks he’s made a post in the most satirical way imaginable. For some reason, he apparently wants to fuck me.

Favorite NotdotQ posts: Why not just look at his own list?

Oi, Hayaku – Oi, hayaku is the future of anime blogging. The master, Riex, intends to conquer anime blogging with his ultimate team (of which I am a part!) and become the ultimate force of awesome in terms of anime info on the interwebz. Currently going through a transitional phase, 2009 will see the explosion of fuckwin from OH and I simply cannot wait to be a part of it all. Already, this blog has had perhaps my highest count of epic posts in any blog I read.

Favorite OH Posts: Rap Soul Eater, Food-Based Pun, It Takes A Fanboy, Detroit Metal City True?, The Choices of Commander Rossieu, The Holidays

Omonomono – You could say that I … worship… omo. I’ve always looked up to people who shared my interest but were smarter, older, and more influential than me. Omo is definitely that guy. I’ve been looking up to him for a long time because he is the moderator of most of the boards on Megatokyo Forums and he’s just always cool as hell. His blog is made of fuckwin. When I met him at Otakon, I barely spoke to him just because it was so shocking to be near him. He sang SKILL, twice, it was glorious. I’ll never forget him telling me that my SoulTaker performance was ‘awesome’. I fanboy squealed at that moment. Omo is, ultimately, who I hope to become as I progress as an anime fan and as a blogger.

Favorite Omo Posts: Ogiue Madlib (see comments), Consumers X Producers, Fuck it, he’s got too many, guy posts a lot.

Sankaku Complex – Another recent addition to my roll, the guy gets my respect because he posts like 7 fucking times a day, always worthwhile posts, and he gets a lot of news in before anyone else. He is definitely some kind of No Life King.

Meaty Anime Blog – Roast-Beefy-Weefs is kind of who I consider my internet best friend. He and I got seriously into anime around the same time, and both of us through Megatokyo Forums. We both watched massive amounts of anime all at once, have very similar tastes, and both learned a lot from Wildarmsheero. Beefy was the most awesome person I met at Otakon and I instantly felt like I’d known him for a long time. I’d kill to have him as a friend in real life. He’s funny, cool, and awesome. Meaty blog has been going downhill for months since beefy reduced to doing episodic blogging on whatever show he pays attention to, but his blog has always been fun since I pressured him into creating it in ’07.

The Animanachronism – Intelligence is alluring, and it’s hard to ignore the biggest intellect on the block. IKnight is obsessed with mecha, politics, and dramatic over-analysis. The only thing keeping him from being my favorite blog is our totally different taste in anime, lol. Still, when he talks about something I like, it’s always thought-provoking and interesting.

Favorite Anime Posts: Trapped in Canon, Lelouche’s Little Light Reading (all of his code Geass posts are quite fuckwin.)

Towards Our Memories – Shiro is another Megatokyo forumite and another of the first blogs I read. His blog has more or less been dead for some time now, but he still updates infrequently, usually to talk about his latest feet find, seeing as he has an incredible fetish for feet. Shiro is known as ‘Mr. Sunshine’ for his ability to like ANYTHING regardless of ass quality. I am always trying to keep my total time of anime seen higher than his, but we move at about the same speed. Shiro is a great guy but he sometimes picks on me, leaving me confused as to his real character. Apparently his blog, too, started around the same time as mine.

We Remember Love – Ghostlightning is currently my favorite blogger and my biggest fan. His blog hasn’t been around long, but has managed to dispense constant truckloads of fuckwin, much like Oi Hayaku which inspired it’s origination. There is nothing negative I can possibly say about Ghoslightning. The blog also contains a Gundam maniac known as Mechafetish and GL has been letting all sorts of people post on the log, myself included.

Favorite WRL Posts: Toradora Summer (waifu!), Gateway Gundam, Rabu-Rabu, Weeaboo vs. Japanese, Showing Character: Ikari Gendo

Memories of Eternity – Admittedly, I don’t actually read MOE because it’s episodic and I don’t keep up with anime, but he reads my blog and that’s good enough. Plus he deserves credit for an amazing description of why ef is amazing.

Anyway, might as well turn this into an annotated blogroll…


9 thoughts on “Blogroll Fanboying

  1. Didn’t think it was worth mentioning when my blog was up or not. Yes, my massive amount of images can’t fool you, neither can I.

    I actually picked up some blogs from you. I usually discover new blogs early on and follow them, such as ghostlightning. lolikit I’ve read sporadically. I have all of them on my rss mashup :)

  2. lolikit is right, but that ghostlightning character is a retarded troll who’s your second biggest fan. Associating with that fool leads to a crevasse of tears.

    You should meet bansheeelectro. Now that’s a fine writer and a superior Macross fan to boot! Stick with lolikit and do away with that ghostlightning, he is Char.

  3. Over 1500 anime seen? Is that even possible? 0_o

    Anyway, you probably should turn this into an annotated blogroll, it’s always nicer than just keeping a “list” where you can conveniently add and remove people without anyone ever noticing. Also, I’ve been wandering around the sphere lately and trying to find my own posting style, and I think I’m leaning more toward editorials now, so you won’t have to worry with me spamming you with episodic after episodic :P

  4. My blog will rise from the ashes in 2009! Just ignore the episodic blogging, and I swear things are going to get better.

    Also, I think you give Wah too much credit :V.

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