State of the Blogger Address

Okay, this post has been planned for a while, but wanted to make sure everything was in order before it happened. New readers to Euphoric Field, I welcome you, and older readers, you may have noticed some changes all over this blog. I want to talk about those changes now as well as firmly state the direction of this blog and even say some things about my personal life which is quite exciting at this time.

First and foremost, I have added a lot of pages to this site and totally remodeled the pre-existing ones. I’d like to go through then one at a time.

18+ – This should be pretty self-explanatory, all 18+ material goes here. Hentai Reviews, image dumps, doujin talk, absolutely anything 18+ related. Since I live in America, that pretty much just means ‘sex’. The place will have a table of contents that links into the rest of the page as will several other pages on here for easy navigation. The page is perpetually NSFW.

About EF – This is a user-friendly introduction to Euphoric Field that clearly states exactly what the hell this site is. I’ve also added a reference guide for all of the unexplained things on the site. I imagine it gets confusing to some when I keep bringing up peoples’ names without explanation.

Creator Worship – As you may have guessed, this is the re-vamped Director Worship page. As I’ve come to realize that people like animators and storyboarders are very important, I’ve expanded my criteria.

Digital Boy – I have totally 100% redone the profile page. There is a shitload of personal information, all my contact information and all the places to find me. Naturally, my favorites list is there, as well as things like my favorite blog poss and my epic journey. Pretty much everything that is especially personal will end up there. I highly suggest you go check this page out as I love the design.

Lists – Everything from my Top 5 page has been moved here, and I generally intend to put any future lists here as well. Once again, a table of contents provides easy navigation.

Other Blogs – Quite simply an annotated blogroll.

Weekly – Even though there’s no way these things will really happen ‘weekly’, I’ve created three ‘of the week’ categories that I’d like to post about. There’s moment of the week, character design, and blog post. Al 3 are things I’m sure I can make a million posts about.

Now that I’ve covered the pages, lets talk about my blog’s current state. January beat out December and last May as my busiest month ever both in terms of posts and access. I posted more times than there were days in the month, which is a plus to me. I got WAY more hits than ever before – 2000 hits more than my former best month. This is partly thanks to anime nano, partly to the frequency of my posts, and partly to posting about pornography. I’ve also been getting more comments, much to my delight, and from brand new people. I’m glad to have real discussions, even if they don’t turn out how they want them. I’m still a little disappointed that posts like my ‘incredibly awkward produciton’ post get less attention, but the fact that it got any comments at all is definite progress. So, I’m very excited.

I definitely plan to keep up the trend of posting like a madman. Like I did earlier this week, i do intend to slow down here and there, most likely during anime marathons and times of personal shit going on. Which brings me to talking about my current state.

Over the past month, a lot of crazy shit has happened. As you may know, Funeral moved in at the start of the month, which was really crazy for a while. Then about 2 weeks ago my good friend Zerodyme also moved in, pushing my house up to 7 people. It’s pretty chaotic, I mean I can’t go 5 feet without running into someone. Our house has taken on some systematic procedures thanks to this as well as gotten a bit zany. In spite of the huge amount of people we’ve still got Friends over all the time. I had No Name and my guitarist both spending the night on Friday which led to epic levels of capacity breaking.

Funeral and I have been more or less using January as a grace period to get shit together since it’s been so hectic, and also because we have been blowing off so much stuff in the name of anime. i think I’ve probably watched more anime in the month of January than in any other month. I mean, I finished catching up with Soul Eater on like Sunday, and by the next Saturday I’d watched all of Kaiji and 39 eps of G Gundam. That shouldn’t even be human.

Anyway, chaotic as it is, it’s still a lot of fun. I’m hoping that February can explode – what with OH moving into a new development stage, my grace period ending, and this blog getting much bigger. I’ll be glad if February is enchantingly, if at times enragingly eclectic.

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