Digital Boy's 'Must Buy' List for Feb 08

Some crap I’d really like to get by the end of February. Not likely I’ll get any of it, but it’s nice to dream.


1. Allenby Beardsley figure – As readers may have noticed, Allenby is pretty much my current obsession. Stock of this figure was an asspain to come across (and I won’t be linking you) and may no longer exist by the time I make the 40 bucks to buy it >_<

2. Simoun volume 5 – Finishing the set. Amazing show and some of my favorite DVDs thanks to number of episodes and awesome bonus features such as seiyuu interviews.


3. Kawazoe Tamaki figure – these things are bound to sell out in a blink of an eye. Tama-chan is one of my favorite character designs and ever-rising on my list of favorite characters. This is a must-own figure for me.

Depending on whether or not I finally get a job this month, I may buy more or less than this. There is a lot of shit I want to buy but I have no money whatsoever right now. I need some sponsors or something, dammit.

Other Items of Lust (there are many more, but these are the ones at the top of my ‘when you have random cash’ list.)

– Sundome manga vol. 1
– Solanin manga
– Continued issues of Yen + and Anime Insider (things usually bought for me when I happen to be in the right place at the right time)
– Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind volumes 4-8
– Tons of other shit.

7 thoughts on “Digital Boy's 'Must Buy' List for Feb 08

  1. I don’t recgonize much here … OK, I don’t recognize -anything- here other than the Tamaki figurine, but that is a really adorable figurine. Just the right moe level for Tama, don’t need none of that oversexualization nonsense.

    How is Bamboo Blade, the anime, anyway? I read a bit of the manga and watched a bit of the anime, and my impression was, while I really liked the characters (Tama and Kirino, squee squee etc) … the show itself didn’t compel me to watch a lot. But then again, I’ve always been horrible with slice-of-life-esque shows … which I think this is.

    yay random babbling to avoid ‘fluffiness’

  2. Bamboo Blade is an amazing and severely underrated anime. It’s been about a year since I first saw it, and I intend to rewatch soon, but it’s best described as a slice of life-paced shounen sports anime with the heart of a super robot show. There are a number of episodes that just plain – win – and there is some deep contemplative stuff in there that not many people really recognized.

    Plus Tama is fucking amazing.

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