WHY THE FUCK AM I NEVER INFORMED ABOUT THIS SHIT?!?! Oh right, prolly because I don’t read episodic blogs. But oh my god, White Album episode one was fucking amazing!!!

People kept mentioning True Tears and the fact that this is a VN adaption when talking about this anime, which to me meant ‘well-produced love triangle that will piss me off in the end.’ Whether or not there is a chance of love triangle, I have no idea. However, what I should have been told about this episode was that it was an absolutely nonstop ORGASM.

The show kicks off with an amazing and strange dream sequence that got my balls all sweaty in anticipation. Then things started off as these shows often do, following the main character around. However, it was accompanied by constant stellar shots and cool shit like the camera following the wires in his room along with very nice animation throughout. In addition, not a lick of the episode’s dialogue felt like something I’d grown tired of – it was all really well performed, adverse, and kept me on my toes. I kept expecting the pretentiousness to run short and things to get all moe or emo something, but there was nary a slip.

As the episode goes along, the writing and directing only show off more and more until the last five minutes of non-stop stellar directing and animation. The scene where Yuki destroys her dress, the one where she’s on the phone with main character dude, one where the idol chick is headed down the hallway past the bitches in pink – all absolutely fucking superb. The dress being torn apart in a series of images with lighting changes going on was surely the crowning moment of awesome for this episode, when I realized nothing I’d seen was a fluke and this was truly an amazing ffeat of an episode.

I heavily look forward to the next episode, and to continuing this series throughout. I can’t help but feel that this show has picked up the ball dropped by ef ~a tale of melodies~ in taking Shaft-like directing and toning it down to just the right level while turning up the entertainment value.



3 thoughts on “White Album Episode 1: NONSTOP DIRECTORGASM

  1. This is the most FUCK YES White Album 1 post I’ve read, while most just keep on putting the show down as if it’s the cool thing to do (tip: it’s not). The polarizing ability of this show is awesome.

    And I liked the dress-tear scene too. Haters can go fuck themselves.

  2. I’m somewhere in between the two extremes. I though the first ep was promising. There is a maelstrom of evil. pain and anguish brewing only 10 minutes into this freaking show… OK, I guess put that way it makes the show pretty awesome..

  3. I’ve seen two episodes, and I have to agree that the director is doing pretty interesting things. The direction trains us to focus on details, that may be important to note later. In any case, the show is visually interesting.

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