Maria goes TEN RAPES PER SECOND!!! RAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPERAPE. Maria Holic episode 2 came out… and it was about RAPE. Well, not really. In fact, I’m not really sure what it’s about.

First things first, SHINBO YOU MOTHERFUCKER! Will you ever stop outdoing yourself?! Zoku Zetsubou Sensei op was SUPPOSED to be the best opening video ever. But you just couldn’t take that shit lying down! You honestly fucking did it! You created an unparalleled amalgamation of all things beautiful! Ladies and gentlemen, I present you with the BEST ANIME OP VIDEO EVER.

FFFFFFFFUCK or I would if Media Factory didn’t pull all the FUCKING uploads off of youtube! Unholy bastards! You’ll have to take my word for it – the op is out of this motherfucking world. I came at speeds matching the frame rate.

Anyway, now we calm down and get serious. Why do we do that? Because other than the amazing op and hilarious rape, this show has pretty much served to do little more than bore the hell out of me. The ‘Maria is a man’ and ‘what’s her name is gay’ jokes have gotten incredibly stale and old to me already. I have not been made to care about any characters beyond their faces and voices. “She’s hot, voiced by ‘X’ SZS girl, how nice, next please.” Maria is just a complete fucking asshole. He is flawed in every way imaginable and has absolutely no redeeming factors. I get that that’s the point, but it just makes me uncomfortable.

I guess what bugs me most is that the main character has done absolutely nothing to get herself into such a shitty situation and said situation is looking to make her life a living hell. I just kind of want to bitch-slap Maria. The fact that it is, in fact, a man, might be what gets at me the most. The show is playing psychological warfare with me.

Anyway, I hate to say this, but this is looking to be the second ever ShinboxShaft show I have considered dropping. The directing isn’t experimental enough to keep me hanging on for that reason, so I’m pretty much going to give this show till perhaps episode 5 to improve or else I’m saying ‘fuck it’. A much bigger grace period than most shows, as I really want this story with all it’s potential to appeal to me to come full circle and do so.

2 thoughts on “Maria Holic 2 – YOU GUNNA GET RAPED

  1. Hmm, I’m still waiting for someone to release ep 2 on xvid for my dinosaur computer, so i haven’t seen this episode. Maria has got to develop some kind of redeeming inner quality soon (my bet is s/he will soon)..

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