Maria Holic 4 – But Yesterday Was Friday the 13th!

So, the song that sounds like The Final Countdown actually plays quite frequently and also in a piano version. There’s a good chance it was playing before I noticed it too, lol. The fact that it’s a central song dissuades me a little but it sounds SO much like The Final Countdown that I refuse to believe it isn’t a reference.

Episode 4 wasn’t as good as episode 3, but now that the show has gotten into stride, it’s generally pretty enjoyable. I think the start of the episode did spend a little too much time dwelling on the episode beforehand, which got a little tiresome, but things picked up with Ryuuken-sama’s crazy antics. Both she and Kiri are becoming characters I’m very interested in and possibly worth watching the show for them alone.

Ryuuken’s story about the dog and cat was very nicely done. It had a graveness of how serious she was, only letting it be slightly comical out of respect. I loved Yuko Kaida‘s vocal delivery there, as well as her performance in general. The show does have one hell of a vocal cast, but I’ve known that from the start. I hope things go well for Kanako, since so many things don’t, but more than that I just want to see more of the characters surrounding her.

Like in episode 2, though, the very ending completely stole the show. Jason Vorheese, his sister, a complaint about borrowing a chainsaw, and then some trippy animation. In under 10 seconds. That was one of those ultimate ‘this is why I love this company so fucking much’ moments. I had to go run grab Funeral just to make him watch it (who subsequently freaked out over the awesomeness).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to more, and I’m definitely getting grabbed by the plot. I’m not sure how things will go if Maria gets back into the mix heavily, though, since I’m enjoying everyone else much more.

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