Anime Moment of the Week: Soul Plays Piano – Soul Eater

From relatively early on in Soul Eater, we are hinted that Soul is a pianist. At one point, Maka mentions how great his playing is and everyone is interested in hearing it. When the Maka team goes up against Mosquitto, the group soul resonance isn’t enough to help them. Soul says that he has read the beat of their soul resonance and can use his piano playing to enhance it. However, the viewer knows that he is planning to use the black blood power within him which could have adverse effects on all of them.

(make sure you click the HD button at the bottom)

There are a number of things that make this scene incredible and my favorite of the series so far. First of all, it involved the Dark Room, which is cruise control for win. Secondly, I had been greatly looking forward to seeing Soul play piano. This setup had me in great anticipation.

What we get is an excellent and powerful example of contrast. The song that Soul plays is sporadic, madenning, and dark. He slams on the keys violently and plays crescendos that evoke feelings of fear, insanity, and confusion. The tune could be called ‘total chaos’. However, the fighting that goes on thanks to the advanced resonance is totally opposite.

Maka, Black Star, and Kid all start using more concise and ordered attacks. They become more calm and focused and deliver powerful attacks with speed and efficiency like a well-oiled machine, totally in contrast to the piano playing.

The brilliance of this scene is further enhanced by the great attacks, the usual superb animation, and the sheer amount of cool things going on. Mosquito is brutalized in what would have been an overwhelming victory. We even get to see Maka and Soul use their new uber-ultimate attack, Demon Hunter.


Overall, the scene was a badass combination of a lot of my favorite things about the show. Contrast is always fun in cinematography, such as the famous ‘Singing in the Rain’ scene in A Clockwork Orange, or similar scenes in fellow Ludwig van obsessed anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. It was something I didn’t expect from Soul Eater, but had a creepiness and memorability worth mention.


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