Look! The East is Burning Red! <- Obligatory G Gundam Post Title

WARNING: Major G Gundam spoilers throughout.

Fists, Burning, and Allenby - My G Gundam

Fists, Burning, and Allenby - My G Gundam

When a post is made about G Gundam, it’s pretty much a given that it’s going to be about manliness, epicness, and TONS of awesome catchphrases (or perhaps analysis on said manliness). After all, that’s what makes G Gundam one of the most fuckwin anime around and a definite addition to my favorites list. However, I hate to repeat things that I’ve read a thousand times, so I’m going to go on about the less-mentioned parts of G Gundam – namely, Allenby Beardsley. But first, I need at least a quick paragraph to get all the manliness out of my body.


THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED!!!! IT’S LOUD ROAR TELLS ME TO GRASP VICTORY!!!! BAAAAAAAAKUNETSU!!!! GOOOOODOOOOOO FINGAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! G Gundam is the most epic fucking manly awesome mech show in terms of hotblooded yelling and attack names. It may not have Gurren Lagann’s speeches, but it’s got a wide plethora of things that are yelled for total epicness. Such as, of course, LOOK! THE EAST IS BURNING RED! or TAKE THIS! MY LOVE, MY ANGER, AND ALL OF MY SORROW! SHININGU FINGAAAAAAA!!!!! even the first opening theme is inanely epic. No Name and I pumped our fists while singing EVERY time they got to ‘KONO TE GA SAKENDEIRU!!!!’ And dude, Master Asia beating down mechs with his FUCKINGG BARE HANDS and running on machine gun bullets!!! The death of Master Asia brought No Name and I to tears (him more literally) and the ending was fucking glorious. GUNDAM FAITO! REEDYYYYYYYYY GOOOOOO!!!!!


Anyway, with the important stuff relatively out of the way, lets fanboy talk about Allenby Beardsley. Allenby is the pilot of Neo-Sweden’s Nobel Gundam which hands Argo Gulski his ass in it’s first appearance partly due to some evil dudes on Allenby’s team drugging her to make her go berserk in battle. Allenby meets Domon and shows that she is as skilled and passionate as he is, not to mention communicates with her fists like a true fighter. She and Domon go head to head, and Domon helps her beat the berserker system so that she can fight with her true passion.


Domon is always pretty excited about Allenby. They have an instant kinship, both being passionate fighters with a lot of strength. Even Master Asia gets excited when seeing her in combat, and totally wishes he could have her as a pupil. Domon and Allenby end up teaming up for several 2 on 2 battle and she helps Domon with his training at times. The two are practically inseparable for a while, which makes Rain hilariously jealous. Domon’s friendship with her is totally innocent, but she shows some signs of having a crush on him and later admits this, though she backs down knowing how Domon cares for Rain.


Allenby’s most shining moments come in her fights with Domon, and her place in the final battle is just as one of the many fighting outside to prevent the Devil Gundam’s arms from reaching Earth. However, she gets her crowning moment when she tells Domon that because Rain is not a fighter, she doesn’t understand the language of fists and he needs to verbally tell her that he loves her to bring her back. You can tell that Allenby is a little sad to be giving up Domon, but more than that she’s happy that he’s found such a beautiful love. Her friendship with Domon goes way farther than petty thoughts of jealousy – she is a true friend.


Aside from her awesome fighting skill, passionate fist-communication, and beautiful friendship, Allenby is awesome for a number of reasons. First of all, she is apparently obsessed with takoyaki, as she carries them around everywhere. I’m not sure why that’s awesome, it just is. She’s also got an amazing hairstyle. All-around, I love her character design, especially her breasts. Especially her breasts in a plug suit while writhing. She has an awesome voice that strikes the right balance between cute, fierce, and upbeat – kind of like a less-moe version of Yui Horie. Unfortunately, her seiyuu hasn’t had any other major roles of particular note.


I think that G Gundam probably showed just the right amount of Allenby. She wasn’t on-screen all the time, but she was treated a little better than other minor characters and had plenty of time to show all the parts of her personality and get into some totally epic battles. Her first fight with Domon is one of my favorites in the show. I was also glad that she didn’t end up being too much of a love-triangle third leg character. Her relationship with Domon never goes beyond a crush which domon isn’t even aware of, and she isn’t so upset about loosing, so we can guess that she went on to better things. I’d like to think that she trained and became a great warrior who continued to kick major ass. After all, she was only 17 during G Gundam, so she’s showing boatloads of potential.


Anyway, this post has officially used too many words to accomplish nothing. I will definitely be making further G Gundam posts since there’s a lot I want to say about this show. Expect a ‘things that made me OMGWTFBBG in G Gundam post’ sometime in the future. Since my Allenby fanboying has essentially failed to say anything th show doesn’t about her, just enjoy these images. I want an Allenby figure badly. There’s a nice one, but I can’t find it in stock.


Increased Sexy!

Increased Sexy!

Increased Moe!

Increased Moe!


^almost all the decent Allenby images I was able to find.



7 thoughts on “Look! The East is Burning Red! <- Obligatory G Gundam Post Title

  1. I’d say Allenby’s an example of a good character, in a good story, who doesn’t go through all this ‘character development’ and ‘subtle personality’ stuff that people fetishise.

    And that ‘increased moe’ image made me chuckle – for some reason the style reminds me of Manabi Straight, which must be a good thing.

  2. Didn’t read past some point due to spoilers, but your love for G Gundam is rewarding to know about. Seen Giant Robo? I think they share the same director.

    @ The Animanachronism

    I may be reading too much into your comment, but it’s fun to do so because of your ‘subtle personality’. It seems that these elements that you mentioned (I value them, but by no means require these of characters to be interested in them) aren’t as important to you, depending what you imply by ‘fetishize’ Do say more.

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  4. Hmm. I suppose on a simple level I did just mean that – as Digitalboy has pointed out in his latest post – it’s odd to take points off for not having character development when there are certain stories and characters that don’t need it.

    In a broader sense, I suppose I’m aware that this interest in how and how much characters change over time is a contingent and temporally-limited thing (it’d be interesting to link it to the growth of Protestantism and the so-called ‘Rise of the Novel’, but that’s not an area I know much about). People have asked for quite different things from their storytellers in the past, and they probably will again in the future.

    By ‘fetishise’, I think I was metaphorically implying that an obsession with character development can distract us from more significant elements of storytelling, just as a literal fetish for, say, feet, can distract us from elements in our sexual partners that are more significant. Of course, sex is less important than storytelling, so it doesn’t matter nearly as much in the literal case as it does in my metaphor.

    Or something.

  5. @ The Animanachronism

    Got it. Thanks for indulging me. I do think that characters don’t have to change over the course of the narrative to become interesting.

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