The Greatest Anime Ever Made: Legend of Duo



If you are anything like me, you looked at that image just now and got so sexually frustrated that you either started downloading the episodes already or have skipped straight to the doujin hunt. Indeed, there is no way around it – Legend of Duo is a sexy anime, but there’s more to it than just looks. If one can stop masturbating long enough to actually pay attention to the show, they’ll see what is plainly clear – this is by far the greatest anime ever made.

When I watched the first 5-minute episode of Legend of Duo, I knew it was something special, but I was in the middle of a first episode marathon and couldn’t watch more. I had to wait a laborious 6 months, often waking up in the middle of the night to find my sheets stained white from the beautiful dreams I was having about the episode.

It had been perfection – there were long pauses between dialog that gave me time to really figure out what had been said in each meaningfully complex sentence the characters uttered. Most of the episode was still images, which was a very considerate gesture on the show’s part since I might have a seizure if I watch more than one frame per second. Some might say that the lack of movement was bad, but it was made up for with the luscious art. Every frame was entirely consumed by one or two exuberantly gorgeous pictures of the main characters, as the show knows that no one cares about silly backgrounds when they have such beauties to entertain us with. Not a show to forgo artiness, though, there were some experimental techniques used – at least 50% of the images had a unique photoshop filter over them to gain that necessary edge.

Beyond the spectacular art, the music was out of this world. There were only two or three tunes, likely because they were so good that nothing else could have matched up to them. All of the music was performed as Midi, which is convenient for those of us who like to replicate their favorite anime songs on keyboard. I’ll never forget that majestic keyboard crescendo that kicked off the song at the start of every single episode. Beautiful.

But beyond the superficiality of music and animation, what really matters is the story. Legend of Duo’s story is written in a way that is simple to understand, but explained in a complex way that gets you thinking. You really have to piece all of the parts together and draw your own conclusions on what is going on, since the show won’t lend you too much of a helping hand.

Basically, the plot is as follows: There are these vampires named Duo and Zieg. Zieg wants to kill Duo because he betrayed the world. All over the world, humans have been dying of the ‘disease of death’. Duo has revealed to the humans that if they drink vampire blood, they will be cured of the disease, thanks to the element of their blood called purana. Zieg sees how this has awakened the greed in humans who now are constantly hunting vampires. He blames Duo for this awakened greed and wants to kill him… even though the two of them are lovers!!!

Most of the show is spent explaining the background of the various characters. We see how Duo and Zieg met and fell in love and apparently had a lot of steaming hot sex. We also learn about some side characters’ stories – one is a kid who Zieg made a half vampire that may or may not be his shota love interest. There is also a vampire hunter who Zieg once apparently took pity on and wants to get back at him. Neither of the side characters have any real meaning to the story, but they are both sexy, so who cares! In fact everyone in this show is dead sexy. Just look at Duo!

Yes, its a man!

Yes, it's a man!

He’s got the kind of mouth you just want to put your dick in, doesn’t he? I have to admit I got distracted during a lot of scenes where I was just imagining the smoothness of Duo’s fine ass. The ultimate moment of win from Duo was when he unsheathed his sword at nearly 8 frames in one second, blasting away everything else seen in the show. I was so happy when it got reused three times – I came on each and every occasion.

Another highlight from this show is definitely the dying. There was also that episode where the show took a break from it’s serious, brooding plot and suddenly became a school comedy. Duo looked like he was way too old to be in high school, but it means we got to see him in the school shower! Stefan was definitely tsundere for him at first before taking him in as his sexy shota!

The ending was very bittersweet. I almost cried when Zieg seemed to have killed Duo even though the two of them had just come to a complete agreement that everything Duo had done was justified and they were completely on the same page. However, it is also left open ended so that they might have lived forever together to have hot steamy sex for eternity! When I saw the ‘to be continued’ message a the end of the last episode I squealed with joy. I only hope the second season can match up to the pure awesomeness of the first. I cannot recommend enough that EVERYONE WATCH LEGEND OF DUO.

11 thoughts on “The Greatest Anime Ever Made: Legend of Duo

  1. Someone else actually watched this? The joy! Such masterpieces rarely have the respect and audience they deserve. Unfortunately, people tend to get turned off by the superior artistic and narrative values this show exhibits.

  2. We hope to cross your fingers together and in one day so hope you Will sesong OFF legend of duo two boy I like the series Very good legend OF duo men they to Boys SO cute and handsome And it’s so beautiful and sexy duo and Zeig and Stefan but it is very sad and then we will truth about life and but but never understood why there is no episode 13 and or so do not know but I hope he has created the legend that the duo will hope to take a season or two and it is never too late but suddenly one day Two gays are cute but I like gay film and series of Anime there I began to understand I’m bisexual where there made me come on I came out of the closet also Avani but thanks animen❤❤😍😍☺️☺️

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