Blog Post of the Week: Baka-Raptor – Midterm Grades: Fall 2008

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Baka-Raptor is extremely good at making short, concise points with both humor and intelligence. Even with the massive amount of sarcasm in the post, you can still get an idea of what he thinks of each show and have some laughs to boot. I love that the same format manages to work for every show, proving that Baka-Raptor is a genius and every other blogger is an idiot for straining themselves and wasting thousands of words to get across their thoughts. In the spirit of his post, I wanted to do a mid-terms review of my own. Unfortunately I’m not halfway through any fall shows so uh… here’s Soul Eater.

Soul Eater

Episodes seen so far: 41

Premise in terms of other anime: Naruto – retardation + tim burton

Motivation for watching: Bones Fanboy, goth-fag, Andrew Cunningham follower

Good call: The Black Room

Bad call: Pacing

Notable checklist inclusions: Dark Urban Setting, DFC, Hotblooded Yelling, Amazing Filler, Rap and Rock Music

Tragic checklist exclusions: Giant Robots, Cannibalism, Rape

Best character: Tie Soul and Chrona

Please kill off: Arachnophobia

I want more: EXCALIBAAA

I want less: Shitty Pacing

Does loving this show make you a pedophile: No, but doens’t make you less of one

Bold prediction: Stein goes batshit insane, Maka also goes batchit insane, best fight ever

Projected trend: More epic, ups and downs depending on pacing

Other thoughts: Might have been one of my favorites if it lasted longer

Midterm Grade: B+ only just short of totally amazing


4 thoughts on “Blog Post of the Week: Baka-Raptor – Midterm Grades: Fall 2008

  1. I’ve done a few Midterm Grades posts in the past. They’re always fun to reflect on once the series is over. “I guess I don’t want to see her die after all, looks like they added lesbians, etc…”

  2. I’d be fine with killing Arachnophobia off, but not Arachne-sama. That would spoil the dream Arachne-Medusa-Chrona family 3some that I’m still hoping for..

  3. I thought the pacing of the show was good, you do have those amazing climax episodes like 23 (or 24 I think) but it never gets stale since the build up is done well.

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