Overman King Gainer Dropped – the Ups and Downs


Overman King Gainer, a SunrisexTomino show from a few years back, has some real positives among many negatives. As of episode 7, the negatives overcame, and I dropped the show. It’s rare for me to drop a show that far in, so you know there’s some good reasons…


One of the most awesome op song/video combos ever.
Really fun, cool style. The show is colorful and fun in an exciting way, which is kind of funny since it takes place in Siberia.
Great animation in general, as expected from Sunrise.
King Gainer is an awesome and instantly recognizable mech design.
Some fun characters. Namely Ana

TONS of fighting. It’s essentially a super robot show, though an odd one.
The fist-fights are superb and exciting.
First episode is gripping and the pace stays pretty fast through first few eps.


The plot makes NO FUCKING SENSE WHATSOEVER. Every time you think you have a grip on things, the show throws you for a loop. I honestly hadn’t grasped anything of the first episode – I had to have No Name explain it, and he’d read all about it on Wikipedia to figure out just what was going on. Even he got confused though when large plot elements seemed to totally shift in new directions as episodes went by. There is no heads or tails of what the fuck is going on.
Incredibly random, shitty dialog. For the most part, the dialog is pretty normal, but then there’s all these lines thrown in that have no place. It gets worse when there are attempts at exposition and the combination of intelligible plot and horrible dialog makes the scenes absolute shit. There was a particular dialog exchange I really felt the need to pull out for hilarity. It is right after King Gainer has just owned a mech called a ‘Golem’ and then taken off. The golem pilot’s superior rescued him from the cockpit and the following exchange occurs – and No Name was there to confirm that they were all proper translations (he knows jp):

Commander: “How could you not pilot the Golem well?!”
Pilot: “You don’t understand, that silver Overman is special!”
Commander: “No excuses!”
Pilot: *stands up straight* “….I am a Golem pilot.”
Commander: *places hand on chin* “…I see…”

Do I even need to say it? What. the. FUCK.
Utter lack of character importance, personality, or development. The main character seems to vary in the extremity of his emotions, and the sort of mentor character is so focused on looking like a badass he fails to show any kind of goals or purpose beneath his badassery. The love interest character has no personality whatsoever and most of her actions just leave the viewer going ‘and why was she saying that?’ The minor character don’t seem to want to decide if they are or aren’t really minor characters, as goes for the villains as well. There are also characters who have showed up for as little as 1 minute who have made a presence in the op and eyecatches.
The relationship between the lead male and apparent love interest is utter bullshit. The two don’t know each other whatsoever, but the girl keeps randomly changing between acting like a childhood friend (‘how come you haven’t been coming to school?!’) and a total stranger. The guy suddenly starts showing feeling for her out of nowhere and these feelings seem to get reciprocated with no provocation. However, after they are starting to look like a couple in episode 4, they then proceed to pretty much never be shown with each other or to be at all interested in one another.
In spite of the cool attacks and great animation, the fight mecha fight scenes are very poorly directed. There is never any sense of direction and a lot of cheesy visual effects make things confusing. Oddly, the fist fight were infinitely more satisfying.
Generally craptastic directing. I can never tell where people are supposed to be or what the hell is going on. The show likes to have things going on without giving any perspective of scope, location, distance, etc. In the second episode, a convoy seems to have gotten a good distance from a location, yet someone from said location catches up to it on foot. I still have little sense of how big the ‘dome’ that the show begins in was or what it even looked like.

So as you can see, the show has a great deal of issues. The fun stuff was enough to tide me over for the first 5 episodes, which is about where I was starting to get into the swing of things, but then episodes 5 and 6 were boring and opened up a ton of MASSIVE plot holes that made the show no longer watchable. A damn shame, since I was interested in some of the characters, but they just didn’t get enough damn screentime to hold that interest.

7 thoughts on “Overman King Gainer Dropped – the Ups and Downs

  1. Hmm. I shared some of these problems myself. I’m probably just too acclimatised to lolTomino elements in my anime, like those earthworms that can survive in the arsenic-laced grounds of abandoned factories, so that, for example, the initially bemusing plot left me, in my just-smile-and-nod mode, unfazed. I won’t quibble with you on the characters’ oddities, or just plain lack of character, though.

    But King Gainer has a gun that is also a chainsaw, so while I can see your train of thought leading to a drop decision, I don’t see myself following suit.

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