So Much Hate? DigitalBoy's Least Favorites and Dropped List

I have gotten lots of crap, questions, and curiosity over my apparent intense hatred of Nanoha. It’s true, I consider Nanoha to be BY FAR the worst 12-ep+ show I’ve ever completed. Now, that sounds VERY extreme, I know. However, Nanoha is not even anywhere near the worst or my least favorite anime ever. I might talk a lot of shit about it, but I gave it like a 4 or a 5 – not even a particularly low score. It’s ‘just below average’ even. But you have to understand – I have only a handful of shows – little to none of a length over 5 episodes – that I have actually completed and hated. That’s because, if MAL is to be trusted, and if we can assume I will ever get back to everything I have on hold, I have approximately 120 dropped shows.

120 dropped sounds like a LOT. To people who very rarely drop anime, it might seem silly or like I’m an elitist. This is especially true when you see that many of them were dropped after one episode. There are a few which say ‘zero episodes’ because I actually dropped the show before completing the first episode. I realize to some this sounds crazy, but to me, this is perfectly rational, and in fact, I think I’d be fucking daft to do it any other way.

Are you aware of how much anime is out there? There are enough anime in existence to safely say that unless you watch on an unreasonably frequent basis because of special circumstances like No Name, you will NEVER run out of shows that you will love. That’s especially true if you are a person with low biases, or someone who is a fan of just about everything. So let me ask you – why in the hell would I waste my time watching something that I already know doesn’t appeal to me when I could be watching something that will?

There are simply WAY too many great shows out there. What’s the point in completing 200 series and loving half of them when I could just as easily complete 200 series and love ALL of them? That’s how I think. There are way too many – my ‘to watch’ list has been absolutely fucking enormous since I got into anime and has only ever gotten larger as I’ve gotten further into anime and shrunk my bias further and further. To put it into terms you might appreciate – do I really want to spend the time I could be watching the next 13 episodes of Legend of Galactic Heroes on watching fucking Chaos Head? Maybe Chaos Head won’t suck TOTALLY, maybe it’ll have some good moments, maybe I’ll give it a 6 out of ten, but seriously, I COULD BE WATCHING LEGEND OF THE FUCKING GALACTIC HEROES.

I will never, ever, ever run out of anime I enjoy. I know this because I’ve got over a hundred shows I want to watch and 180 that are on hold because I liked the little bit I saw long enough to finish them. My on hold list never shrinks – it is ALWAYS getting bigger, and my plan to watch list only peaks at the times I cannot find any more anime at all. Even if I watched every anime currently in existence, there would still be more coming out every season to entice me, and I’d still have to watch the shows I liked over the ones I hated. And I give EVERY show a chance, so it’s only a given tht some are going to be dropped, possibly quite early.

The times that I’ve finished an anime and hated it were all for stupid reasons under stupid circumstances. The key here is I WOULD have dropped them just like everything else. If I’d dropped Nanoha in 3 episodes, as I’d intended to, it would be just another dropped show and not one I supposedly furiously hate. If I’d dropped Uta Kata, I might not have bitched about it (elsewere, never did mention on blog) but I wanted to complete a show starting with the letter ‘U’ so I stuck through it.

So really, it’s hard to say I hate these particular shows. I hate VERY little of what I complete, but it’s not becaue I hate particular shows – it’s just because I hate a lot of fucking anime.

14 thoughts on “So Much Hate? DigitalBoy's Least Favorites and Dropped List

  1. How can I hate someone I agree with? I too believe that Nanoha is the worst series I have ever completed. And I only completed it because I was promised Shounen fighting wrapped up in a Mahou Shoujo candy coated shell. I was sadly disappointed… but it looks like A’s is much better. There’s my cute little mages being slammed headfirst into buildings. Still not great, but good enough to finish and not supplant season one at the bottom of the ratings pile.

    I must admit that I am the type to rarely drop shows. Even then, my MAL drop list is a lie. I just know I’ll go back sooner or later and finish off a bunch of those shows. Call it curiosity, but I always want to see what happens next. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll see something (and I only need one thing) that will make finishing the series worth it. But I’m weird like that!

  2. LOL. I drop shows too, now that I try out more shows than usual. I’ll probably end up dropping almost everything in the current season except RideBack. I had just finished Legend of the Galactic Heroes and I’d really feel stupid if I let my watching Akikan get in the way of completing it. SERIOUSLY, I only have so much time to watch anime.

  3. I do see where you’re coming from. At the same time, you do realize that you can miss out on some good stuff because of this method as well, where things can quickly pick up or pique your interest after those first couple of minutes or first episode. But as long as you’re okay with what you do, I see no problem with that.

    As you can see, the only series that are only permanent drop notice (for the moment) are long-ass series that I’m not interested in catching up with. :P

  4. @ Kabitzin

    My on hold list is a lie too. Some of those series I’ll probably never get back to! In other words, both lists are simply up to whatever strange anime craving I’m having at the moment. Who knows what I’ll really go back and watch eventually?

  5. @kabitzen: I watched 80 days of anie in the past 2 years. I watch anime faster than almost anyone else.

    Micheal: hahaha, a lie indeed! My on hold list exists under the assumption that I will still care as much as years from now. Most of what’s ‘on hold’ I’ll prolly start over anyway when I decide to watch.

  6. I couldn’t really agree more. There isn’t enough time to watch every interesting show ever made so how the hell am I supposed to watch the uninteresting ones? Unlike you, I’m a slow watcher, so I can only hold so many series on my currently watching list. If the list gets too long, something just automatically gets dropped or on hold when I notice I’d rather keep up with the other shows.

    However, I do think it’s important to keep in mind that if I drop an anime it means I haven’t finished it, so there is always a possibility it picks up after the drop point, and I just have to live with that fact since it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever continue watching those shows. That’s why I don’t hold strong dislike for whole shows I never finished, just for the episodes I did watch because I have no way of knowing if it keeps sucking or not.

  7. As someone who is closing in on 180 dropped series, I have to disagree with your argument about watching only what you wish to. Sure there are plenty of great series out there (and I have managed to avoid), but they are dwarfed by the sheer amount of crap being produced. Watching this crap (and most importantly not paying for it) brings a level of intellectual honesty to watching anime. I may be the only person in the world with that opinion though.

  8. Emperor J: Not really, you aren’t. I pretty much agree that it’s necessary to get to know weaker shows too, which is the very reason I used the word “interesting” instead of “good” or “what I like”. I pretty much only watch shows that can hold my interest, but my interest is easily gained especially if there isn’t much competition. Watching mediocre and crappy series is pretty much necessary for me to truly appreciate the great ones, but there has to be a reason for me to watch. Like finding out why some people think in a certain way of a certain show or character or how some plotlines are going to be wrapped up.

    RomeoxJuliet for example sucked so much with its cavity-inducing fake-sweet lameness that I just had to watch it to find out if they’re really going to be killed off in the end and if there was any non-laughable way of doing or not doing it. There wasn’t.

  9. I see where you’re coming from, but personally, I think I’m with TheBigN on this one: there’s always a chance that you’ll wind up missing something important. It’s true that time is a valuable commodity and that it shouldn’t be wasted on crap, but sometimes, even the worst shows might have some sort of redeeming quality. I still have a few fond memories of the Mizuiro OVA, and at least I can say that the harem leads in the Memories Off franchise are among the most annoying in existence.

    It’s also worth noting that sometimes you have to watch a lot of stuff if you want to specialize in a genre, including stuff you don’t like. As mentioned above, watching mediocre stuff is often essential to appreciating stuff that’s actually good, so I generally make the decision to keep watching rather than to drop.

  10. I just cannot stand this show so I dropped it after a few episodes and researching all about it online but I dropped because of the cahracter as refreshing as she is from most heroines of her type, she is so flat I cannot believe that they didn’t deconstruct the tropes prevalent in mecha (yes) and mahou shoujio. I am not asking for another Eva but seriously it was almost predictable that Nanojha was going to have all those ‘friends’.

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